Yes I have anon! I’m a big Craig McCracken fan! Powerpuff Girls was my life at one point (It’s still my favorite of his shows)

At first, I was pretty neutral about the show but WoY has its moments, often reminding me of older cartoons from back in the day. I try to watch it whenever I can. Also, it cracks me up that Wander is voiced by Fix It Felix, Jr.

Lord Hater is my favorite though…

I support the headcanon that Javier can imitate sounds. I think that’s an interesting ability (and terrifying one at that). It was really neat at that part in the movie when his turn came up in the Scare Simulator during the Scare Games.

The way he crept along the floor on all six of his limbs, like a bug x) I like to think that his legs bend backwards when he’s going down on all limbs. And that he makes a horrid cracking/creepy buggy sounds (because it is both disturbing and awesome yes)

Also that he doesn’t necessarily need his head out and can tuck it into his shell as he crawls UvU


No matter how many times you may fall, get back up

Keep your stance, dig in, and put up your guard

Things have never been so difficult…

When the goings get tough, you hit ‘em head on

Because you are a warrior kid and well

Giving up was just never your style heheh

Fight for the ones that matter,

You wouldn’t have gotten this far without them

Fight for your being, your beliefs, and your dreams

And be the strongest you can be…

Show everyone what you’re made of, blow ‘em away

Because you, my friend, are a champion.

For Emerl on his birthday on December 4th. Fight on you warrior kid ;)

SRMTHFG 20 Day Challenge - Day 1

  • Why do you love SRMTHFG?

I’m not sure what I can say that hasn’t been said already by others. True, the animation and voice acting at times is off (Chiro often irks me) and some episodes you’re basically just: WTF is going on?

But as others have stated, this show has some great and colorful characters that compliment and play off one another exceptionally well. As for the show’s overall plot - with stories of this nature, simplicity works. The usual work of Super Sentai influenced stories… Power Rangers anyone?

While there are story arcs in this show I wish had been better expressed and more focused upon or taken more seriously, this show is pretty enjoyable. At least for me. It has powerful character dynamics, fun moments, action, thought provoking scenarios, A SKELETON VILLAIN MAN - I LOVE SKELETONS AND DEAD THINGS, freaking skele dudes riding chopper-like skele motorcycles? and some lovely dark themes. Just about as outlandish as Power Rangers or any super hero cartoon, this show accomplishes what a cartoon is supposed to do - it entertains.

I’ve never actually seen the entire show - only one complete season and a few random episodes from others - but I did enjoy this series for the time it ran. Not an incredible must see show but still a lot of fun. Besides, the fandom is really great. The SRMTHFG community was one of the first online communities I became involved in back in 2006 and I have met some neat people through it that have become friends.