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I’ll Help

Fandom: Marvel/Avengers

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Warning: Periods

Writer: @imaginesofeveryfandom aka @thequeenofthehobbits

Summary/Request: Sometimes you wake up and there’s blood and the last thing you expect is Bucky to want to help rather than simply be grossed out

Notes: Because I, and other vagina owners, sometimes just want a guy who isn’t freaked out by periods but rather wants to help and make sure you’re okay.

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Li Hong Yi 李宏毅 as Han Qi Lu 韩七录  for a sanitary pad advertisement… :)

When your man is trying to sell pads to you

ok i’m going to tell you a story about the time i had to find a tampon at one of my 1989 shows so if you don’t like stories about sanitary products turn your mother effing camera off now

so it was the first show in adelaide and my friends i had been at the venue for a while and when we were waiting in line just about to go through the doors i just got that #feeling you know, that #periodintuition when you just… know you should get some backup, as i will put it

and i was just like ‘ok well we’re about to go inside so i guess i’ll just get a tampon from a dispenser in the bathroom’ and honestly in an ideal world that would have been the end of this story, but do u know what? this isn’t an ideal world. birds chirp too early in the morning and ppl don’t use their turn signals and THE ADELAIDE ENTERTAINMENT CENTRE DOES NOT GIVE A FUCK ABOUT MY SANITARY NEEDS.

i went to two bathrooms and none of them had these dispensers and it’s right before the show so this whole process of lining up for the bathroom has already taken a good amount of time so it’s getting to the point when i’m like…. enough is enough. i find a nice looking staff member (whose name, it turns out, was june) and i ask her if any of the bathrooms have tampon dispensers. june walked me into a corner as if the world was ending and says, in the most concerned voice i’ve ever heard, ‘oh dear. oh my poor girl i don’t think they do.’

i’m just thinking ‘this is literally december in the year of our lord 2015, june, why do you hate women’ but i didn’t say that bc june was actually a very nice lady and i just had a feeling that she was not personally responsible for the lack of tampon dispensers in the facility.  then june says to me ‘go to the cloakroom. say i sent you’. 

so i show up at the cloakroom and i’m just like ‘hello i’m jess. this is weird but a lady name june said you would have some tampons here’. cloakroom lady smiles at me pityingly, reaches into a draw, and pulls out a sanitary napkin bigger than my face. like i’m not exaggerating, i have never seen anything bigger than this thing. i should have asked for an extra one to protect my mum’s car when it rains. they probably used them after the show to cover taylor’s catwalk during transport.

cloakroom lady shoves the World’s Largest Pad in a plastic bag tries to discreetly give it to me, as if we are exchanging hard drugs at a taylor swift concert, which i think would be a good business plan btw, and i make my merry way to a bathroom stall to try and do some civil engineering to make this thing wearable.

5 mins after this, i’ve reunited with my friends, taylor nation upgrades us and i’m dancing in the soundbooth with a pad the size of the continent of antarctica in my underwear. 

A quarter of a million pounds made from taxing tampons as luxury items is being siphoned into an anti-abortion, anti-choice charity who spread false, manipulative information to women considering abortions. As outrageous as it is, the tampon tax is here to stay and we have no control over what our money is used for.

Over a year ago I started using a menstrual cup. At the time I wanted to save money and stop contributing to the waste created by disposable sanitary products. Adjusting to it was difficult and it took me a while, but I stuck with it and it’s been pretty life changing. 

If you buy a cup from a company like @rubycup they will donate another one to a school girl in East Africa. A menstrual cup helps her stay in school and their workshops teach girls about reproductive health and help combat the stigma surrounding periods.

I am making this post to spread the word that menstrual cups are not scary or gross. They are much safer and more economical and they’ll not only save you a fortune, but you’ll know that the money you’re spending every month isn’t funding the repression of women’s biological independence. ✊
#TamponTax #WomensRights
Girls From Low-Income Backgrounds Are Truanting Because They Can't Afford Sanitary Products
Sophie, a 16-year-old pupil in a central Leeds school, told BuzzFeed News she'd missed "weeks" of school because she hadn't been able to afford sanitary products. H/T Metro.
By Rose Troup Buchanan

“You don’t want to be a burden on your parents and say, ‘Hey Mum, can you buy some pads,’ because you feel like she has other priorities so it’s not really something you want to go talk about.”

