sane not sane i just love this so much


“Always the same words: ‘He’s at Hogwarts…he’s at Hogwarts.’”


Klaroline + Unrequited Love

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I am only a low key jonerys shipper & am not even part of the fandom in that I only surf it never actually participate, and I will ship dany and jon with anybody as long as it is safe, sane and consensual, and I actually ship dany x arya the most, but still as a sane peace loving person the jonerys hate is getting to me but I'm doing my best to avoid it. So i just wanna congratulate the jonerys fandom on its ship finally being canon. You guys deserve this happiness. Truly. Enjoy.

Awww thank you anon that means a lot. I’m sorry the hate is getting to you trust me I know it sucks but what helps me get through is the amazing people we have in the jonerys fandom. And besides we have Kit Harington, Emilia Clarke, Sophie Turner, and freaking David Beckham on our side so it doesn’t matter what the antis say jonerys is canon. I never thought of Daenerys and Arya being together but it does sound appealing. Happy shipping to you!

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nemo rewatches south of nowhere → 1x01

Did you get kicked out of the dance already? No, I’m waiting on a friend.

I was just watching The 100 again and I hate almost all the decisions they make, I’m so annoyed right now. Why is Clarke the only sane one?!?!?! I mean, a few others but jfc why the fuck are they the way they are? Why are they so fucking stupid?!?!

I love Raven though, she makes stupid decisions but they’re at least based off of something sane.

And also, Lexa is a cute puppy who should be cherished.

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Its not all yunjae ppl, some of us have been waiting for them for 6 yrs, its not insane to be happy about ur ships in canon

Yes, you’re absolutely right, my bad for generalizing. How dare I say ‘yunjae shippers’ instead of ‘some yunjae shippers.’

Because when men tell women ‘not ALL men,’ they’re not missing the point at all, right. Like when I say yunjae shippers–

…you know what fuck it though.

If you’re a sane yunjaer but you don’t speak up against GROWN WOMEN LITERALLY GRABBING A SMALL CHILD (JAEJOONG’S YOUNGEST NIECE WHO IS A TODDLER) AT A PUBLIC EVENT and forcing her to point at a picture of Yunho so they can USE HER to take “proof-shots” of yunjae’s ~epic love affair, I got news for you.

You’re not sane.