sangheili ultra


Let’s examine these two scenes for a moment. Near the end of Winter Contingency, the first playable mission, Noble Six gets attacked by a Sangheili Zealot. After being tackled to the ground, the Spartan almost gets impaled by an Energy Sword, but they block the blow, promptly returning the favor by punching the Zealot in the face. It gives a roar, but before it can try again, the rest of Noble Team steps in and forces it off their comrade.

Noble Six lives to fight another day.

During Lone Wolf, the last playable mission, our given objective is simply “Survive.” Ultimately, after fighting our way through a literally endless horde of Covenant forces, we’re treated to Six’s death scene. The Spartan takes down four Elites before getting knocked to the ground. As a Sangheili Ultra lunges, Six puts their foot up to block—a clear indication that they remember what happened the last time an Elite pinned them down. Though unarmed, Six manages to take out the Ultra, but only just before another Elite finally deals the killing blow. And guess what it is?

It’s a Sangheili Zealot. Because this time, Noble Team isn’t around to save Six.