Egosonic autocorrects to sin on my phone

Arin was sitting at the beach when the ground started shaking.“whats that” he asked no one because he was single as fUCK

“it is i” said something “sAnc the snardfoug’

“woW” arin cried.

sAnc rose up out of the ocean like a graceful swan, ‘i have come seeking love and eternal happiness"“” he said his voice was like melted gold chocolate arin was immediately smitten!!!!!!!!!!!omg

‘aH ur pretty’ he says 'pretty dAMN HOt’

“"U 2 babe’ sAnc said. he winked @ arin and arin swooned;

"Omg marey me????????????1” he scREAm

'Ye’ sAniCk says and they kiss and sUDDENLY A ROSS!!!!!!!1111111!!!1!!!122!!!1!!420!!!!111!1!!BUY GOLD!!!!!!!!!!

“i am ross and i m here to fUck shIt uPPPPPP”

“GODSAMMIT ROSS” arin whisper

Ross laugh manicallyay an md he summons his shovel made of GUN

“arin ur mine!!!!!!!!sAnc isnt worthy of your love bby” aMD HE SHOTS THE SANC

'SAANCK NO’’ arin shouts and tear runs down his face and everythgni is grayscale and its raining and its very sad :’(

'arin’ sAnc whispers 'i…….have to tell u somethign………….’

his shoes started glowing?????????

'i m a gem like u’

Arin GASP and stepped back, sAnc REGENERATES AND HE DEFEATS ROSSsss

'dARN U SnAk’ ross scream as he is doomed to watch the shrleu temple dvd infomercial 5ever

'Sanckeu u so…..amaze’ arin said he was blushin

'OmgG arin-senpai~?????????!!!!!!!!!’ snekancisc gasp

and they kiss the end

thank you Starla, you are a blessing onto this world.

grumpsaesthetics u seein’ this?