sanitizing hand gel

things the signs remind me of

aries: long days, sunburns, sweaty black tshirts, pocky, freckles 

 taurus: leather, air freshener, low battery, air-dried beach hair 

gemini: pitter-patter of rain, solo cups, thick, pillow-y comforters, red matte lipstick 

 cancer: messy & bumpy bun, betrayals, the 90’s, stargazing 

 leo: bonfires, hand lotion, colored contact lenses, picnics , spinning tops, sour candy

virgo: hand sanitizer, hair gel, twix candy bars, pervy jokes, compassion, ignorance

libra: victoria secret perfume, mothers, vans (the shoes, haha), heavily filtered pictures,  summer nights, good advice

scorpio: confidence, pale skin, violets, confusion, halloween, light switches

sagittarius: oversized tees, baseball tournaments, brotherly love, light hair, netflix marathons wrapped in blankets, age gaps

capricorn: rice krispies, furnaces, jelly babies, grunge, schedules, wet towels

aquarius: mismatched socks, bitten nails, frizzy & stylish hair, fall out boy, binging episodes of your favorite show, emojis

pisces: tattoos, axe spray, gentle caressing, laser tag, pool dips, clouds


This is roughly everything I plan on packing/buying for the program! I’m just doing the fall semester so if you’re doing fall advantage or spring/spring advantage, you can change some things and plan accordingly! Again, this is just some of the stuff I plan on bringing/buying (I added some things other people might use) and it might seem like a lot but it’s just stuff I use on a regular basis. It’s also geared more towards girls since I am a girl but guys can use some of this too I guess! I can also make an apartment packing list since the stuff for the apartment listed below is just the stuff I’m bringing and my roommates plan on bringing more!

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Insular - Adrian Cornejo - 2014 

Glass Jars, Sanitizing Gel, Charcoal. 

Jars are filled with sanitizing gel and a chunk of charcoal is suspended within each. Over time the contents of the jars act on one another fouling the gel and charcoal. The gel is replaced and the process is repeated until the chunk is completely inert and the gel remains untainted. This is symbolic of the psychological effects of living within an insulated environment.