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One Piece #791. 「ガレキ」 (”Rubble”)

“The 2000 Pirates of the Donquixote Family vs. the Warriors of Fate Who Happened to Be Here… the final battle… Royal Shichibukai Donquixote Doflamingo vs. Gladiator Lucy… the winner… the winner … the… the winner is… LU——CY——!!!!”


In the immediate aftermath of his destructive Gomu Gomu no King Kong Gun, Luffy is rendered unconscious as his Gear Fourth deactivates; but fortunately, an able-bodied (enough) Law ensures that he doesn’t incur any further damage falling to the the ground. The denizens of Dressrosa cluelessly stare at the sky, awaiting to discover the results of the fight, as a wounded Gatz passionately struggles to reach his Den Den Mushi in order to fulfill his duty and announce to the public the outcome. Still in a state of emotional awe himself and still out of breath, Gatz stammers as he delivers his poetic attempt at words; meanwhile, the other heroes of the alliance of pirates and tournament participants continue to obstruct the entrapment of the Birdcage. However, as the strings of the cage begin to disappear, the results of the match become all too clear to everyone, and a teary-faced Gatz finally announces Luffy’s (Lucy’s) victory in exuberant fashion to an explosion of simultaneous weeping and cheers all across the nation. King Riku, Rebecca, and Kyros especially break out into tears of happiness realizing the end of their long stories of anguish. 


That first close-up panel of Doflamingo being his hand made me suspect an incoming twitch to confirm his not quite realized defeat, but I guess Gatz’s fulfilled role as announcer makes it official: Doflamingo is out for the count.

Judging from the note that the last chapter left on (this week’s chapter’s last page could have flowed just as easily had it been the very first page, to be quite honest) I expected at least a modicum of story clean-up to begin in this chapter, but it’s definitely not beyond Oda to devote an entire chapter just towards cataloging everyone’s elated expressions upon a triumphant victory; the man loves his happiness, bless him for that. Though from a reviewship standpoint, it doesn’t give me that much content to delve into other than predictions for next week. 

Luffy’s now current state of recovery calls back to a number of previous arcs where he has had to rest for up to weeks-on-end until even regaining consciousness (though to be fair, that was a pre-time-skip Luffy), so I’m curious if we’re in store for a few more chapters devoted to this half of the Straw Hat crew recuperating (the jubilant vibe the chapter’s got going on definitely pushes for it), while the other half remains in clear-cut and imminent danger. Some other unresolved plot points include Burgess vs. Sabo, Fujitora’s intended course of action, and the potential re-appearance of Cipher Pol-0. All in all, if things were to possibly now play-out the same way as, say, Thriller Bark, (in which after Luffy beat the big-bad Gecko Moria, an even bigger-bad, Bartholomew Kuma, showed up and completely stole the show) I think it’s safe to say that there are enough players in reserve on the forces of good to fend that prospective threat off. 

In retrospecting the post-time-skip New World adventures, I’m rather resolute in saying that one of the most disappointing differences is how consistently Luffy has been (initially) defeated by his opponents (Caesar Clown, Doflamingo) while every other Straw Hat more or less settles for fodder opponents that are easily defeated in one blow (a great notable exception being Sanji vs. Vergo back at Punk Hazard, which was one of the most exciting post-time-skip skirmishes for me), especially so for Zoro, who has just been straight-up killing it since his training with Mihawk (Hody Jones one-shotted, Monet one-shotted, that one dragon at the beginning of the Punk Hazard arc one-shotted, Pika one-shotted, shots all around!! Zoro’s buying!!), effectively giving him the right to chastise Luffy for his lack of growth in certain area(s) (which he has done so twice already, if I remember correctly). In that sense, the New World’s representation of new, unimaginably powerful antagonists holds true, but inopportunely pinpoints the depiction solely on our protagonist of the entire series. As we move on to the next adversary (Big Mom), one of the even stronger strongest characters in the canonical universe, it’s controvertible how this dynamic will continue to play out. However, with the aforementioned point readdressed and Luffy out of commission for what seems to be a considerable amount of time, here’s to hoping that the rest of our cast will get their time to shine. We’ll handle things here for a while, good night, sweet prince, get some rest. 

Rating: B

Additional Note(s):

*Worth noting that Sabo and Koala don’t make a single appearance in this chapter; I find it a bit amusing to imagine everyone in the entire country cheering while there’s still the epic battle between Burgess and Sabo going on a few dozen feet away—I guess we know which ASL son in the family gets all the doting attention.

*The fact that Oda has showed us just a tad bit more of Doflamingo’s face but just not enough to see his eyes proves that he’s teasing the hell out of us with this.

*Kanjuro’s swallow is still alive and well, and apparently cognitive enough to join in the celebration of victory.

