Just to keep you updated, I saw Infinite at a concert I recently went to. They’re pretty good, along with B1A4 and Ukiss and others, and it got me thinking I might just make B1A4, Ukiss and Infinite scenarios too, but I have to know them better, so if you’re interested, can you leave me videos of those groups so I can get to know them better? Haha =)) It’s just a “maybe” though, I’m not sure, I have to get their attitude down. 

I have to go~! I’m off~!

infilicious asked:

Yes it would be the first time I'd be separated from them for a long time. But when I was young my dad used to be in different countries for business trips so he wasn't around much, but I always had my mom sooooo It's definitely going to be difficult for a while. But I think I'd have to do it sooner or later right? I mean, enter the independent world wheere you have to fend for yourself and stuf.. haha.. What about you? Have you always been with your parents?

Oh okay, well sort of. My mom used to work everyday at this fast food place up until I was about 17 and I didnt really see her actually build the “mother-daughter” relationship with her, so I spent alot of my weekends with my brother and his family. So, I guess you can say that lol I’m used to being away from her, but I do keep in contact as much as I can so its not like I disappeared off the face of the earth! XD But for right now, we see each other alot more since I’m at home for and commute to school and shes not working anymore, so thats a plus in a sense haha 

Personal : Studying in Korea and Almost Free

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So yeah I’m a bit free. But before I go on about what I have in store for this tumblr, I’m just gunna rant about my exams.

Yesterday was my business exam, and you know what, it didn’t go well and I’m not sure if I can get into a university here anymore. But no prob, if I can’t get in here, my backup plan was going overseas to study a bachelors. So it was my dad’s idea for me to study in Korea as a backup, probably because he doesn’t want me to go too far like US or UK, I am his only girl after all, but Korea is pretty near to Hong Kong.

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Short Message - Inbox me~!

Guys, I’m working really hard on my university entrance exams, so yeah, I haven’t done anything on tumblr AT ALL. But I’m thankful that some of you decided to stick with me. =))

Three more months. Three more months and I’ll be back to making whatever you want me to make. XD Scenarios, one shots, photofics, gif fics. Three more months guys and I’ll be free, so do wait for my “comeback” XD

In the mean time, if you have anything you want to say to me, just drop by my inbox! Or if you want to request something, go on and fill my inbox, I’ve got all the time in the world after THREE months XD So yes, I’m accepting requests and get back to them when I’m free~! I LOVE YOU GAIZ~! Specially my tumblr friends~! I haven’t forgotten about you~!! MUAH~