sanguine rose


I redesigned sanguine again ‘cause he was starting to look too much like a child with my other design. I kinda wanted to link his Breton appearance to one of his Daedric ones. I only did minor tweaks to his rose because honestly i like it as is and it’s meant to be a living rose anyway.

I feel his appearance would vary depending on the individual looking at him and on what form he presents himself as, creating an almost irresistible illusion for the viewer, making his task of tempting them easier. If he shows himself at all that is. He’d probably only go through all that effort for either a mortal he deems worthy, or if he is really bored.

I dunno see it as a bit of head-canon.


Sanguine is the Daedric Prince of debauchery. He is often seen with some kind of alchohol in his hand, pranking, shapeshifting and humiliating other mortals. One example being a spell that removes all clothing of everyone in range.
Sanguine likes to drag mortal people down a sinful road, trough greed, humiliation and manipulation.

Every now and then when I use the Sanguine Rose to summon a Dremora he sticks around for a bit after the enemies are all dead and I forgot he’s there.

So there’s been a few times when I turn around expecting to see my follower only to see a big red Dremora there instead, and basically have this reaction:

I also like to imagine it’s the same Dremora each time. I call him Bob.

I was thinking about the Daedric Princes from The Elder Scrolls series and Sanguine came to mind. 

Sanguine is the Daedric Prince of debauchery. He’s the patron deity of sinners. He loves playing pranks on others, and uses his twisted sense of humor to drag mortals down a road of sin by means of temptation and humiliation. One of his main abilities is shapeshifting. He can take on the appearance of whomever he wishes. He usually appears nonthreatening so that he can draw others in and pull tricks on them. Like this:

He goes by the name of Sam and he just looks like your average mage-looking dude just chilling out inside a tavern. 

And example of this would be the drinking contest he holds with you in Skyrim in the quest A Night to Remember. You black out, and he ends up taking you a million different places so you two can pull some drunken pranks together. Then, when it’s all over with, you wake up with no memory of what you did and it turns out that you did some weird shit, such as wrecking a temple of Dibella, promising to marry a Hagraven, doing something to some guy’s goat, I don’t even know.

When you find him, he’s partying it up in an alternate dimension with some other poor people that he’s no doubt going to pull a prank on, and he rewards your efforts with the Sanguine Rose, which allows you to summon a Daedra to help you in battle. 

Now, please tell me if I’m wrong, but his character seems strikingly similar to Gabriel from Supernatural. Gabriel teaches assholes a lesson by pulling deadly and humorous pranks on them. And the more I think about it, the more I want this crazy crossover of Sanguine and Gabriel going around and pulling pranks on everyone. 

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I never thought playing a mage would be so fun, I never fight I just have everything I summon fight for me and in my head I’m giving all the things I summon little personalities and having them walk alongside me like friends. 

So far we have:

  • My Flame Antronach, who was my very first atronach I learned to summon by myself. I like to think my Skyrim-self treated them very nice because they were overcome with how pretty she was. She probably stuck around for this little mortal always being so happy to see them. 
  • My Dremora from Sanguines Rose, who is just always ready for a hearty fight. They don’t know their own strength or weaknessess sometimes, and can jump into situations without thinking. But I do that too! That’s how we bonded. We got our asses kicked and laughed about it over a drink. 
  • And then my Frost Antronach, who came from a staff that I forget where I found it. He was not someone I thought I would summon, but at a last resort when I thought I was going to die, I summoned this big fella and he ended up being the most helpful companion I could rely on. I thought it was really sweet they always got right back over to me after fighting (I know all companions tend to, but like, this one always like RUSHED. It was like watching this big ice block come back over like “HUMAN, ARE YOU OKAY” “YOU DO NOT HAVE MUSCLES MADE FROM PURE OBLIVION ICE LIKE I DO” “MORTAL YOU LOOK HURT LET ME HELP” like I feel in love with this giant ice cube and they’re mine now I love them.