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Hey, quick reminder that psychiatric medications don’t treat the cause of a person’s madness. They do not make a person more sane. They certainly do not fix an ‘imbalance’ of neurotransmitters.

What they can do is they can provide mind-altering effects that can make it easier to cope with the symptoms of madness.

Don’t ever let a doctor or anyone else pressure you into taking psychoactive medication because they think you ‘need it’ in order to ‘get better.’ You are the person who is best able to judge whether the mind-altering affects of a particular drug will help you cope. Don’t accept lies and misinformation about what medication can do for you.

But, look, it’s not healthy to have an idea in your head of who your mate should be. Who your mate is should be revealed to you through interaction, the quality of the person’s character, the behavior they exhibit. But I certainly know that early on in my life, I had ideas that I could fix someone. But then the thing you realize, if you’re remotely sane, is that I can’t fix anything about anybody else, and I need to look at that part of myself that thinks this is who I need to see myself with, and also, what length did I go to, how much did I betray who I really am in order to seduce that person and lead them to believe that I was a suitable mate for them. Forget how much I was lying to you, how much was I lying to me? There are all kinds of narcissism that a modern cultural intersection needs to address, but this book was on a frequency or a channel that I hadn’t seen before.
—  David Fincher

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So, prompt idea: bucky and avenger oc share an apartment and have both come back from a shitty mission all battered and bruised, clean each other up which could lead to smut/fluff????????

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a/n: decided to fluff this shit up, hope you like it anon!

title: care bear

word count: 1054

warnings: there’s like one tiny swear word

The mission went well or at least that what it looked like on paper, in reality everyone was broken and bruised including you and your long time crush Bucky Barnes. As soon as you and the rest of the team hit the compound you and Bucky both went immediately to your shared floor. The two of you dubbed each other ‘roomies’ and pretended your life was an episode of New Girl, you liked to think the floor was more of an apartment that way it made everything feel more like home.

You had cuts and bruises all over your thighs and arms, there were a few on your face but not nearly as much as Bucky had. He looked like one of Steve’s punching bags after he was done in the gym, overall Bucky looked like shit but he didn’t care. As soon as you were in the own comfort of your floor Bucky didn’t waste time to fret over all your minor injuries, he had just as much of a crush on you as you did him - maybe even bigger.

“Bucky I’m fine.” You insisted as you sat on the couch in living area. He was hovering above you a rag in hand cleaning up your face that had specs of blood on it. Bucky looked at you with eyes that you only ever saw when he was fighting, you knew there was no room to defy his wishes and not let him clean you up like he wanted to. Bucky took pleasure in making sure you were okay because if you were okay then all would be right in his life, knowing you were safe and happy made Bucky sane and whole again.

“Let me just fix you up okay?” Bucky asked with those puppy dog eyes of his that he knew you couldn’t say no to. You sighed heavily glaring at Bucky who in turned laughed at you as you pouted, he would do anything to kiss it away.

“Fine.” You said sounding as if you weren’t happy about it which you were, you longed to be close to Bucky and now your lips were inches apart. Bucky continued to work on your injuries for a few more minutes and when he was done he planted a kiss on one of the bruises on your arm.

You looked down at him surprise, he instead smirked at you before proceeding to kiss the cut near the bruise on the same arm. “What are you doing Bucky?” You asked as he kissed a prominent bruise on your leg.

Bucky looked up at you a sly grin on his face, “Kissing your injuries better.” Bucky explained like it was nothing. You rolled your eyes at his reply when inside your heart felt like it was about to explode. You gave Bucky a warm smile and then he rose pressing his lips slowly and firmly to your nose, you couldn’t help but let out a school girl giggle at the sensation of his scruff on your skin. That noise was music to Bucky’s ears and he wanted to hear it more times so he quickly and stealthy planted kisses all over your face his scruff tickling your skin making you laugh so hard your stomach hurt.

When Bucky pulled back your lips were closer than ever, his eyes naturally drifted to your lips and he found himself leaning forward ever so slightly to capture your lips. It was cut short when you moved and said, “Now let’s get you cleaned soldier I’d hate to get blood everywhere.”

Bucky internally groaned but stuttered out a ‘yeah’ as the two of you swapped positions. He was on the couch and you were hovering above him tending to his wounds, because of the serum not much needed to be done because his wounds would heal on their own. You cleaned up his face ridding it off all traces of blood, Bucky watched you as you furrowed your brows in concentration. He couldn’t help but let out a wide smile and a small laugh because god did you look adorable and god did he have it bad.

“What?” You asked with an amused smile of your own.

“Nothing doll you just look adorable like this.” Bucky said blushing as he confessed, he could be smooth and charming with any other girl except you. You ignited all of his nerves, it terrified him but it also excited him more than anything.

“I bet you say that to all the girls.” You said with a smirk as you leaned closer to scrub his forehead. Bucky sighed, a small smile gracing his features.

