sanji girl

  • Law: I just wish we could all get along like we use to in middle school. I wish that I could bake a cake made out of rainbows and smiles and we'd eat it and be happy.
  • Sanji: He doesn't even go here!
  • Luffy: Do you even go to this school?
  • Law: No, I just have a lot of feelings.
  • Robin: Okay, go home.
The rain is gone

Remember that during Sanji’s darkest hour, when he decided to marry Pudding and then, later, when he discovered that she was lying, it was raining all the time?

But now the rain is gone, and he is back with the crew and Nami. Given how Oda portrayed this panel with such lyricism, it seems it was intended to show that the weather is finally changing in Sanji’s favor…

Valentine's Day: Straw Hat Crew Edition
  • luffy: the fuck is a valentine and can i eat it
  • zoro: fuck i got lost on the way to your heart
  • nami: i stole your heart and im not giving it back unless you pay me
  • usopp: might as well call me cupid cause i made a perfect hit right on ur heart! haha usopp u sly dog
  • sanji: hey girl ;) r u my cigarettes? ;) ;) bc i have an addiction 2 u ;) ;) ;) pls help me seek medical help
  • chopper: im lovesick and I don't think any medicine can cure it
  • robin: there's nothing appealing about an actual heart but at least you're appealing to the eyes
  • franky: ay u are SUPER rad my dude ha bros 4 lyfe
  • brook: if i had a heart id love u with all of it but
  • law: haha hey let me replace ur head with a cannonball i literally don't want you to talk to me haha
  • ace: there's a gaping hole where my heart should be. literally
  • Sanji: Wait here and stay hidden. I'm going in.
  • Nami: While what? I watch helplessly from the sidelines? I don't think so.
  • Sanji: I'm asking you to wait with the others.
  • Nami: And I'm telling you not a chance. You're my nakama. I'm with you for better or worse.
  • Sanji: I have to do this alone.
  • Nami: What is this to you? A playtime?
  • Sanji: No.
  • Nami: Then what? What is it?
  • Sanji: I'm not...
  • Nami: Not what?
  • Sanji: I'm not strong enough.
  • Nami: Strong enough, and this will make you stronger?
  • Sanji: Yes. No!
  • Nami: That's what this is?
  • Sanji: I can not lose you! I can't. I'm not... strong enough.
  • Nami: If we work together, you won't have to be.
  • Sanji: I don't know what will happen.
  • Nami: Hey, we're the future Pirate King's crew. What can happen?
OP Chapter 869 Reaction

The One Piece/Strawhat crew fan in me: oh sh*t! they’re fudging doomed!

The Sanami shipper in me: ASFGHIDGJFYDBKDHIFNKEJDYHT! I could live off this for weeks! Ladeedadeeda~