so everyone was making dialovers kids

so i made my @sanin-oni-lovers possible children~! ( yes akumu can produce children with the help pf his ability )

Sakamaki Kuragari
-silent beast
-he doesnt say anything, he’s extremely quiet but when he gets ticked off he suddenly throws around objects
-has super strength, illussions and fire and ice abilities, so does levitation/flying.
-favorite is mama akumu( yes akumu dont mind being called mama )
-he admires papa subaru very much.
-he hates noisy places
-inherited only subaru and shuu’s abilities
-likes surfing the web a lot
-likes wolves best
-hates karl old geezer
-loves meat
-has a crush on Tart
-is the big brother
-an inch smaller than kashoku
-fist fighter
-hates unle kanato for being so noisy

Sakamaki Kashoku
-happy go lucky
-happy sadist
-he likes to mentally toy with people first before making them physically suffer
-inherited all of his parent’s abilities including akumu’s multiple blood’s abilities.
-ticking time bomb
-is yandere
-dont touch his big brother or you die
-big bro complex
-loves cats/lions/tigers/cheetahs/panthers/leopards
-loves taking selfies a lot.
-outgoing and is everyone’s senpai
-loves sweets
-loves crowds
-hates tea ( including his uncle reiji because he’s too unhip and bitter like tea )
-crushes on auntie yui
-likes cute cheery and vulnerable people. ( he loves to tease so )
-evil little shit tbh would always pull a prank on uncle rei-rei
-host-like to everybody
-hates uncle laito’s pervertedness towards auntie yui
-loves music a lot

-they are often mistaken as non twins
- kashoku is a vocalist as well as a bass guitarist along with kuragari who is the lead guitarist for their school band
- their intellect is equal but there are times kuragari is just simply an airhead
- kuragari calls kashoku as “sho-tou”
- kashoku calls kuragari as  “kura-niiwe”
- kuragari cooks 100 % while kashoku… fails to thus he refuses to cook
- kashoku is kuragari’s chill pill as well as the other way around

more tba l;ater



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All together now!!

anonymous asked:

Who are all your ships? uwu

Ah I’m guessing you mean the OC blogs? I’m still fairly new, so I haven’t gotten to interact with them all. But I have some that I’m a fan of or have befriended :3c

I have a lot.. So i may forget some ;v;
Going off the top of my head here…

Subaru x Rosi @therosemaiden

Subaru x Maxy @askdiabolikmaxine

Shu x Airi @vocals-and-violins
Shu x Sugar @sugarsakamaki

Ayato x Yuko @diabolik-yuko

Azusa x Cass @diabolik-cass

Yuma x Megumi @bloody-bara

Laito x Hikaru @laitoxhikaru

Kou x Rina @rina-diabolik
Kou x IA @tenshixkyuketsuki

Kanato x Naraki @diabolik-naraki
Kanato x Yuuki @diabolik-yuuki

Then there’s @sanin-oni-lovers my OT3 love ∩( //ω//)∩

And lastly is my lovely Ruki harem (。>v<)

Ruki x Hisoka @hisoka-kuroi

Ruki x Bleu @thecolorsofbleu

Ruki x Idrina @diabolik-idrina


Sasuke’s record:
>Attacked the 5 Kages
>Killed Danzo
>’Killed’ Itachi
>Tried to obtain the 8 Tails 
>Joined Akatsuki
>Vowed to Destroy Konoha
>Tried to kill the 5 Kages and become the new Ruler of the Shinobi world.
His response?

Konoha’s response:

Orochimaru’s record:
>Attacked Konoha
>Killed Sarutobi (3rd Hokage)
>Used various fodder ninja that were all plot fillers for his experiments
>used 60 babies and created Yamato
>Revived the previous Hokages
>Saved the Five Kages
>Joined Akatsuki to infiltrate them
His response?

Konoha’s response?