The teen, who started her period when she was 11, also said she had no idea what was happening at the time because she hadn’t had any sex education. “I literally had nobody. I didn’t feel like I could trust anybody, not even my own mother –because I didn’t have that kind of relationship with her.”

She added: “It feels really uncomfortable physically and then emotionally it became really difficult because those kinds of things put a strain on you because you don’t know what to say.”

Leslie, 52, said: “It might be an absolutely huge problem that no one has actually thought about, because it’s still such a taboo subject that it’s not talked about.”

“It’s a policy problem: We can give out free condoms to boys, but we can’t give out free tampons to girls. What’s that all about?”

“It is extremely worrying to find that some young women cannot attend school for lack of sanitary products. The basics that women and girls need are simply not there.”

This is what the stigma and lack of education surrounding menstruation does to girls. Education is having to be sacrificed because girls can’t access sanitary products, in England, in 2017.

Dating Bruce Wayne Would Include (Pt. II)

Because apparently more people love Bat Daddy than they’re willing to admit

  • Dates – or rather, the process of planning them – are a little weird for the two of you
    • Despite him being wealthy and having had a reputation as a philanderer, Bruce is still a very devoted businessman with an entire enterprise to run. This may or may not clash with your own schedule, depending on what you do, but it is more likely Bruce’s schedule that needs the most consideration when plotting out a date
    • Then, of course, there’s your lover’s obvious nighttime job. It’s not even necessarily that he can’t take the night off; it’s just that those nights are few and far in between. Though now that he’s getting older and has a significant other to appreciate in his life, he does attempt to make more of an effort to take at several nights or so per month off.
    • This may not seem like much, but considering what he does…

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☁︎ | jungkook x reader / you’re on your period and he has no idea what he’s doing.

Jungkook is in a crisis. Note, this isn’t his first time, but the poor boy spirals into a cesspit of panic every single time. It’s not you who sends him to the grocery store this time round, he makes the trip himself – this early in the morning and one side of his hair still uncombed (which he doesn’t notice until he catches a glimpse of his reflection in the security mirror). 

He calls both Jimin and Taehyung at some point, but their advice offers no real help to him at all, telling him the same thing –

“Um, give her a kiss? A hug? Girls like that, don’t they?” They just don’t understand. Last month when he tried to hug you he got the fright of his life when you snapped at him not to touch you before shutting yourself in the bathroom (later on, however, you told him that you hadn’t showered properly in three days. Though Jungkook didn’t understand how that was good enough reason for him not to hug you).

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this must be my dream (pt. 5)

Pairing: Jungkook/Reader
You swore you would never fall for another boy in a rock and roll band. You were doing fine until Jungkook comes into your life with his sweet melodies and even sweeter kisses.
Genre: Band AU, fluff, slight angst 

1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5

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Dear people who menstruate, let me tell you about a thing...

There is a magical alternative to using tampons or pads called a MENSTRUAL CUP! If you have already heard of it great, you can stop reading now. But if you were like me and you have never heard of it before please carry on reading because this could change your life.

A menstrual cup is a safer, more hygienic, more practical, and (for me) just a much better way of dealing with periods. They look like this

and there are a whole bunch of different brands/sizes/colours. They are usually made of medical grade silicone and you insert them into your vagina during your period. The blood collects in the cup which you then empty into the toilet and rinse out your cup.

I will now list the benefits of this little miracle worker:

1) They are hygienic, there is no risk of TSS since they are made of medical grade silicone.

2) They also hold a lot more fluid than tampons do. This, as well as the fact that they are hygienic, means that you can leave them in for up to 12 hours!! (depending on how heavy your flow is)

3) They also don’t contain any of the harsh chemicals that pads and tampons have in them, so they are kinder to you body. Some people claim that wearing a menstrual cup actually makes their period a lot shorter because the body isn’t absorbing any chemicals and makes them have less painful cramps.

3) You only need one, for the rest of life! This means they are cheaper and you never run out, like you would with tampons or pads, because it is reusable. The only time you would need to replace it is if it started to break/tear (or if you bought a bio-degradable one which you need to replace every 10 years)

4) They are better for the environment as they are reusable, so you don’t throw away as much. And you can even get bio-degradable ones which will break down in the environment, unlike tampon or pads which come in plastic wrappers.

