sanji birthday


Today is my 22nd birthday, and it coincidentally is also One Piece 20th anniversary. So of course, I made a cake. Lol.
It’s an orange and french vanilla to represent Belle-mères orange trees that nami has.

Thank you Eichiro Oda for the 20 years filled with wonderful adventures and fun.
Thank you for your creativity and amazing characters that have inspired so many people including me.
I wish many more years of fun and adventure reading your manga.
Thank you.


The candles are really creepy. They know his favourite colour is blue so it’s strange they made the icing red but that doesn’t really matter. The cake is burnt. The sponge is sickeningly sweet and there’s an odd spicy flavour. There’s hardly any jam in the middle. The icing tastes nice but it’s a little crunchy.
Despite all that, it’s still the best damn cake Sanji has ever had.

Happy Birthday Sanji darling, you precious dear curly chef you 💙💙💙