“Only to you doll. Only you.” Bucky said and your heart was beating a million times faster and you swore it skipped a beat when his hands lingered on your hips drawing a random shape. You took a deep breath as you cleaned the rest of his face, you were about to put the rag away and go to bed when Bucky pulled you into his lap.

You were going to question him but then he pressed his lips to your’s in a kiss that you felt as if you had been waiting a lifetime for. Your lips moulded together in passion and ecstasy and Bucky was sure you were made for each other just by the way you lips connected and fit like puzzle pieces against another. When you pulled back it was if all the oxygen in your lungs had disappeared, the kiss was truly magical and not to mention breathtaking.

“Let’s go to bed doll, we have to get early for another one of Steve’s boring debriefings.” Bucky said and making you giggle into the crook of his neck, you nodded and that was all the confirmation he needed.

He picked you up in arms bridal style taking you to his room where the two of you layed in bed together, you hummed a familiar tune one that Bucky always heard before he went to sleep and soon enough he was. You were too, your head nuzzled into the warmth of the crook of his neck and his arms wrapped protectively around your waist. You were practically on top of him and you pressed a quick peck to his jaw and Bucky sleepily said, “I love you.”


HERE | Yulin Kuang

Note: This is one half of a companion fic (what happened / here) to the short films Angie & Zahra (dir. Yulin Kuang) and In the Dark (dir. Rachel Kiley). Read the other half here

Read more about the Darkness A to Z transmedia experiment here.

When Angie first meets Sam, she thinks wow, what an attractive idiot.

She’s doing renovations on the house - the gutters need cleaning, the fence is in desperate need of a fresh coat of paint, and the trip-wire by the gate could use some structural support.

He’s hanging by the door, a slightly dazed look in his eyes, his mouth hanging absent-mindedly half-open as he takes in the paint fumes.

“Umm, hi?” she asks, because Angie always greets strangers first.

“I didn’t think it’d still be here,” he mumbles to himself.

“Are you here for our SAT prep services?” She kind of doubts he is; he looks like the kind of guy whose essay would be so bad that it’d be pointless to give him notes because it would never actually be any good.

“What? No, I… I shouldn’t have come here.” He turns and slinks off into the sunset, which actually looks pretty epic from the porch and Angie thinks it’s times like these when she really misses Instagram, #nofilter.

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Fan: So, do you have a particular attraction to playing evil or nasty characters?

Sheppard: Excuse me!? [general teasing]. I don’t play villains, I play people with dimensionally opposed morals, moral values, different perceptions of ideas. I usually play one of the two things I love to play. You know what the two things I love to play are? The two things I believe worth playing are: I only want to play the man who sells out the mission before they’ve even left the planet. [lists off a few characters]. The guys that screwed up on day one, and they’re going to spend the rest of their lives trying to fix it. 

Or, the last sane man in the universe. 

Crowley. Badger. Think about it. They’re all Eddie Albert in Green Acres. Everybody around him is insane, and he’s goin’ “if you’d just paid attention to what I’m saying everything would be fine!” and that’s the characters worth playing. But they’re not evil. Evil is in the eye of the beholder. Evils always been in the eye of the beholder.

Spotlight with Mark Sheppard | Phoenix Comicon 2014 | video by Transmatrix | photo by me

edit: please watch the full video – it’s a hilarious spotlight, and he’s a fantastic panelist. 

I Can’t Sleep

Background: Insanity hits a person hard. First, it was just a feeling in the back of his mind. Then he started to hear whispers wherever he went. Sooner than later, he started to see things. Like floating goggles. “Jordan, calm down. Stop acting crazy.” They would tease him about it, and he hated it. Finally, he boarded himself in. His fear of being watched drove him away, and insane. I can’t sleep. 

Captainsparklez Oneshot.

 Mianite AU: Reality 

Triggers: Insanity, suicidal thoughts, violence

I don’t own Jordan you sausages. 


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Preference 55: Texts.

Derek: Pack group texts were very hectic. Whether it was planning an attack or a friend gathering, every member of the pack sucked at it. It would always get to the point where people were trying to yell at each other through text messages. One specific time, you wanted to have a movie night at the loft, but Scott and Stiles wanted to go out to dinner, which just caused trouble. Liam and Malia had quit replying, figuring that they would read up in an hour and find out what had been decided, Derek and Stiles were using caps to virtually shout at each other, and you, Lydia, Kira, and Scott were trying to calmly come up with a compromise. In the end, Derek had ‘yelled’ at his younger friends that they needed to figure out what they wanted to do, to which you responded with an idea that somehow pleased everyone, finally putting an end to the insane yet lovable spam that was the pack group text.