You may think these little guys look a bit intimidating, I know I sure did when I first heard about them. I thought, how the heck am I going to get that up my vagina? But do not worry my friends because once you get the hang of them it is very easy to insert and remove them.

This video is really helpful and shows a bunch of different folds. I personally use the origami fold as it seems to work best for me. Inserting it and removing it does take a few tries to get right and you can try the different folds, but it is really worth persevering!

I would also recommend this girl’s youtube channel, called PRECIOUS STARS PADS as she sells reusable pads as well as menstrual cups and is very knowledgeable about alternative sanitary products.

Sorry for taking up such a large space on your dash board, but I think it is important that people are aware of all the possible options for their bodies, and since I had never heard of it I thought I would try to spread the knowledge as much as I could, even if it is only seen by a few people.

BTS’ Hyung Line’s Reaction to Their Trans Boyfriend Being on His Period

for my love @gayhearteyes  ♡


The very minute that he recognized the symptoms; more headaches, sore tummies, a craving for sweet foods - he began to get prepared. He would check in the bathroom to make sure you had enough sanitary products (you told him that there were always enough, afterall he tended to buy them in bulk for you so that you didn’t ever have to drag yourself to the store). He would make sure to set aside time to cook up your favourite meals and deserts, as he knew how much you liked your comfort food during the cycle.

 He would probably try and help distract you from the pain by asking for you to help him in the kitchen, singing silly songs and doing stupid things to make you smile.

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He would absolutely loathe the time when your period came, and for many reasons too; you got crabbit, whiny, clingy - but above all, he hated how bad it made you feel. He knew that this made your dysphoria a million times worse and that genuinely broke his heart. He knew he couldn’t stop the thing which brought you so much distress. Instead of dwelling on that fact, he would always make attempts at improving your mood. 

He wouldn’t spend long nights at the studio, coming home early so the two of you could cuddle and watch movies. He would play with your hair and rub his hand soothingly over your tummy, knowing that the heat of his palm relieved a bit of pain and tension. But most of all he would remind you of just how handsome you were at every chance he got. If he was in a good mood, he might even do aegyo for you because it was the one thing that he knew for certain would make you smile.

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At first, he would be clueless. Not in a bad way though, just in a way that he didn’t really know how to respond or act to what was happening. You always found it cute and you told him this, but Hoseok got angry with himself for not knowing how to make you feel better. 

He knew that your period was coming and he started to get stressed. He started to get frustrated. But soon enough, he remembered something that his mother had told him before he began his idol training.

“Stick to what you know and you’ll get on just fine.” 

And what did Hoseok know how to do? He knew how to make people smile, how to brighten up a dark room, how to make someone feel better. He took this on board and set out to do small but meaningful things for you. He would wake up well before you did, getting his plan into action. The night before he had made 20 little post-it-notes with compliments on them, now sticking them on objects he knew you would be using (your phone, the fridge, all of the mirrors in the house). When you woke up and saw them scattered about the house, you asked him about it - to which his only reply was;

“Huh. The compliment fairy must have sensed your period coming and decided to pay us a visit.”

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Namjoon/Rap Monster:

Boi. You wouldn’t even comprehend just how prepared he was for this time of the month. It was as if he was preparing for World War 3.

On his phone, he had downloaded one of those apps that tell you when your period begins, he would buy you more sanitary products of your choice an entire week before you were due to start, and he would have already have all of your favourite junk foods stacked in the cupboards. He wanted to make this week go as smoothly as possible, having no qualms in buying you all these things. If something could even slightly help with the pain or dysphoria, you could count on him having it. 

Hot packs, medicine, fluffy blankets, your favourite hoodie of his - he had it all.

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- angus  ♡ ♡ ♡

Yes, bathroom passes are discriminatory.

I have a huge problem with bathroom passes. My teachers don’t do this anymore, but they did all throughout middle school and until junior year of high school. While I understand that the intent of bathroom passes is to prevent students from going to the bathroom out of boredom, the reality is that they discriminate against people with periods. (Disclaimer: they also discriminate against people with physical disabilities that cause them to need to go to the restroom more often, but for the sake of simplicity, I’ll be discussing people with periods.)

