Is Wren K.,Charlotte’s killer, and not A.D?

It’s been a while since I wrote my “Wren is AD theory + Charlotte’s brother!” which i have save in my draft, and thanks to the Spencer reveal in 7x10 i didn’t post it. So i was re thinking the whole thing and based on the fact that Marlene said that Wren was part of a big twist and that we are going to get an explanation to his shady behaviors throughout the serie. Plus he was “not” going to be in the finale but is going to be in more than 1 ep- according to Mar.

I’m gonna put a little of speculation to this theory so if you don’t agree with something be nice and tell me! :)

First of all we don’t know anything about Wren Kingston and Bethany Young lives. The show never explained them that deeply or gave us something to link them, yet Wren got really upset when Charlotte told him that Melissa killed B. If she was a complete stranger why would he get that upset? I KNOW any normal person would be angry if they find out your partner killed someone innocent. Even me! but, why was it so important for Wren to know that Melissa killed someone trying to “protect” Spencer? Why was so important to Charlotte that Wren learns the truth after all those years?…. So we don’t know these 2 character’s lives and we can speculate as much as we want! and this is one of the reasons i loved doing this theory. This can be completely wrong.  This can be completely right or a combination of both. Who knows?

This is a little bit long… NOW lets beging

First let’s see our timeline. Remember that PLL current year is 2017.

  • Wren Kingston was born in 1986/87 (age 31/30)
  • Melissa Hastings in 1987 (age 30)
  • Charles/Charlotte D in 1988 (age 29)
  • Jason DiLaurentis 1989 (age 28)
  • Bethany Young in 1992 (age 25)
  • Aria M., Emily F., Alison D., Spencer H., and Hanna M., in 1994 (age 23) 

  1. SCOTT M + WIFE 1= Wren K
  2. SCOTT M + MARY DRAKE= Charles D
  3. SCOTT M + WIFE 3= Bethany Y
  1. MARY DRAKE+ SCOTT M= Charles D
  2. MARY DRAKE + PETER H/?= Spencer H

Wren, Charlotte and Bethany share the same father. 

Okay i firmly believe that Scott Montgomery and an unknown woman became parents of Wren K around 1986-1987. After the death of wife 1 Scott got deppresed, and decided to get into Radley to grieve. While he was there, baby Wren was living with someone else. 

Is Scott M., Charles father?

At the time, there were 2 twins. One got into Radley Sanitarium and the other had the “perfect life”. Time passed and radley twin/Mary Drake met in Radley Mr. Scott (between may or june) and around August 1987 they fucked lol. On May 1988 *9 months later* Charles/Cece was born. Mary’s first biological child. Jessica took baby Charles as her own, and Scott got realeased from the sanitarum and decided to move on with his life with his little boy. He saw an opportunity to start a new life and married a nice woman he met after getting out of Radley. After a short time they all moved to London leaving behind Mary and her envious sister Jessica, the one that took his other boy. Wren never knew that his dad’s wife was not his biological mother, step mother instead. They were no longer the Montgomery’s. They were Young. *NOTE: Wren Kingston is not real and we do not know his birth name. Keep this in mind* 

Wren was just a little and cute boy (btw can you imagine baby Julian? omg so cute). He grew up there like a normal kid and that’s why he has that sexy accent. In 1992 Scott and wife#3 concieved a baby girl called Bethany, who was 5/6 years younger (lol young)than Wren.  They lived a normal life until Bethany acquired a violent behavior around 1996 when she was 4 y/o. B and her mom went all the road from England to Rosewood for someone else to take care of her, but decide not to look for Scott’s brother because Bethany could’ve caused big trouble for little aria and mike. Bethany’s mother put her on Radley Sanitarium leaving his husband and his 9/10 year-old-step-son behind. Bethany became friend with Charles DiLaurentis over the years and she betrays him. B mom’s eventually got married again.

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Scott was heartbroken because he lost his family again x3 and his depression came back desencadenating other problems. He was put into a “place much like this. worse. (Wren to Hanna 3x02)”. According to Hanna in a nuthouse.

