Clients of Calgary tattoo shop urged to get tested for HIV
Health officials are asking anyone who got a tattoo from a home-based operation called Discount Tattoo to get tested for viruses like Hepatitis and HIV.
By Heather Yourex-West

Health officials are asking anyone who got a tattoo from a home-based operation called Discount Tattoo to get tested for viruses like Hepatitis and HIV. According to Alberta Health Services, the business located at 224 7A St. N.E. was not meeting health and safety standards.

“This particular home-based tattoo operation did not have proper sterilization or sanitation processes in place, meaning individuals who received tattoos through this operation may have been exposed to viruses, including Hepatitis B and C, and HIV,” Dr. Judy MacDonald, Medical Officer of Health with the Calgary Zone of AHS, said in a statement.

AHS said anyone who received tattoos at Discount Tattoo or from the operator, Ryan Kinsella, should call Health Link at 811 to arrange for testing.

Discount Tattoo was shut down by AHS on Jan. 28.  Kinsella is not permitted to offer tattoo services while the closure order is in place.

Tattoo operations are regularly inspected by AHS Environmental public health. To check on a facility’s recent inspection record, call 403-943-2288.  Closure orders issued by AHS are also posted online at:

les amis + co as types of soap okay here we go

  • jehan is all-natural soap shaped like a goat, okay, he just is, i don’t make the rules
  • cosette is foaming pink grapefruit soap that comes in a cute round little bottle
  • combeferre looks like regular old bar soap, but he smells amazing. you can’t quite put your finger on what he smells like, but he smells great.
  • grantaire is banana-scented shampoo in a minion-shaped bottle
  • enjolras is lemon scented hand soap
  • courfeyrac is bubble-gum pink bubble bath
  • feuilly is bar soap– always there when you need him
  • joly is passion-fruit scented hand sanitizer
  • bossuet is green-apple scented leave-in conditioner
  • musichetta is coconut-scented shampoo
  • bahorel is light purple, foaming, lavender hand soap
  • eponine is green tea scented hand soap
  • marius is two-in-one shampoo/conditioner

sha-sha-shalom asked:

why is your picture the confederate flag?

My original intention was to be provocative while still flying under the radar.  I wanted folks who first approached my blog to not really realize what it was.  This blog is a reaction to my younger self: southern, white, not overtly racist but completely ignorant of my internalized white supremacy and white privilege.

I could see teenage me seeing this blog description and the confederate flag and say “Yeah!  Heritage not hate!”  And then bit by bit, post by post, realize that it’s not about “hating” whiteness or even necessarily feeling guilty about it, but rather just realizing exactly how whiteness has impacted people throughout history.   I want to associate it with the truly reprehensible acts that are a part of “white heritage,” and to fight against the sanitized “heritage not hate” message that is used to defend the confederate flag.  

As a white guy from the South, this blog has been a part of my un-learning.   I started using the icon after my post on the confederate flag.  I wrote it because, even well into adulthood I tried to maintain that there didn’t have to be anything inherently problematic with the confederate flag.  Again, “Heritage Not Hate” and all that.  Now I know better and using the icon helps to remind me (and hopefully other white people) exactly what the symbol is associated with.  

I have considered changing my icon several times.  The main reason why I haven’t is because I can’t decide on something better.  The icon represents “White History” and the events on this blog rather effectively: white people don’t think about it, people of color know the terrible, ugly truth.

anonymous asked:

As long as I'm not bombarded by 3P's face on SM, I'm good. If she comes back in the mix, I'll have to sanitize my SM.


What’s in my backpack? An anon asked me to do a post like this so here it is! 

In my Everest backpack I have:

  • 3 folders, each for a different subject
  • My iPad Mini 2
  • The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up (an amazing book that everyone should read!!)
  • A Rhodia dot pad for my notes
  • A Lihit Lab pen case
  • A Clif bar for when I get hungry between classes 
  • Burt’s Bees hand lotion and cuticle cream for my wintery hands 
  • Hand sanitizer
  • Water
  • My sketchbook and drawing materials for my drawing class

Sanitize your countertops and utensils

Being clean can prevent foodborne illness.


  • Combine 5 mL (1 tsp) of bleach with 750 mL (3 cups) of water in a labelled spray bottle.
  • After cleaning, spray sanitizer on the surface/utensil and let stand briefly.
  • Rinse with lots of clean water, and air dry (or use clean towels).