12 Videos That Show The Difference Between What Cops Said And What Actually Happened

Few aspects of policing attract more scrutiny than an officer’s use of force. And as people around the nation continue to voice concerns about the contentious relationship between citizens and law enforcement, it’s become clear that police and the policed often have drastically different interpretations of the same incidents.

A number of high-profile cases over the past few years suggest that something even more disturbing can happen when police are given the responsibility of self-reporting violence. The instances below offer clear evidence of cops – and in some cases, their superiors – attempting to sanitize, mischaracterize or simply lie about the use of force. 

They raise disquieting questions about what might have happened if videos of the incidents had never surfaced – and how many similar incidents never become known to the public.

1. “The shackles accidentally hit one of her arms.”

The incident captured in the above surveillance video. Saulny can be seen repeatedly striking a 16-year-old girl who was in a holding cell following an arrest.

Saulny reportedly informed his supervisor immediately following the encounter, which left the girl with minor injuries, according to a police report. 

But you watch the video, that clearly show what really happened.

2. “The officer ‘escorted [the suspect] to the floor.’”

In his own report, Walker wrote that he “forcefully threw Ms. Acker … face down on the ground.” He claimed that Acker was intoxicated and combative prior to arriving at the hospital, and said the kick was valid cause for him to respond with force. The lawsuit claims Acker sustained significant injuries from the takedown, including facial trauma, a concussion and problems with memory and cognitive function, as well as post-traumatic stress disorder.

Walker is still employed by the Colorado Springs Police Department.

3. “A physical altercation ensued.”

A passing motorist filmed as California Highway Patrol Officer Daniel Andrew rained blows down on Marlene Pinnock, a 51-year-old grandmother who was walking along a freeway. A CHP incident summary of the incident claimed that Pinnock became “physically combative” when Andrew attempted to pull her away from traffic, at which time “a physical altercation ensued." 

4. Officer "placed his arm around” a teen and tried to “console” him.

According to WFAA, Rossi’s official police report claimed the boy had started to cry, and that Rossi had placed his arm around the boy to “console” him. The report didn’t mention his threat to the teen. Rossi later faced an internal investigation and described his remarks as a “verbal technique that I’ve used to try to calm down people or suspects in my career with no intention of ever meaning the words I say.” He also denied making false statements on his initial report.

Rossi is still employed by the Dallas Police Department.

5. Officer hit suspect “several times with a closed right fist." 

In the video above, police in Inkster, Michigan, are seen beating 57-year-old Floyd Dent during a January traffic stop. Officer William Melendez, the cop seen pummeling Dent, later suggested in an official report that Dent looked like he was on drugs at the time and that he’d verbally threatened officers before the altercation. Melendez also claimed that he hit Dent "several times with a closed right fist” after Dent bit him on the arm. In this case, “several” means 16.

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There are part 2 and 3


When I’m writing a poem it’s 60% pacing.

My method also includes 20% squeezing hand sanitizer

into the crevices between my fingers and keyboard keys,

10% tugging at my clothes and 10% worrying

that everything I write is going to be taken at face value.

These words are not my face.

I read somewhere that poetry has body and soul,

That poetry conveys life and death like

a memory, or a photograph, or the laughter of a

loved one- but my poetry doesn’t smile.

You cannot take a picture like the ones in my head.

I tread steady circles around coffee tables and

stairwells and the downstairs of my parent’s house

and I would circle the world if I wasn’t afraid that

opening the front door might wake somebody up.

This poem isn’t meant to wake anybody up.

This poem is room temperature water with a

peanut butter sandwich.

This poem is checking the windows with each

circle around the main floor.

This poem is setting off firecrackers,

in the wake of a fireworks show.

This poem is another circle because I’m always collecting more.

If I walk enough circles I’ll catch up to this house

and eventually out-pace all the secrets that got swept beneath the oven. 

siccome so che i miei fanz erano preoccupati per la mia assenza, li rassicuro con questa foto che rappresenta a pieno la mia (in)sanità mentale.

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back to school haul || 8.4.15

i bought everything from target!! total amounted up to about $150!!

pic 1 : 3 white five star mead 1 subject notebooks, 3 white five star mead folders, 3 papermate mechanical pencils, 2 red pens, college ruled filler paper.

pic 2 : 2 white 1 inch binders, graph paper, index cards, 1 glue stick, 3 highlighters (2 yellow, 1 pink), 3 staedler erasers, 1 pack of dividers, coloured sticky notes.

pic 3 : brown faux leather backpack, black planner, aloe vera hand sanitizer.

not shown : kipling black pencil case, strawberry EOS chapstick, gum, stress ball, TI-84 graphing calculator.

(i have ordered most of the above online and they haven't come in yet. sorry!) 

anonymous asked:

In sala operatoria. Medico: "Infermiera avanti con l'anestesia locale". Infermiera rovistando nell'armadio: "Uhm...di locale non ne abbiamo, abbiamo solo anestesia fabbricata in Germania".

Ringraziamo Anonimo per il suo contributo alla rubrica “storie di ordinaria sanità”.

Ps: quando vedete un'infermiera datele un abbraccio, voi non sapete il perché ma lei si.

Back to school shopping

School shopping has always been something I look forward too..even now, when I’m not even in school. I love buying paper, pencils, markers, crayons..etc. As a kid, when I would get my allowance- I typically spent it on paper, notebooks, pencils, crayons, markers and so on. Because I love that stuff. I had tons of it. lol

So anyway…I’m here reading the list for my daughter, and it says “20 glue sticks per student”…ooookay, that seems excessive.. but alright, 20 glue sticks it is. What else do you want..30 boxes of Crayola crayons? 10 pair of scissors?
I don’t mind helping out and buying extra for others who may not be able to, but, sometimes I think we may be buying *everything*.
For instance: last year my daughters teacher literally had 20+ hand sanitizer bottles left and 20+ boxes of tissues..and the school year was almost over. So why do they keep asking for so many if they have so many left? ..also, why are we buying the teachers dry erase markers? lol

No big deal..just wondering.
By the way– I fully understand that our teachers are underpaid and have to use their own money for certain things but, sometimes I think the number of things they ask for per student is a little excessive.

You know that pocket in the back of your planner? 🙈 Well it’s not just for holding that nifty little sticker we give you. 😗
We asked around the office 💬and got a long list of things that you can actually fit in that very convenient pouch in your planner 😏
📃 Sticky Notes (We love our Sticky Notes!)
💳 Student IDs and Personal IDs
📑 Receipts (Keep Track of your finances!)
📷 Polaroid pics (It makes our Hips stir.)
💳 Gift Cards and Stamp Cards
💧 Sanitizer Wipes (Can never be too clean)
🔖 Notes from Bae
👝 Ziplock Bags
📏 A Comb
😰 Band-Aids
🍬 Gum (Unused of Course)
🎧 EarBuds
📎 PaperClips
🔑 Extra Key
🎫 Tickets
The list can go on and on. That POCKETBILITIES ARE ENDLESS! 🌈
We dare you try to find something we didn’t put on our list. 😎 Post it on the comments below!

yall my brother takes his engagement ring off before he puts on fucking sanitizer, she probably took off bc she was getting in the pool