Scott was put in a nuthouse due to his condition and “checked out of his [wren’s] life when he was 10 (1996/1997). Traded his family room for the chaos inside his head”. Years passed and Wren threw a bowl of soup across the room lol while visiting his dad. He was  all alone. He had no family there in London which caused him being in a foster house and the Kingston’s adopted him and changed his name. He always visited his dad and when he got a little bit older Scott told him everything about his real mom being dead, wife#3 taking B to rosewood, his half-brother that was born in Radley and that he was stolen by Mary’s “evil twin” Jessica, and that she was basically the cause they weren’t happy. He was furious but there was nothing he could do. Then he started studying medicine and took care of himself so he could help his dad, and sister while helping others. “My life has been my choice”. 

Back again with Mary, after Jessica took Charles, she got pregnat for the second time in july 1993, and nine months later, April 1994, Spencer Hastings was born. (The father is most likely to be Peter. The fuckboy). He took the baby and Mary lost her other child. When the bath tub incident happened with Charles and Ali, he was sent to Radley at age 7 in 1995, and Mary was long gone.

A new life?

Wren, now knowing his real family history, got closure with his dad Scott and moved to USA around 2008 to continue his studies on med school. He moved to Philly and was around rosewood trying to find his sister bethany, and his bro charles evil’s aunt/adoptive mom Jessica D to take revenge on her.  

Jessica was aware Bethany was enemy with Charlotte and tried to make her life a living hell for putting her daugther through pain with all the Marion thing. She was acting “nice”, taking her to ride horses, and asking her to call her “aunt jessie” so she [b] would feel the ultimate betrayal. Finding out J and her *step* father were having an affair. Jessica didn’t knew she was Scott’s daugther. And B got really close to his step dad over time.

For me its like she was actually her niece eventhough Scott and Mary were no longer together idk its just me. Like, she could’d been B’s aunt if she didn’t interfered lol.

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Anyways, there’s a tape of Bethany talking about her “father” having the affair with Jessica which caused her rage and decided to take revenge on her.  By this time Mona was already messaging Ali. “That night” happened and Alison DiLaurentis dissapeared on labor day 2009, Bethany Young was killed by Mona Vanderwaal and Melissa Hastings that night too, and the next day Sara fucking Harvey was missing…too.

The Montgomery’s mysteriously travel (september 2009). Okay hear me out… so Scott M was transfered from an England nuthouse to one on Iceland (these countries are relative close) and Byron, Ella, Mike and Aria traveled there because he commited suicide. They lived there and came back exactly one year after Alison went missing (sept 2010). 

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In 2010 Wren and Melissa Hastings are engaged (never been explained how they met). They moved back to Rosewood, and that’s why he proposed to her, because he saw an opportunity to find his brother, his sister Bethany and his dad ex >> Mary, but he just came to find out that they were all gone.  He went to Radley several times before he was a volunteer, while practicing at the hospital, and seducing Spencer so he could get more answers.  And the rest is history.

He approches ¾ liars bc he knows that Aria is his cousin and he doesn’t want her to find out. He was at Alison’s funeral *1x01* for unknown reasons. Like, dude just moved to town. Why was he there if Melissa hated Alison for stealin’ her man Ian¿? For me he was checking on Spencer and Aria, and also looking for Jessica and finally find Charles or Bethany. But the funeral was actually for B but no one knew. Oh the irony of finding your sister and not knowing it… When he came to rosewood in 2010 looking for his sis Bet he eventually gave up and tried to moved on.  She was already dead by that time but no one knew (rosewood pd’s are stupids gosh!) and her mother and step dad never reported that she was missing probably because they were glad that her daughter was no longer on their hand$. 

*For me that’s the only reasonable explanation of why no one knew where Bethany was after that night. Also no one seem to care that she was no longer in radley and that she never came back* 

You know that sometimes the world works really weird and there’s this thing called fate. He and his brother (now sister) Charlotte/Cece met in one of those visits of him trying to figure what happened with Charles or B, the real story. Or maybe Melissa herself introduce them. Somehow they made click and had a heart talk about EVERYTHING and found out they were related. He, being a just graduated doctor, have easy access to DNA test and coroborate that, in fact they’re siblings (this going at the same time with mona being original a/late s2). Wren told Cece that his other sister was Bethany. But Cece didn’t told him that she was enemies with B and that she wanted to kill her that night. She kept that a secret. Cece somehow convinced Wren to join her tortuning the girls because it was “fun” and because they were “glad Ali was gone”(stupid af) and they stole A’s game from Mona. He started drugging her so she could confuse Cece with Alison and spit info easily without remembering. They became Big A (Cece bc that stupid ass motive) and his half-brother Wren became his right hand.  Read here for when the show foreshadowed that they are siblings

In the other hand Charlotte calls herself Cece Drake bc she knows that Mary is her real mother not Jessica, and thanks to wren knows that Scott is her father and she’s Aria’s cousin too… *Big part of everything she said in 6x10 was a lie.* Cece goes around rosewood being A and targeting the girls without a real reason (at least for me lol). 

