Had the pleasure of meeting @iamsangsouvanh aka “Ping” before the Thrice show in Dallas tonight! I was a bit too shy to chat with him more than I did but I can definitely say that there’s no one more genuine or hardworking. He was even kind enough to give me his copy of Thrice’s setlist with his notes on it when the show ended, which I ended up getting Dustin of Thrice to sign as well. Thanks for an awesome night and some great memories Ping, your work is appreciated!

TAKING BACK SUNDAY is coming to ATL July 13 @ Center Stage!!

A week after my bday.  Yay!! My lil bro will be working with them again, BAM!! :)

My lil bro Sangsouvanh/Brian/”Ping” introduced me to Adam (lead singer) the last time they played in ATL and I’ve got to say he is a genuinely super nice guy. :)