Sh*t CS says after Midnight
  • "I want to give him bleep face."
  • "BLEEP."
  • "____is probably gonna disown me."
  • "_____'s still fucking here."
  • "...........______ chat now _____, I will fly over there and drag you into that chat."
  • "I mean... I do bite. so... if you are offering????"
  • "There is no sin. Only talk."
  • "But, I won't deny that I am a sinner."
  • "I'm 95.5% sure ____ regrets picking ____ and ____ as ______"
  • "It was shaped like ur teeth I can't."
  • "______ IS GONE POST- Oh wait we already were."
  • "Which means I don't need this ducktape for when you fuckers make a hole in this server."
  • "And no important decisions are allowed to be made after 11pm anyway."
  • "We need a Furry Rights Advocate."

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A knock can be heard at the door. When Lyall answers he finds nothing but a tray of food and a note. "We're sorry for your loss. Please, keep your strength up, if not for youself, then for him. Please take care of yourself. Signed Brie and Fe. PS. I hope you don't mind veggie stirfry!"

Lyall hadn’t eaten in days… he spent the entire time in his room mourning the loss of Connor and barely getting any sleep. After so long without food, his appetite did come back just a little bit. 

The note that was left with the food was honestly, very touching. Tears came back to his face. He felt pathetic for crying out in the hallway over a note. He immediately dragged the tray inside and slammed the door so no one could see him crying.

He kept thinking to himself, “Connor would probably want you to eat. You need to be strong for him.” 

But Lyall knew he wasn’t really that strong, mentally. Without Connor everything felt empty. But for Connor and everyone else here, he felt like he could at least try. Lyall dug into the veggie stir fry, filling the hole in his empty stomach. 

          Two days…
                    Two full days since Jack Frost died…

          Yet the nightmares continue and the hospital continues to remain at near max capacity. You were not sure just how much longer you could keep going like this. You have found no relief within your consciousness, the monsters and demons of your past and mind haunting you both in the waking and dream world. The only time you could tell which world you were in was upon first waking. Body aching, wounds bleeding, bruises forming. A part of you was surprised at how long it has been since the motive was revealed and only one person was dead.

                    ( I knew she didn’t tell us everything that day. )

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Half Demon’s Worst Nightmare

Raven was sitting up in her bed reading before she looked at the time and it was three o’clock and she could feel her eyes getting heavy but she didn’t want to fall asleep because of what happened to everyone, as much as she didn’t look worried she was concerned. She just didn’t show much emotion it’s just how she was.

She layed down on her bed and kept on reading while hearing ticking from her clock before she could feel her eyelids slowly closing over her eyes and just like she fell asleep with her book laying on her chest. When she opened her eyes she noticed that she was back in Jump City and it was like some dream was she really back? Or was it all an illusion?

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Sidekick AU: Post-Reveal Trolling
  • Setting: a restaurant, because all these kids do is eat
  • Nino: And then this guy tries to tell me that I didn't...
  • Marinette: *casually rubs her foot against Adrien's leg, poker-facing like a champ*
  • Adrien: aaaAAAA---Allons enfants de la Patrie, le jour de gloire est arrivé! Contre nous de la tyrannie, l'étendard sanglant est levé!
  • Nino: Adrien wtf
  • Marinette: *poker face intact*
Harry Potter in French !

I had the idea when I saw a post with the houses in Italian so here we go ! :)

Places :

Pré-au-lard: Hogsmeade
La cabane hurlante: Shrieking Shack
Poudlard: Hogwarts
Le terrier: The burrow
Le chemin de Traverse: Diagon Alley
Le chaudron baveur: Leaky Cauldron
Les Trois Balais : Three Broomsticks
Fleury et Botts : Flourish and Blotts
Barjow and Beurk: Borgin and Burkes


Severus Rogue: Severus Snape
Drago Malefoy: Draco Malfoy
Dolores Ombrage: Dolores Umbridge
Tom Elvis Jedusor: Tom Marvolo Riddle
Rusard: Filch
Mimi Geignarde: Moaning Myrtle
Nick-Quasi-Sans-Tête: Nearly Headless Nick
Le Moine Gras: The Fat Friar
La Dame Grise: The Grey Lady
Le Baron Sanglant : The Bloody Baron
Barty Croupton: Barty Crouch


Cracmol: Squib
Moldu: Muggle
Sang-de-Bourbe: Mublood
Né-moldu : Muggleborn
Sang-Mêlé : Halfblood
Sang Pur : Pureblood

Houses :

Gryffondor : Gryffindor
Serdaigle : Ravenclaw
Serpentard : Slytherin
Poufsouffle: Hufflepuff

Feel free to add what you want I didn’t put evrything :)

Getting back into the chat and seeing that Michael, his Michael, was harmed, on the verge of death, seemed far too unreal. They had run into far too many incidents where either of them could have died and they didn’t. They were still alive. So to think that he could be taken out by someone who was weaker than his boy, than his love, was rattling. He wasn’t even properly functioning, thinking with the thought that they said his chance of survival is slim. He couldn’t even stand the people talking to him in the chat, telling him to calm down. That was the last thing he wanted to do, deciding to mute his phone and put it as far away in his room as possible.