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Cece kills Wilden(s3/4) and she’s affraid of being discovered. Mona confessed killing Wilden so she could help Ashley and Hanna, she got sent to Radley and this is where our boy Wren enters again. In 4x10 one of the most important episodes for us, wren fans, is the last time we saw him and he was being shady asss fuck.  A brief summary of that ep is that after Mona confessed killing Wilden, Wren interogates her into why she confessed of something she didn’t do, shows her the pic, later coloring the mom’s coat red ehh, making Ashley lose Veronica as her lawyer, Hanna asking him if he let Cece visit her, he getting really concerned about being link with Cece, calling someone (who?), mysteriously moving to London and the most important: Talking about loyalties with Mona/Original A. She eventually found out that Wren wasn’t there to help her. He was there to help his half-sister Cece and take more information out of Mona that’s why she said “that was before i realized where your loyalties were”. His loyalties were with Cece because he authorized those passes few months before (back at late s3), made Ashley lose her lawyer so Mona and Cece wouldn’t be frame but mama Marin yes, and that damn drawing. That was personal he was just testing her.  Read here my analysis of the drawing

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Then 2 episodes later he moves back to London with Melissa. He left because the police took Cece as a suspect and he (being his helper and half-bro) ran away on her orders so she could protect him. Few months pass and Cece reveal herself as Big A and “tells the truth”in 6x10 lol no.  We fast forward few years and in 6x17 Hanna Banana saw a drunk and angry Melissa in a London Fashion Event. 

*QUICK NOTE: remember that i said that Wren did told Cece that Bethany was his other sister but Cece did not told Wren that she was enemy with her. She never told him that she wanted to kill her that night instead of Alison* 

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Okay so Cece knowing that she shared a sexy brother with her deceased enemy Bethany (she was her half-sibling lol) out of the blue she calls her bro Wren and confessed him that his girlfriend Melissa killed Bethany after Mona hit her with the shovel. Bethany’s death was caused by being buried alive. 

He got angry and started treating her bad and then they break up. But, he was furious with Cece too for keeping it [melissa killing b] a secret for many years. PLUS he realized they hated each other at the point they both wanted to hurt the other. B hurting Jessica for having the affair with his dad, and C hurting B in order to protect J. He started planning his vengace on Charlotte because she once wanted to hurt the sister he saw since before even was born and attempt to kill her that night but failed and other one killed her instead (wow i’m tired lol). Anyway Bethany is dead and have been for years and nothing can change that. He “forgave” Charlotte and few time later Alison got her out of Welby with the help of the liars. Wren see’s his opportunity to avenge Bethany after all those years, betrays Charlotte and kills her. He framed Melissa and is the one blackmailing her with the confession tape. After he killed Charlotte he went back to his normal life while AD is trying to figure out who the fuck killed his/her beloved friend/sister/cousin/lover idk. Wren is the one that created Uber A/AD and also the liars.  + dumb bitches killed Rollins. See here why AD is after the liars 


In conclusion Wren was Cece’s right hand for many years (prove everything he did when mona was in radley and she [cece] took over the game s3/4). They got close after realizing they share the same father, and he helped her with the game, and HOW DOES SHE PAYS HIM after many years of a solid brother-sister relationship? dropping that bombshell and hurting him. He was done with her shit and she got her payback.  “Just like you, Cece, karma can be such a bitch.”

Applying this theory who do i think is AD? i got no idea honestly, but i would consider Spencer or Alison. My theories are this one, Jenna being Charlotte’s killer (theory here) or Wren actually being AD. My Wren is AD theory is similar to this but the only difference is that he forgave Charlotte for not telling him the truth about B since the beginning, and when she [cece] dies he takes over game and avenge her. 

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If you made it this far THANK YOU SO MUCH and i hope you liked it! On december i’ll re watch the whole serie and try to think of more posibilities. I still want wren to be AD, this is just other thought and a really unpredictable plot twist. If he’s not AD i wouldn’t be mad if its Ali, Mona, Spencer or Melissa. If they don’t make wren ad at least i want him to be involve big time lol. 

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