I Love You My Friend

I love you my friend, you’re beautiful
no truer words could I possibly say

A needed dose of sunshine and sanity
when I can’t seem to get out of my way

I love you my friend, you’re authentic
a well aimed foot when I need a kick

Should I have trouble finding my smile
a visit with you always does the trick

I love you my friend, you’re a blessing
you put love into all the things you do

I thank God each and every morning
for giving me a special friend like you

Thank you!

I salute my self for staying sane even without:

•Wynonna Earp S3

•After the Sanvers breakup

•Supercorp still not being together

•Still not getting over about Clexa

•Carmilla potentially ending

•Wayhaught potential angst

•Camila and Lauren are still not official

•Shannon Beveridge still not posting vids


Drew a proper character ‘chart’ for everyone else!
Villainous AU - Cowardice

White/Fraid hat (pussy hat): A monster of too many fears and little confidence, he’s made his own company/infomercial to help with others with fears/anxieties. When scared he freaks out and his monster side shows.

Dr.Glurf: Genius scientist who was employed by his current boss, he likes to fuck around with pussy hat’s invention requests to instill fear in to many. He totally does not sometimes think pussy hat’s cute

Sanity: Caring, thoughtful and full of pecks and cuddles with birb attributes, she often tries to hug 404 despite 404 constantly swiping his large paws at her. She’s the main comforter for White hat during his panic attacks. She also tries to bring cookies to everyone.

4.0.4: requested to be a care bear by pussy hat, Dr.Glurf made 404 a bear of death and no emotion. Pure killing intent, snuggling with him is advised to be limited. (But sometimes he displays some…. Feelings)


INTPs and 'Can't'

INTP: So I’m thinking of luring an asshole out into the woods so I can find out the inner mechanics of the human body on a live specimen, that way I can also have a bit of an understanding on the degrees of pain on the body-


INTP: *cocks eyebrow*

ENFP: … you shouldn’t do that?

INTP: Better.

ENFP: You’re not actually going to do it though… right?

INTP: Obviously not, killers get caught. Even if it’s only when they’re old and grey. I wouldn’t do well in jail.

ENFP: Ya, you’d get bored and actually go insane.

INTP: What? Why would I be worried about that? Sanity is relative. No, no, my problem would be all the people!

ENFP: Of course. Yes. Because that’s the sane thing to be concerned about with going to jail.

INTP: *waves dismissively* The point is I don’t want to go there.