sanitised water


9:00am - What’s in my backpack?

  • Backpack: Knomo Beauchamp
  • Tablet: Surface 2
  • Notebooks: Oxford Black & Red x2 A5, x1 A4
  • Pencil case: Wilko [UK shop]
  • Staedtler Fineliner: I have the 6 pack case and put my regularly used colours in it [less bulk!]
  • USB:  Kingston 32GB USB Drive with metal casing
  • Flashcards: Tesco, Amazon, Paperchase [basically anywhere!]
  • Headphones: Came with my phone 
  • Purse: MANGO [I got it about 4 years ago]

Extras not pictured:

  • Menstrual pads, moisturiser, pre-printed lecture readings, uni ID, hand sanitiser, water bottle and soft mints!

I thought I would do a ‘what’s in my bag?’ while trying to get my stuff together for the new backpack that I’ve finally bought. So here is all the pictured stuff in my bag:

  1. 5 subject notebook for class notes and I usually come back and fair out into individual notebooks.
  2. English coursework book called “The Individual and Society” along with prompt markers for annotation in class.
  3. This little notebook is my baby. Literally. I love writing so I always carry this notebook with me where pretty much most of my recent pieces can be found. I don’t end up writing much in college but if I suddenly get a prompt in my head I prefer to write it down in this notebook than anywhere else.
  4. Warm Bodies by Isaac Marion which I carry to read in free hours between classes.
  5. Huge ass house keys
  6. Portable charger for my phone/iPod depending on which has less charge (sans the wires in this picture)
  7. Wallet which also has my college ID
  8. Phone
  9. Pencil case (that someone I met while traveling to Ladakh kindly sent over from France)
  10. Lip Balm (currently using Body Shop’s Born Lippy Satsuma Shimmer)
  11. iPod (that I cannot ever travel without)
  12. Basic Calculator from Casio since we are not allowed to use Scientific Calculators.
  13. Other life essentials which include bobby pins + something to tie my hair back with + small mirror I carry with me, mostly because it says “Nerd”
  14. Not sure what its exactly called, but its like a perfume which my friend got for me when she visited Greece. 
  15. Lastly, and quite importantly, hand sanitiser. 

Not pictured:

  • Huge water bottle 
  • Flannel that I carry when I’m not sure about the weather outside or when we go to the movies after college because I always feel super cold half way through the movie.
  • Sanitary pads (not pictured because I’m currently out). Another piece of advice; always carry sanitary pads/tampons even if you’re no where near your period dates, it might be useful to a girl who gets a surprise period or anything.