He was quick to lock the door, knowing that Geoff or Ryan would be in the check on him. It was something he wasn’t in the mood for. Instead, he moved to his bed, laying down and crying. The first time he actually cried while here. His nightmares weren’t enough to make him feel so weak but Michael was. Michael was his everything, his fiancé, his world. It would be useless to ever want to continue without him. As much as he adored the rest of the crew, Michael had his heart. And he didn’t know how to handle this.

          Unlike when the deaths were announced, Chat Blanc is the one who calls you to the plaza this time. With a nervous look, you realize that less than 24 hours have passed. It couldn’t be time for the trial already, right? Somehow, you know the Warden before you isn’t that nice.

          Okay, shitstains, I’m cutting your investigation short. I don’t give a shit if it’s not fair. That’s what’s happening.

                    ( Why that little—! )

          Hope you got enough evidence or whatever, because here we go. My Lady will not be joining us for the beginning of the trial. This way. Without hesitation, Chat Blanc leads your group down one of the paths, coming to a stop in front of one of the still-locked gates. Through here. No stragglers. I’m tired and irritated. Go.

          And so, those of group who could walk marched into the courtroom through the gate. You figure those who are injured in the hospital and can’t walk will just have the trial live streamed or something. Then again, did a few votes matter, when those people hadn’t helped out?

          Chat Blanc wastes no time locking the gate behind you and crossing to the mound of pillows that he uses as a chair during trials. You notice something off about your Warden, though — it looks as if he had a few black streaks in his hair. Those definitely weren’t there before.

                    ( How odd. )

          Alright, you know the drill. If you don’t, ask someone who does. Ready? Good. Start.

TRIAL TAG: cs trial; horrorscape

  • TRIALS WILL BE ASK / THREAD BASED. This is due to the fact that everyone cannot get onto Discord at one time due to a variety of things. You are  free to discuss the case on Discord but PLEASE DO ALL SIGNIFICANT THINGS ON TUMBLR SO EVERYONE WHO ISN’T PRESENT CAN STAY UP TO DATE WITH THE TRIAL. We’ll give you multiple days to fully form your opinions and cast a vote. We strongly, strongly encourage you not to jump to conclusions too quickly. Take your time. Think.
  • Jumping to the end, when you are READY to cast your vote for who you believe the murderer is, we will link a form, you will fill it out and we will tally the votes. If you get it right, you win. If you get it wrong…well, the person voted guilty will be punished…and one more thing.
  • Marionette or Chat Blanc will reveal pieces of evidence as the trial goes along that no other characters (except the murderer or the muse they’re calling out) would know about. Do with it what you will, but asking them to elaborate might mean you are in for a bad time. Take what they give you and theorize from it. That being said, there are several pieces of this case you are still missing. Give it time.
  • That being said, you may ask Marionette or Chat Blanc to confirm or deny certain pieces of evidence and whether or not you are correct in your assumptions about something that happened. They may or may not answer you, depending on the question and their mood.
  • During the trial period, we STRONGLY suggest threading with the top suspects or sending them asks and questioning them about anything and everything. Remember, THE MURDERER IS ALLOWED TO LIE THEIR ASS OFF. Knowing what to ask Marionette or Chat Blanc confirmation for and what to keep to yourself to bring up later is crucial, because there may or may not be inconsistencies that start to pop up…
  • Marionette or Chat Blanc still will not confirm alibis unless they directly relate to them. If your character was asleep or unaccounted for, they are ON THEIR OWN.
  • Note: Marionette or Chat Blanc may not help you at one point because they feel the evidence may end the trial too quickly; they will bring it back up eventually.
  • You’re encouraged to thread among one-another and send asks back and forth. Communicate. COMMUNICATE. You’re seriously going to need to listen to every opinion and detail of this case, and the cases that follow. Ask characters who presented evidence to restate evidence; see if they remembered something else (confirm with a mod first if they DO remember something else).
  • We know we said we won’t handhold you, but no matter how confusing things get, trust that we will going to at least try to nudge you in the right direction at times, even though we might turn around and nudge you falsely later on here and there. We want you to succeed in this trial and we are your main resource here. Keep in mind we may be dropping clues even if you don’t realize it…PAY ATTENTION to the things Marionette or Chat Blanc say, as well as points that the mod team’s muses bring up. While Marionette or Chat Blanc may be not allowed to lie, the mod team’s muses can.
  • Have mercy on us. While there are four of us, we can’t constantly be answering questions. You may have to wait a while for answers. We will get to you. Remember to pay the suspects and various witnesses plenty of attention too. (Note: suspects and witnesses, if you need help answering a question given to you by another muse, come to one of us in private messages.)
  • From here on out we are in the final section of Chapter Two: Horrorscape.


