sanitarum  asked:

Which NYX lipstick would you recommend? Is there any that look like Jeffree Star's Post Spice or Celebrity Skin?

I don’t own either of those, but going off of pictures online, I’d say Honeymoon and Corset from the Lingerie line are both pretty similar to Posh Spice, Honeymoon is slightly darker than corset but its a very similar colour.:)

If you’re looking for that kind of colour, but in a normal lipstick rather than a liquid, I’d say Honeymoon from the matte lipsticks.

Obviously this is just going off my fairly limited collection.:)

Another thing to mention, the colour and finished look of the Lip Lingeries is very similar to the look of Posh Spice, but the formula for Nyx’s lingeries are SUPER different to Jeffree Stars, and personally I really prefer his formula, but the nyx ones are still really nice.^_^