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Oh it seems we are allowed to post our @meowraculouschatnoirzine pieces now! This is titled how many tears did I shed over this boy’s hair haha I had a lot of fun drawing the dorky cat son and I’m grateful for the opportunity to have been able to participate in such a fun zine!

Theory Time: Nemesis is a mind-slave

***My first request! AHH!***

Questions Discussed:
Just who is Nemesis?
Is Nemesis a mind-slave?
-Is Nemesis even human?
If she is a mind-slave, who, or what, drove her to this point?

In a nutshell, Mission Mode was inspired by the video game, “Hitman” (which I never heard of until I started watching Yandere Dev’s videos); this takes place in an ‘Alternate Timeline’ of Yandere Simulator. In this mode, the player has the ability to create their own designed mission to eliminate specific students. If they want, they can adjust the settings to have increasing difficulties. The settings also have several opportunities to add various obstacles to the game… One of those opportunities is adding Nemesis.

Nemesis is a female character that hunts the protagonist (Yandere-Chan) and kills her before the mission is complete. Not a lot is known about her; all that is said on on her profile is more about her mechanics in Mission Mode, and not so much about her actual character or her backstory. However, Yandere Dev left a huge hint with the very last sentence: “For now, it’s a mystery…” So, we may (or may not) find out more about her.

Is Nemesis a mind slave?

This is a question I have not really thought about until I received my request. She does share a few similarities with Yandere-Chan’s victim when she kidnaps her and tortures her until her sanity reaches 0%. As you can see below, their facial expressions are the same; their eyes are half open and there doesn’t seem to be much life in either of their eyes.

When Nemesis kills Yandere-Chan, she kills her in the same way Yandere-Chan kills her victims when her sanity is low. Even though her kill is brutal, it’s not as brutal as Saki when she attacks Kokona. But still, yes, I believe that it’s possible that Nemesis can, indeed, be a mind-slave. Or, maybe the similarities are due to lack of animations.

Is Nemesis even human?

Oh… um…. Never mind.

Does her skin tone look ‘off’ to you? While other characters will (eventually) have the opportunity to give various, human skin tones to the students, a tone with a gray cast doesn’t seem natural or realistic. Also, refer to her photo with the pink background. Her pupils have a unique design in comparison to the rest of the NPCs in the game; they are different from Yandere-Chan’s and even different from Saki’s when her sanity is zero! It does not fit the typical anime style. Yandere Dev is very capable of implementing fantasy-themed objects and characters into the game (hint hint: Robot-chan); while Nemesis bleeds when she dies, I am not 100% convinced that she is all human. Or maybe I’ve just watched too much Dragonball Z.

Who created Nemesis (or what drove her to the point of being a mind-slave)?

The answer is simple. Someone who clearly hates Yandere Chan would be behind this. It’s definitely someone who knows of her intentions and her overall nature. They would want her stopped. Maybe it’s to prevent anyone else from dying, or maybe, as Yandere Dev says, ‘to eliminate the competition.’ The former logic may suggest that there’s a chance Nemesis could be a good person after all.

Just a thought.  


Sho questioning Shige’s sanity in yesterday’s News Zero. XD

Well, if it was your first time hearing an author say that the character he created has a mind of its own, that would be your initial reaction, wouldn’t it. XD I’ve heard a number of other writers saying the same thing though.

Still, it’s nice to see Sho joking around in News Zero. He might also be trying to get Shige to relax a little, since he looked a little nervous before the interview.

Bloodlust [Indulge] + CS Fanfiction

The fourth in a series of soon to be smutty things about vampire Killian Jones and the woman he can’t stay away from.

Rating: M 
Word Count: 4,516

The world was a blur around her, the rich reds and golds of the walls and it’s adorning art melting together as her mind went dizzy. The floor seemed to vanish between her bare feet and the light feel of air beneath her body replaced the tingle of the hardwood on her toes. Killian’s arms were strong, one palm pressed hard against her lower back and the other hand holding her jaw as his kiss deepened. His fingers tangled in her damp hair, twisting loosely as he pulled her body tighter against his. It was like he was trying to swallow that single word - that agreement she’d given him. This kiss was his forfeit. It was the final breaking point of his last thread of resolve. It was his complying promise to walk the thin line between existence and execution, but his broken ability to resist was not where the actual threat was waiting.

No, Emma was almost sure his lips and that thing he did with his tongue were going to be the true end of her. She was also positive that somehow, he’d never allow such a thing.

No, this was Killian. He’d keep her safe. He’d protect her. He’d care for her. He’d ravish her - and he would completely and totally devour her. That combination of things was worth the sacrifice. If indulging in the possibility of this man was a sin, then she would gladly take the next available ride to hell.


Her name caught hard in his throat as he slowed his unnatural speed, bracing her against the intricate brass railing of the stairs. She’d barely noticed the way he had literally swept her right off her feet and up the long hallway to the foyer. His lips fell on her neck in a heated trail as she recalled the last time they’d been in this position. It was a stance full of that same fire, only the solid wood door that he’d held her up against was now replaced with the cold metalwork currently making indents in her back.

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I don't think you understand how much you affect the dildom. Sure we like to drain your sanity bar to zero, but we still respect you and admire you. To be honest your our fucking hero.

this is really nice to hear. thank you. I feel like we make quite a nice community, together.