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It’s Sango guys! XD

JAIME: And here are Cho Chang and, uh, some white girl getting ready. Hey Cho, how’s it going?
SANGO: I’m not Cho Chang!
DEVIN: It’s alright y'all, I’m Cho Chang.
JAIME: Oh wow, you guys look like, really similar. Do you guys always do everything together like put your makeup on before a show.. ?
SANGO: I think what was what happened was like, at birth, we were switched. Like, the Brown family took me in, and the Chang family took her in.
DEVIN: That’s probably what happened, yeah, I never really gave it much thought, I kinda just accepted..
BOTH: We’re sisters. We’re sisters. 
DEVIN: It’s like.. our background is kinda like Tarzan and how he lived with the apes.. 
JAIME: Oh.. which one of you’s the ape, though?
DEVIN: I’m probably the ape, ‘cause I’m bigger.
JAIME: And you like bananas.
DEVIN: I love bananas, actually.

One Way Or Another: Live Improvised Starkid Fic from G5

At the Glee/Starkid convention G5: Encore the boys of Team Starkid who were there improvised a “fanfic” live on stage. Starring Joe Moses and Brian Holden as the Lang brothers, Joey Richter as Jim Povolo, Joe Walker as Sango Tajima, and Dylan Saunders as Darren Criss, with an introduction from Meredith Stepien.

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