Isaac: School. Kate. Mexico. Allison. Everything. It was all driving you crazy, and you weren’t sure how much longer you would be able to keep yourself and all your friends sane. You’d always been the pack member to fix everything, and make everyone feel better; so much to the point where nobody realized that you were drowning in your own sorrows. Nobody but Isaac, that is. Somehow, he noticed every time you seemed any less than normal. On one of those days, Isaac texted you while he was in sixth period and you were in the library for study hall. He’d asked you to do something with him after class, and when you asked him what, he simply said ’Anything to take your mind off it.’ You didn’t even bother asking what he referred to, knowing Isaac could sense you thinking about all the things you’d been through in the past few months. I’m a mess, you replied. Isaac’s next text reeled you back in, giving you the stability to carry on with your schoolwork for just one more hour. One more hour, and then you would get it all off of your chest.

Liam: He was new to the pack life. Being Stiles’s little sister, you’d been involved in it all since the start, but Liam didn’t really know what he was doing all the time. And because you were related to Stiles and spent so much time around him and the rest of your sassy friends, you couldn’t keep the tinge of sarcasm out of a single thing you said– not even texts. Before going to Mexico for a second time to track down Scott and Kira, you’d been texting Liam, who was trying to convince you and Stiles through the messages to let him tag along. In the midst of trying to come up with a logical explanation as to why he needed to join, he send you some counterproductive plan, to which you responded with the following, earning a proud smile from your big brother and a sad complaint from your boyfriend.

Scott: Scott had always been the softy in the pack, and it was a well known fact. He loved the people he loved and he wasn’t really afraid to be sappy about it, especially when it came to you. You were the best thing that had happened to him, no matter how much you argued it. At times when he blindsided you with thankfulness were the ones that you didn’t both to put up a fight, though. For example, the time you were texting him to complain about Lydia and Malia bickering at your sleepover on a Friday night. Scott and Stiles had warned you that the two of them could get a little feisty with each other sometimes, which you’d already been well aware of, and it definitely showed when they got into a heated discussion about if Stiles liked you or Kira more. Your boyfriend had texted you while he was waiting for Stiles to come back to the Jeep from picking up takeout for their night, and you’d lightheartedly whined about your friends. Scott’s encouraging and playful responses were enough for you to remind him how much you appreciated everything he did for you, and the message you got back was much more appeasing than you could’ve expected, even knowing how much Scott loved you.

Stiles: To most people, Stiles could be very difficult to read over text. You’d witnessed Lydia and Kira struggle to understand the tone he was going for in a message, and you found it hilarious. For people like (and, for the most part, limited to) you and Scott, it was like hearing the boy speak the words aloud. Because of this, it was no surprise when Stiles made an extra sexual remark during your text conversation one school night. As usual, you were procrastinating and looked to your less-than-motivational boyfriend for help– a bad idea. Although his reply was simple, it just distracted you even more, and lead to you going back and forth about which event would happen first. You settled on his original latter being before anything else, as most teenagers would.

Dean/Cas: Always

Dean fights the thought of falling in love with Cas in 1948 New York after the casualty of another love in his past. Warning: fluffy slow dancing ahead. 1.6k

On rare nights when the New York streets were empty, Dean and Castiel held hands while they walked. Yellow lamps burned all along the broken city sidewalk, illuminating the two lovers and the garish expressions on each individual’s face. 

It was too soon for either of them to say I love you, and too risky in a world that only allowed them to touch each other when the world was asleep. Falling that hard for such an abominable love was sure to be the end of them both. But Castiel still warned Dean of bumps in the sidewalk. And Dean always tuned the radio to Cas’ favorite station. 

That was just the way it was for them. Never ashamed of the other person, always ashamed of themselves for loving him.

Their shoes beat softly on the sidewalk as they approached their tiny, brick apartment. Hopping up the small stoop, Dean turned the key, and opened the door to their little home. Silk moonlight flooded the apartment before Cas went to turn on the lamps. 

Dean’s eyes shone as he stared at his quiet, thoughtful lover. He shut the door behind him and threw off his suit jacket, not caring where it landed. Cas turned from the last lamp in their living room to face Dean, a small smile turning the corners of his mouth. Dean could feel the words tugging at his heart, and he tried and tried to swallow them down before he messed this up. Before he messed this up like he’d messed up past loves. But this was a different kind of feeling. It scratched at his brain when Cas laid out his suit in the morning, it watered his eyes when Cas kissed him after a long day at work, and it was tugging at him now as Cas turned on the lamps.

“Cas…” Dean looked down at their stained carpet, refusing to allow himself to make such a muck of this. If they were discovered, if someone told, god, they’d both wind up in the nuthouse. Or, heaven forbid, lying in an alley somewhere with the life beat out of them. To see Cas’ beautiful face bloody and beaten, Dean’s eyes began to water at even the thought. 

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Drawing, Squad 9, and Gin Tama somehow keep me sane from having no internet for a week (it still hasn’t been fixed and I’m enduring slow mobile broadband OTL).This is from this scene in Gin Tama, where that particular scene reminded me soooo much of Mashiro and Shuuhei~ ;u;