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i hc today (oct 17th) as joly’s bday but since it’s a hc nobody else knows so im just sadly celebrating alone

(joly bday anon, i forgot this part of the ask whoops) when do you think everyones bday is (sorry if youve answered this before ahh) 

Hii!!! I did not answer this kind of question before!! and I love this kind of questions because it makes me over-analize characters and I love doing that :D

 Joly: I think Joly’s a really good Oct 17th, but what about May 14th? I hc him as a sweet sweet guy with a strong sense of romanticism and who’s cheerful and happy and all those things are things I see in May more than in October 

 Enjolras: is a second half of August guy. Fiery, Hot and with a sanguine temper. He has to be born during the Lion-est month. Ironically also the month that got called after an Emperor. as for the day… 20th?

 Grantaire: is a 6th of September. Why? September is the month in which summer has ended but it’s not autumn yet so you have all this Fun Nostalgia and no outlet for it. 

Combeferre: is also a September kid. He was born on September 1st and as a kid he always laughed at the fact that he was born just in time to go to school. Years later R told him that he, too, was a “New Year’s Eve’s Inconvenience” and had an epiphany

Courfeyrac: was born in April 28. because that’s the time the sun starts to really get hotter and people stop wearing big ass sweaters and everything turns nice and bright.

Feuilly: doesnt’ really know when he was born, he was a foster kid, but the people from the place he was found the first time told him he was probably born in January. les amis celebrate his birthday on the 2nd of January.

Bossuet: of all people he was born February 29th. When he was a kid he thought he would have aged slower than the other kids, but growing up he realized it wasn’t that way… he’s now 28, but tells people he’s 7.

Bahorel: was born in December 4th. He was always the biggest kid in the class so no one really noticed he was almost a year younger than the other people until they asked.

Marius: was born July 14th and Enjolras really hates him because of it.

Jehan: was born in November 30th and they’re so so so happy about it. it’s the month of the dead and the month when everything goes into peace and they love it (still kinda salty they weren’t born the 1st of November)

Eponine: was born on June 25th, her parents always told her she and Gavroche were born the same day to save up on presents, but as she was older she found out the truth and held her first actual birthday party.
(Gavroche was born March 29th)

Cosette: is a May child too, she was born the 25th of May and Valjean always takes her to the Rose Garden for her birthday

Montparnasse: was born October 30th. The first thing he and Jehan exchanged was birthdays and they found out they were born at the distance of a month from each other. (parnasse is also salty because his birthday is not on Halloween)

- I’ve never really thought of birthday dates as something important character-wise and I don’t know ANYTHING about horoscopes, I’ll just go with my sixth sense.
- my perception of seasons and months is heavily influenced by italian weather

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What do you think about the Four Temperaments and how they relate to astrology (via the elements & seasons)?

On the most basic level, the closest parallels would have to be between choleric & fire, melancholic & earth, sanguine & air, and phlegmatic & water. I don’t think the Four Temperaments are comprehensive enough to be developmentally useful, or detailed enough to be intertwined with something like astrology beyond a basic comparison or demonstration… And, if I’m being honest, I am not interested in anything that only has a few different “types” (MBTI included). There is no way that the entirety of the human race can be summed up under something so limited. Astrology is endless, on the other hand. It simply doesn’t line up for me. But it can be fun to learn about the old psychological theories and how people were analyzed & categorized way back in ancient times.

The Signs as Witches
  • Aries: Sanguine Witch
  • - Works with blood magick. Blood can be obtained peacefully, though the self or through others (consensually.)
  • Taurus: Grey Witch
  • - Works with neutral magick. Magick that neither benefits nor harms.
  • Gemini: Fae Witch
  • - Works with magick that involves communicating with/offerings to fae.
  • Cancer: Lunar Witch
  • - Works with magick revolving around the moon/lunar cycles.
  • Leo: Urban Witch
  • - A witch who uses magick in urban/city settings. Much less traditional witchcraft.
  • Virgo: Green Witch
  • - Works with magick that is herbal, earth, and botanical-related.
  • Libra: Crystal Witch
  • - Works with magick that involves crystals. Healing, Charging, Pendulums, Etc.
  • Scorpio: Storm Witch
  • - Works with magick that involves combining ones energy/strong emotions with the weather.
  • Sagittarius: Eclectic Witch
  • - Works with different types of magick pulled from several paths.
  • Capricorn: Solitary Witch
  • - A type of witch who practices alone, often in private.
  • Aquarius: Tech Witch
  • - Works with magick that is centered around technology. Uses apps and the internet for their craft.
  • Pisces: Hedge Witch
  • - Works with spiritual magick involving astral travel, spirit work and healing.

So I was going into the Bee and Barb in Riften and somehow a Novice Conjurer spawned right in the middle of the inn, and Sam Guevenne aka the daedric prince Sanguine in disguise was there and…

…he summoned a dremora, the dremora killed the conjurer and then it just…sat down at the bar and started drinking?? And everyone else is just like ‘meh, just some drunk guy summoning daedra in the middle of an inn, nothing out of the norm here’ lmao

Sanguine you’re too much sometimes…

Should you worship...
  • Azura: Worship her, Moon and Star. She's awesome.
  • Boethiah: Worship at own risk, will likely betray you.
  • Clavicus Vile: Doggy! Worship, but don't make any deals!
  • Hermaeus Mora: A bit weird, but knowledge and libraries!
  • Hircine: Worship if you like hunting and stuff.
  • Jyggalag: His name XD And sure, why not, order and stuff.
  • Malacath: Are you an Orc? Then yes!
  • Mehrunes Dagon: Yeah, sure, let me give you Mythic Dawn robes...
  • Mephala: Are you a Spider? No? Like plotting? Then sure!
  • Meridia: Yes. Just yes. (Unless you're a Vampire)
  • Molag Bal: No. Never. Don't even.
  • Namira: Each to their own... I won't judge...
  • Nocturnal: Are you the sneaky sort? Then yeah!
  • Peryite: Who?
  • Sanguine: If you like pranking and lollygagging, then sure!
  • Sheogorath: You get cheese! Wait, scratch that. Cheese for no-one.
  • Vaermina: Are you plagued with nightmares? Then no!
What is your Personality?

1. Sanguine: The person with this type of personality is impulsive, pleasure-seeking, outgoing, warm, friendly, sociable and charismatic. They tend to enjoy social events, meeting new people and making new friends. They are often lively, energetic and enthusiastic. They are also creative and imaginative. However, sanguine individuals are also sensitive, empathic and compassionate. On the downside, they may struggle with following tasks through to completion, good time keeping, being organised and remembering things.

2. Choleric: The person with this type of personality is ambitious, driven and likes to take control. They are often marked by energy, passion, determination, a clear focus and firm commitment to goals. They tend to dominate others and like to have their own way. On the downside, they may be impatient, intolerant of those who do things differently, and may be subject to mood swings.

3. Melancholic: The person with this type of personality is a deep thinker, who takes life seriously, and feels deeply about the things that matter to them. They are usually introverted, and very private, people. On the downside, they have a tendency to over-think problems, or to worry excessively about fairly minor things. They are usually independent, self-reliant, have strong principles and tend to be a bit of a perfectionist.

4. Phlegmatic: The person with this type of personality is laid back, relaxed, kind, contented and happy to go with the flow. They are non-judgmental, accepting, peace loving and flexible. On the downside, they may be viewed as lazy and lacking in passion, direction and energy. The phlegmatic person makes a wonderful friend!