sanity is overrated right

Sanity is a Prison

Sanity was overrated, right? It held you back from being able to work at your full potential just like morals and limitations to the body. Who would need such draw backs, such pathetic barriers to achieve your truest potential.

It was easy to abandon morals and sanity as a hired killer, yet some still clinged onto their humanity. Yves had done this for many years, trying to keep what little he had left of his sanity. Finally one day, he just snapped. What he had left was gone. He was awol and even more dangerous than before.

He was aware that Mann Co would not be happy for their best Spy to be out of his mind, and would send people to find him. Yves wanted that. He wanted them to come to him since it had been a long time since he had some–let’s call it ‘fun’–with his wonderful torturing skills. So he waited silently in a well furnished house he had “acquired” from the owner: sitting in the red chair, sipping a glass of bourbon.