The thing is, people with periods and people without periods get the same number of passes. So, for example, a cis guy gets to go to the bathroom to pee or go on his phone or whatever, say, four times per semester, while someone who menstruates might only get to go once, assuming they are forced to use their other three passes to change a sanitary product.

As always, people with periods (who tend to be perceived as women by the majority of society) get the short end of the stick. Yeah.

Lovely Park Sunyoung

Luna isn’t naive. Luna -frequent victim of unwarranted bashing, rumors and hate- KNEW what people would say when she decided to design underwear, model it (like HOW ELSE would she promote it?) for the single mothers organization. She recently donated 50 boxes of sanitary pads to those women. CLEARLY she’s addressing that these women don’t have access to basic hygiene items SUCH AS underwear and sanitary products. But she did this anyway because this is important to her. And she’s being called a slut and god knows what else. But she’s not going to let it get to her.

What the fuck. Since when has periods been a fucking “privilege”?? Do white feminists literally know nothing about periods and are just willing to bend over backwards bc someone said having periods was “cis privilege”? Is there no actual thought processes going on in feminism anymore?

Explain to me how having periods is a privilege. Explain to women who can’t afford sanitary products and therefore have to miss school/work on their periods, how it’s a privilege. Explain to women who have been shamed all around the world how having periods is a privilege. Explain to women who have got multiple infections because of no sanitary choices during their periods how it’s a privilege. Explain to women who have been born into regions where they are forced to stay in one room and not touch others during their periods, how it’s a privilege. Explain to women who are routinely around the world thought of as unclean and impure how having their period is a privilege.

How dare I see something so anti women claim to be feminist and progressive ever again. It’s not a new thing to silence women about their periods.


From William McGregor’s twitter

I’m told imitation is the greatest form of flattery… especially when it’s for a sanitary product ad..

My rant: shoplifters community

I have seen a disturbing trend on Tumblr of people using shoplifting as some kind of culture or community then their followers telling them what an amazing job they are doing. 

Lets just get this straight, its not if you get caught its when. Its not cool, its stupid. I wouldn’t be so disgusted by this if the things they were stealing were things to keep them going like food for their family or sanitary products but its high end make up and those heels they want. 

You can’t afford it? Tough. The sooner you realise that life is unfair and you wont have allot of money to get things that your mates get then the easier your life will be. I personally think its selfish and tacky. Supporting and aiding other young people to go down your criminal path and mess their lives up as well is very low. 

I save for the things I need, I could not afford to by clothes so I learnt how to make them. Never once did I think of stealing, I would never be able to wear it or use it with a clear conscience. If your willing to shop lift how low are you willing to sink yourself because you threw your toys out of your pram cos you did not get what you wanted. 

If expensive make up is that important to you then you need to look at your life and think about the person you really want to be and the person you want to be remembered for. 


The Bloody Book is an honest and lighthearted guide about blood flowing from vaginas.

I made this book to combat the stigma how periods are perceived as disgusting and dirty by addressing the period honestly as a part of every day life and normalise menstruation in this way. The book features a variety of sections that are educational (for example what the period is, pros and cons of sanitary products), as well as more humorous and fun sections/inserts that are visually intriguing and engaging (for example embarrassing stories from other people, a list of stuff I’ve bled on).

As its international women’s day, please spare a thought to all the women and girls living in societies that are not as developed as ours:
The 1 in 5 adolescent girls around the world that are denied their right to education.
The 15 million girls that are married under the age of 18 every year (that’s one every 28 minutes)
The 640,000 women and 400,000 children trafficked each year.
And the 88% of women across the world that do not have access to sanitary products.

tips for people with periods:

- take advil before you sleep
- use organic sanitary products if available to prevent skin irritations
- wear comfortable clothes
- get lots of sleep
- think about using more environmentally friendly products like cloth pads or menstrual cups to save money and the earth
- don’t be afraid to cry a little
- drink water
- do yoga!
- heating pads are your best friends
- when you watch the blood drip down your legs in the shower it’s okay to feel like a powerful warrior
- it’s also okay to run out of the shower like a banshee when you finish so you don’t bleed all over your bath rugs and your clean legs
- be kind to yourself
- remember that you’re beautiful
- and good enough
- and yeah, eat that ice cream with no shame!