“Pluck a rose, you get the thorns”.

Old sketch of Amy Rose with color added to it.

In other news, I’m going to launch my Disaster Relief art commissions project in November. I recently bought myself a newer computer so I’m in the process of sorting through files @_@

Once everything is done and set up properly, I’ll be going green with the project. I apologize for continuing to push back the launch date but everything will run much more smoothly afterward. :D


Take my hand, I’ll keep you safe,

You shall never have another worry.

We’re together now, so come with me,

Between the ripples of time and space.

I am currently working away on this Sonic Art meme I found on deviantART and it is nearing completion - Once this is done I will return to my other illustrations but I’ve never done an art meme before and it seemed like fun :D

The ending scene in the final story of Sonic Adventure of Chaos rejoining Tikal was always so sweet and touching to me. Knowing Chaos, who had been in so much pain and turmoil finally finding peace and returning home… Definitely my favorite in-game scene.

I just… really love Chaos ;__;

Also included the reference photo I used for the drawing. I’ll maybe post some of the drawings from the meme here on their own when done. Be back soon!

The finished art of Lah, the Ghost Girl for an Anon request. Sorry for the wait. There was a lot of experimentation going while working on this to find out what works since digital painting is still rather new to me but I hope you like her!

She’s very cute. Bratty but cute ;P

Also, I am not open for requests right now so please do not ask. I’m working through what I’ve had sitting in my Ask Box for so long and I would like to clear it before taking on anything new. Thanks!


SRMTHFG 20 Day Challenge - Day 2

  • Favorite Character

heheh… anyone that knows me in this fandom probably already knew who my favorite was going to be ~

Skeleton King, the antagonist, is my favorite character of the show. I’ve always kinda loved the baddies of stories because I personally always found them more interesting. Truthfully, I probably wouldn’t have become such a fan of this show if not for the ‘ol bone bag here. Well, him and the Alchemist. They have such an intriguing story and relationship.

Funny, but the moment I first saw this guy in the intro of the show, I was obsessed and was just… drawn to him like a moth to a flame XD And I started watching it to find out about him really.

I like Skeleton King for his cryptic, menacing, and calculating nature. When it came to him and the Alchemist, I liked thinking of them as polar opposites of each other. Where the Alchemist represented life and creation, Skeleton King was the stark contrast - emanating Death and madness from his being wishing to forge a world of decay and darkness under his control.

He’s an inter-dimensional demon entity from the Netherworld that took possession of the humbling soul of the Alchemist, corrupting him and changing the man into the Skeleton King. The once kind and gentle creator of the monkey team, now a soulless madman bent on their destruction and all life in the universe.

Plus, I have a deep love for skeletal characters and tend to like villains that just enjoy what they do. That, and he has an awesome voice mannnn ~

SRMTHFG 20 Day Challenge - Day 1

  • Why do you love SRMTHFG?

I’m not sure what I can say that hasn’t been said already by others. True, the animation and voice acting at times is off (Chiro often irks me) and some episodes you’re basically just: WTF is going on?

But as others have stated, this show has some great and colorful characters that compliment and play off one another exceptionally well. As for the show’s overall plot - with stories of this nature, simplicity works. The usual work of Super Sentai influenced stories… Power Rangers anyone?

While there are story arcs in this show I wish had been better expressed and more focused upon or taken more seriously, this show is pretty enjoyable. At least for me. It has powerful character dynamics, fun moments, action, thought provoking scenarios, A SKELETON VILLAIN MAN - I LOVE SKELETONS AND DEAD THINGS, freaking skele dudes riding chopper-like skele motorcycles? and some lovely dark themes. Just about as outlandish as Power Rangers or any super hero cartoon, this show accomplishes what a cartoon is supposed to do - it entertains.

I’ve never actually seen the entire show - only one complete season and a few random episodes from others - but I did enjoy this series for the time it ran. Not an incredible must see show but still a lot of fun. Besides, the fandom is really great. The SRMTHFG community was one of the first online communities I became involved in back in 2006 and I have met some neat people through it that have become friends.