@cursedchat - cordes sanglantes starter.

Upon arriving in this strange version of Paris, she was stuck in an IM. She noticed everyone was chatting like normal with some new people in it. Eventually, she got someone to offer telling her what happened. What the point of being here was. When she arrived at the hospital and the brown haired nurse lead the way to see this Felix, she was surprised. He looked like Adrien. The blonde hair, the green eyes. It was like Adrien but, he wasn’t Adrien.

Seeing how damaged he was sent a painful. She didn’t know this guy but, she had a feeling that she did. Was it because of the Plagg he had? Approaching the bed, she frowned as she looked at how bandaged he was. Lifting a hand, she placed it over the bandaged eye. “What happened?” It was like something took over her but, she quickly shook it off and removed her hand jumping back.

“I apologize. I have no idea what came over me. You are Felix, yes? You promised to tell me things about this place.”

@crystalpendium from [x]

“He’s not.”

Peko croaked. Wow that had actually kind of hurt her throat after just being violently sick.

“Billy told me to do it.”

It gave her something to focus on, to keep herself in the present, in this moment in the hospital. In France. Half a world away from her friends and fellow survivors. She was still shaking, was far paler than before (quite the feat considering her natural complexion) and looked more like a frightened child than the eighteen year old she actually was.

“Sorry. I don’t know what it means other than he’s an author.”

          The world is as silent tonight as it has been the days before — no, that’s not quite correct. White noise sometimes fills his ears, but other than that, there’s nothing. The air is chilled, as it should be. It’s the dead of night, but he’s not sure exactly what time. He could check his phone, but it’s tucked in his back pocket, rubbing his tail ever so slightly as the appendage swishes behind him. He’s slowly gotten used to the new body parts he’s acquired, though he’s not all too pleased about them. And the least they could have done is make his new ears function. He suspects, in a place like this, that’s too much to ask.

          The wind brushes over his neck and curls, causing his feline ears to twitch at the cold. It’s new, all of this. The murder isn’t new — he lives his life stepping over bodies he’s littered the ground with, laughing as another explosion rocks the city — but the feeling of being almost completely cut off from all the people around him. Yes, many people here speak English, but just as many do not. The global translator is useless to him, as it does not change their lip movements, does not change how they communicate with him.

          He breathes out a sigh and looks over the railing once again. They’d finally gained access to the roof, but for whatever reason, he was the only one up here. That was fine with him. All the other prisoners were just too hard to talk to and he liked his alone time anyway. He felt bad for leaving Gavin after all that had happened, but he’d finally passed out, so he’d snuck away for some fresh air.

          He was drawing in a deep breath when a hand grabbed his chin and an icy pain stretched quickly from one side of his throat to the other. It takes him a belated second to realize he’s just had his throat slit clean across. Pale hands fly to his throat, blood seeping through his fingers as he tries to keep pressure on the wound. It’s not like it’ll help, he realizes. A slit throat and no one around to help? He was as good as dead.

          — or so he thought. He thinks it’s just a figment of his imagination, the blue glow, but before he can blink more than once, he’s in the entryway of the hospital wing. The blue glow is a warmth, comforting, and he swears he sees a small blue creature with a feathered tail smile at him before his eyes roll back and he passes out.

  • The execution just happened but it seems someone couldn’t wait for a motive to murder. Fortunately, the would-be victim, Michael Jones, was saved by a small, mysterious creature. 
    • The only evidence the creature really existed is a long blue feather with an orange spot left behind on Dorm Three’s roof.
  • Aisha, Kaneki and Hinami have ordered the Hospital Wing on lockdown until further notice. Only those with injuries that are major will be permitted inside and no one currently admitted will be allowed outside.
  • Aisha will send out an announcement to the prisoners announcing the attempted murder and subsequent lockdown of the Hospital Wing. 
  • Your muses will now have to deal with the knowledge that someone was trigger happy enough to attempt murder so soon.
    • More pressing is the feather that a muse may find and the knowledge that there’s something else out there watching over them and defying the Wardens.

@quartzitespirits - cordes sanglantes starter.

Plagg was beyond irritated. After being in that im room with that those strangers, she never knew exactly how angry she could be. Muting the channel, she quickly locked the phone and sighed. That Geoff was a pain, he sure didn’t have to tell Chat that. It was rude and hurtful. Yes, he wasn’t her Chat but, he was still one of them. One of her kittens. At least, she was pretty much caught up to date with what happened her. Six people dead. Eight people with horrible punishments. 

Lifting her head, she noticed a boy with blue hair wandering. If she remember correctly, this was that HCA im holder right? The one who was not a kid? Although, he sure did look like a kid. Walking towards him, she smiled. “Wow, that weird girl was right. You do look like a kid but, if I am also correct you are not a child right?” Way to make a good first impression Plagg.