sanjo kairi

Amu grows up to be a idol like Utau. Tadase studies astrology for 3 years over seas for high school, then later takes over Tsukasa’s place as chairman of Seiyo. Kukai becomes a coach/gym teacher at Seiyo. Yaya finds a passion for journalism and becomes a News Anchor. Nagihiko takes over his family’s dance school. Rima becomes an actor who mostly appears on variety shows. and Kairi becomes a Japanese History professor at a semi-high end collage. 

The Cat Bureau's Shugo Chara Relationship Review

Thanks to the recent development of Ikuto now living with Amu (I’m aware the show is five years old, shut up), I thought I’d compile of a few points about the boys that Amu has been interested in thus far. Let's gooooooo~.

Tsukiyomi Ikuto: 50 points. (strong)

  • Protective of Amu and self-conscious of his actions when she’s present.
  • Is currently living secretly in her room.
  • Possesses the Dumpty Key, already intertwining his fate with her own in the future.
  • Shared an entire innuendo with Amu, if that. It was, like, super obvious. Lock and Key, you know…

Sanjo Kairi: 20 points. (average)

  • Worthy of note because while Amu shows no signs of having feelings for him, Kairi is the only one who is honest and straightforward about liking Amu, and that’s quite a few points in my book.

Fujisaki Nagihiko: 30 points. (moderate)

  • Has slept in the same room as Amu.
  • Was willing to practice his Japanese dance on over time in order to spend time with her.
  • Has been close enough to be Amu’s best friend (as Nadeshiko).
  • Easily swayed by Amu’s sparkliness. 

Hotori Tadase: 5 points. (weak)

  • Has openly admitted to liking an aspect of Amu, though not Amu herself.
  • Seemingly prioritizes giving attention to Amu before the rest of his comrades. 

Why did I do this? I’ve watched over 64 episodes of Shugo Chara and I wanted to do something fun for once instead of live-blogging the shit out of it. What’s the scoring based on? Fuck if I know! That’s all, folks!