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Nijis Youtube Channel

Niji: Hey there guys!! My name is Niji! I’m just a normal guy who does a lot of weird stuff!
Niji:-twerks On zoro poster-
Niji:-tries to cook- -Sets cooking on fire-…yeah..that’s how i like it

Niji: i also love fashion and stuff!
Niji:-tries to straighten hair-–burns off hair-
Niji: Can’t recommend this straightener..‘cause..-puts glasses on- I’m still hella gay

Niji: I also do DIY’s!!
Niji: -puts glue and glitter on wood- And that’s how! do…nice things!!
Niji: Now even this piece of wood has more sexual tension than my brother pfff.

Niji: And I also give a lot of tips and do helpful stuff! -Walks with selfiestick to ichiji- Here bro, a list of things we should change about ur look!
Ichiji: -looks into the cam-…Oh that’s funny…i also have a list for you.
Niji: You have???
Ichiji: -hands him list back- here is a list of things I give a Shit about.
Ichiji: ..-kokoro is brokoro-

Niji:I also have guests! and we do a lot of fun stuff together! Here is my guest Sanji!
Sanji: help me. pls.
Niji; Today we’re doing a make up challenge!
Sanji: HELP ME.
-moments later-
Niji: I…look fabulous~~~ -winks-
Sanji: -totally terrified-..-has 10kg make up in his face-…


Ichiji: -stands in the door and watches him- ….-sighs-
Sanji: Intervention?
Ichiji: Intervention.
Sanji: I’m getting the banner..

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  • Sanji: I told you!! Stop trying to make all kinds of things your nakama!!! We already have a raccoon dog and a robot, among other things!!!
  • Franky: Hey, I'm not a robot. I'm a cyborg, you dork!!
  • Sanji: Well, you're not a human anymore, that's for sure.
Nijis Youtube Channel Part 2

Niji: So guys! I got this cute fanart from you! Let’s take a look together!

Niji:-cries- it’s so beautiful!
Niji: -screams- IT’S SO BEAUTIFUL
Niji:-licks screen- I can taste their love. And it tastes beautiful.

Niji: So and next..Nijis everyday life! Have fun!

Niji:-plays drums–set drums on fire- how is that even possible.
Niji:-twerks on zoro poster–-sets poster on fire- what.
Niji:-dances–sets floor on fire-..uh.. THE FLOOR IS LAVA…?
Niji: -sings–sets micro on fire-…uhm..THIS BOY IS ON FIREEE…?
Niji:-draws–sets pen on fire–looks at pen-…?
Niji: So guys i realized..I’m too hot for this stuff
Niji: -Badum tsss- -fire- WHY IS THIS HAPPENING?
Niji: -fights fire with extinguisher–sets extinguisher on fire–screams-

Sanji: So we gonna tell him that you are setting everything on fire?
Ichiji:…-puts lighter away- Don’t know what you are talking about.

Niji: okay now that over I will move on to the next topic! A&Q’s with the vinsmoke brothers! And here are my brothers Sanji and Ichiji!
Ichiji: -stares into cam-
Sanji: is this live? Am I famous now?
Niji: Not yet! Let’s read the first Question!…‘Hello Niji, I love your Channel’ Oh thanks dear! ‘I have a problem, I don’t know what to do! my friends cries because of her break up, can you help me?’ Ohh you know I think the best way to end someones crying is to kis- To make them food. Right Sanji? Be there for them. Comfort them.
Sanji: Uh..yeah that Is actually a good Idea!
Niji; and what do you think Ichiji?
Ichiji: Seek brutal revenge in their Honor.
Niji: and that’s why your only friends exist only in books.

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I love the fact that Sanji imagines himself as a prince riding a unicorn

with the way he acts and his willingness to kick people in the face you’d think he’d have manlier daydreams

but no

he wants to spin around in a field of flowers under a pink sky with a woman who isn’t wearing anything revealing at all