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First Impression of Me: Fun and cute. Impression of Me Now: Off the wall, zany, energetic, random, hyper, questionable choice in humor, very active poster. You blew people out of the water with your Sanji impression and made it your own. Different from anyone else.

[first vs. current impression]

//hahhahaha oh my god “questionable choice in humor” X”DDDD I have to admit I DO have a weird sense of humor~

thanks anon! :D


Guys i made a new SaNami video! ^-^

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please do a scenario where the straw hats sees s/o in a near-death state~ I love your writing btw

I’ll do headcanons for now, if that’s okay? a scenario for each of the strawhat’s may be a little too much for me at the moment, I hope that’s okay..

Monkey D. Luffy:

  • Strangely quiet. He’s raging on the inside. He’s angry at himself for not keeping them safe, and if someone put them in this state, he’s pissed at them
  • He wants to fight something, but he wants to stay by them in case they need him
  • If he’s allowed he’s going to wraps his arms around them completely to hold them close while they’re asleep. He really doesn’t want to loose them.

Roronoa Zoro:

  • It makes him so uncomfortable seeing them like this
  • He’s willing to put on a brave face when they’re awake and gentle talking to them. He holds their hand as much as he can, gently rubbing his thumb over their knuckle and kissing their forehead.
  • He sometimes can’t stand the unsettled feeling in his gut and he has to go train to get out his frustrations.


  • She crys the first time see really sees them in this state, and progressively gets a bit more snappish at everyone around the ship during this time
  • She snapped at her S/O once and felt awful. She hugged them and nuzzled into their neck, apologising
  • If she can, she sits on the bed with them and snuggles close to them 


  • Straight denial for a long time. He lies to himself. They’ll be fine, right? It’s a joke, it’ll turn out to be a joke and they can both laugh about it… Right?
  • He can’t keep it up forever and he sobs into their shoulder, holding them close He’ll ramble over all the stories he knows they love, tell them everything he wants to say, what he feels he needs to say. He honestly just doesn’t want to lose you without saying everything he wants to.
  • He stays up with them for as long as he can, smiling. He’s emotionally and physically exhausted, but he refuses to do anything else in case he loses you.


  • He brings his S/O any foods they need and talks to Chopper and his S/O about any dietary essentials they may need. If there’s any ways he can help them he wants do his best. He’d feel awful if they got more sick because of specific ingredients he fed them.
  • He refuses to smoke near them, but smokes twice as much away from them. He’s trying to keep his stress at bay so he won’t worry his darling too much
  • He strokes their hair and head a lot, very often kissing their hands and nose. He whispers a lot of sweet nothings to them when he can and stays as close to them as possible.

Tony Tony Chopper:

  • It hit’s especially hard for this darling since he’s the ship’s doctor. He’s trying so hard to save you and keep you alive and no matter what he’s done your still at this state, and it hurts more because it’s you. Someone he cares so very deeply about.
  • He’s overworking himself, checking in on you throughout the days and in his spare time reading over ways he can help you. He tries staying as professional as he can, knowing that if he lets his emotions get the better of him while he’s trying to help you it can make the situation more dangerous for your safety and health
  • Gives amazing cuddles and snuggles. He snuggles right against his S/O and sometimes cries if the day had been particularly stressful

Nico Robin:

  • She keeps an eye open on them at mostly all times. Quite literally. If they request privacy she’ll let them have it, but will be close by in case they need her.
  • She is incredibly calm throughout the situation, and very gentle with them as well. Her morbid comments are kept to herself and she focuses on keeping them as happy as she can. 
  • She does a lot of research on whatever is harming her S/O be it an illness or injury. She wants to prepare herself, the crew and importantly her S/O for what may come


  • He’s asking Chopper about what he can do to help. Anything at all, you name it. He even questions Chopper on the possibility of cyborg replacements if the issue is related to limbs or organ failure.
  • He still tries to keep a smile on your face, and speaks encouragingly. He doesn’t know if things will get better, but he know it probably won’t help if they’re very negative about it
  • He doesn’t cry in front of them, he doesn’t want them more stressed that they might already be, but it will be obvious that he’s very tired. He rests his head against their bed and falls asleep there a lot.


  • A few inappropriate jokes crop up (Yoho.. You almost look like me, love…) But they fall very flat and his S/O can tell he doesn’t find any humour in them himself. He just naturally jokes around as much as he can. That’s just how he copes with the situation.
  • Constantly touching them. He brushes his fingers over their cheeks, hold their hand and nuzzles his head against them. He sometimes worries that they just won’t recognise him for some reason and confuse him for death. It breaks his heart and he just constantly talks to them to remind them it’s him and that he’s still there and that he loves them.
  • He’ll cry with relief if they get better and he will cry hard. If they get worse he gets a bit more solemn, but he’s still holding hope that they will get better. He hums and sings positive messages and love songs to them to keep them happy and show his love for them in case he never gets the chance again.
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