*Snot-nosed, tears-pouring-down-his-face Bartolomeo panel, called it.

*I wonder what the science behind the Birdcage disappearing from the top-down as opposed to bottom-up is. Or I guess maybe even how it has lasted this long in the first place.

*One of the background characters (or I guess he/she’s technically in the foreground) on the last page actually has “LUCY” imprinted on the back of his/her jacket. Which handicraft and decorating shop in Dressrosa was still open for business amidst all this chaos and did the embroidery job before one could say, “The winner is Lucy!!!” three times fast!?

*Luffy is number one anime and manga boyfriend, always there if you need a shoulder, or a face, to cry on, just ask Rebecca.

*Issho is the only one in his group of pushers who didn’t fall to the ground when the strings disappeared. Some say he’s still there in Dressrosa pushing with all his gravity’s might, unaware that the battle is over.

*King Riku remembers the night Doflamingo first showed his face in Dressrosa and then zaps back to the present, crying tears of happiness that Doffy got rid of his frosted tips hairdo.

*The title “2000 Pirates of the Donquixote Family vs. the Warriors of Fate Who Just Happened to Be Here” rings back to Fishman Island’s Chapter 634 (“100,000 vs. 10”) but also kind of begs the question of how some loser like Hody Jones managed to assemble fifty times the amount of henchman as Doflamingo, who has been on his black-market, evil-villain, mastermind game for about a decade now.

*Doffy’s glasses are pictured at the beginning of this chapter falling to the ground once again. But they already touched the surface at the end of the last chapter!? They’re alive!! Doffy is actually a pair of glasses controlling a string body theory confirmed.

anonymous asked:

I never thought I'd say this but : I dislike Doflo & Law and all that drama so much that I stopped reading manga. TBH there is almost nothing good after 2Y. They are building up for something bigger but, really ? All that detail, for what ? Who cares ? (+ bad animation made me stop watching the anime months ago)

I can agree with you on a few of those points (particular the anime’s quality and that the back-story may have been poorly positioned, being such a long one and interrupting the highly anticipated battle), but I think you’re dead wrong about nothing after 2Y being good and that there’s no point to building up future events. Fishman Island was kind of a tight spot, writing-wise, that Oda forced himself into; and it resultingly suffered from some pretty bad points (mainly the villains and point of conflict), but its back-story game was pretty damn strong with Fisher Tiger and Otohime. Subsequently, Punk Hazard has got to be one of the most unique arcs of the whole series, serving as a transitory arc yet having a better antagonist than the chronologically previous arc (and thereby having way way way way way better fights, man, the number of great fights in that arc… Law vs Smoker, Sanji vs Vergo, Zoro vs Monet, Franky vs Buffalo and Baby 5, etc.), bringing in familiar and fan-favorite lore (Law, Aokiji vs Akainu, Caesar being Vegapunk’s rival, Smoker, Doffy’s ambush, Aokiji, etc.) and really encapsulating that signature One Piece arc atmosphere of “the Straw Hats getting split into various groups and getting into respective ridiculous and hilarious debauchery”.  Regarding Dressrosa, I think it’s been a solid arc as well; it has the air of the crew volitionally going there to beat the crap out of someone as opposed to them finding the island by chance and exploring an adventurous new world, but Oda has still managed to include the usual world/mythos-building, tragic history (the toy story hit me pretty hard personally), and the  fun  of guessing a potential new crewmate (Rebecca’s backstory was also quite a tear-jerker, and was done pretty well even in the anime). With Law’s back-story, I admit it’s kind of more questionable as to why we’re seeing it if he’s not (to be) so much a central character, but it definitely provides for a more compelling face-off against Doffly; fights are much more meaningful when they got conceptual symmetry (watch Law defeat Doffy in some symbolic way that will avenge Cora) no matter who they are between. Personally, I think Oda could have done a better job of spreading the back-story out more, especially because it seems like it’s going to be a pretty long one (at least two or three more chapters I’d say, which is practically making us wait a month until we get back to the damn fight!!); but in the end it’ll be worth it. I have my suspicions that Law will be relevant to the main story-line even after this arc, so it’ll be nice to have him as a fleshed out character. Finally, the teased Big Mom and Kaidou arcs!? How can you not be excited about that! My only problem with them being revealed so soon is that with 2 Yonkou already covered, it feels like the series is fully bound for a completely planned out ending and that we’ll never truly get arcs that are nostalgic of adventure and friendship of the first half of the series (just because all the pieces are in play and its all about kicking ass now). But for that, I depend on what Oda has said in interviews about continually thinking of  new character designs and ideas that keep the series from ending, and I hope that it’ll really feel like the olden times again at some point in the future.