sane jeff


Request:  Jeff climbs in your window to kill you, when he gets on your bed you wake up and stare at him. He stares back and just slowly leaves. You didn’t sleep that night. The next few days, you could feel him watching you. One day, when you were out in the woods, you were killing some animals (totally normal). Jeff told Slenderman and so he had to see for himself. You were killing people now, with a knife. Slenderman took you in and let you become a killer with them and you fell in love with Jeff. Fluff

Requested by Anonymous

You were sound asleep, like most nights, which it why you didn’t hear the softest creek let out in your room. The quiet scrapping of wood as chilled hands raised your window, peering in. A deep chuckle from cracked lips paints the floors, rough steps on ice as he slowly climbs through. The moon backlit the intruder, making him nothing but a tall greasy shadow. You didn’t even stir as he walked across your bedroom, creeping closer to your bed. You groaned softly when he slid over you, straddling you. Only when his body shifted to align himself with you, did you wake. You moaned again, raising a hand to rub your eyes. When you adjust to the darkness and you take notice of the man above you, you let out a sharp gasp. You attempt to pull away, to distance yourself, but you fail.  

His body pins yours to the bed, a raspy laugh claws its way up his throat. He grins, turning his head into the moonlight, making his sadistic smile glow. You try to scream, horror and fear flooding your brain, adrenaline overflowing in your blood.

“Shhh,” he whispers, tracing the back of the knife along your cheek.  

“Its alright, dear…Ennie Minnie…” He drags the knife down your face and across your neck.

“Minie moe,” He continues to speak softly, staring at the knife as he traces it further down. He stops on your chest, pulling it up to stand on tip against your chest.

“Hush now,” He glaces up at you, “to sleep you go.” With one quick movement, he shoves the knife into your chest. You let out a pitiful gasp, trying to breathe despite the hole in your chest, and your flooding lungs. Within a minute your body falls heavy beneath him, dead.

His eyes lock with yours, in a moment of silence. Neither of you move, transfixed in fear and wonder. Slowly, he lays his knife down on your pillow, his rough fingers caress your cheek.

“Beautiful.” He whispers, seconds feel like years, but in one quick movement he stands from the bed and rushes to the window. He slips out, gone as suddenly as he came. Breathless, you stare at the ceiling. No hope of sleep in sight.

For days after that you found yourself looking over your shoulder more, waiting for one of the shadows to bite. You had a constant feeling of being watched, no matter what you did you couldn’t shake it. Finally you were desperate to get your mind off things, so you took your bow and arrows out to the woods. Hunting always calmed you, when you were a teen you dealt with depression and anxiety, and some anger issues. Instead of forcing you into therapy and pills, your dad taught you to hunt. It saved you. You stomped through your yard, and through the field behind your house. You broke the tree line and took a deep breath in, starting your work.

For once you didn’t feel scared, you didn’t feel like you were being watched. Little did you know, you were. Jeff walked behind you for sometime, watching you. You intrigued him in ways he had never felt before. He had told Slenderman about you, about how he made you feel. He told Jeff to find you, to face the demon that was taunting him, and either kill you or bring you home. He planned to kill you, to rid himself of your burden, but when he saw you stop and take aim, he couldn’t. You looked so perfect, a weapon in your hands. Suddenly you turned, spinning to face him. In two seconds you aimed and released, landing an arrow in his shoulder.  He screamed out, leaning up against a tree.

“Why are you here? What do you want?” You seethed, pulling another arrow into aim.

“Next one goes into your head. Answer me.”

“Because you crazy bitch…” He groans, pulling the arrow out. “You’re different. I meant to kill you that night.”

“Why didn’t you ?”

“I couldn’t!” He barked, he paused “I didn’t want to.”

You felt something, you knew for whatever reason, he wouldn’t hurt you. You lowered your bow and relaxed. He noticed and chuckled.

“Say…ever used that on anyone? Other than me.” He laughed, looking at you.

“No.” You say, staring at him.

“Do you want to?”

You scoffed and turned, walking away without another word. You had to admit though, his words stuck.  

Days later, you were doing the impossible.

“Shut up bitch!” You growled, slapping the weeping girl and throwing her into the forest floor.  

“Now, you understand the rules, correct?” You asked, preparing your bow. She nodded quickly, tears streaming down her face.

“Good,” You smiled, nocking an arrow. “Run.”  

And so she did. She scrambled up and ran as fast as she could. You grinned, let the games begin. There was always a thrill to hunting, an addicting feeling, but it was nothing compared to what it felt like to hunt another human. It was damn near erotic. You took your time, letting the tension build, you even wounded her and let her go, saving the kill for later. The entire time you walked the woods, a more sinister being was watching. Slenderman had to see what all the fuss was about after Jeff came home with a hole in his shoulder. He watched as you hunted this young girl, and he watched as you cornered her, shaking and screaming pleaded for her life. You laughed, taunting her foolish whims.  

“Shhh, don’t cry.” You whispered, leaning down to touch her soft face. “Don’t cry”  

You stood, a small moan you pulled back your arrow, and let it go.  

It was then Slenderman knew why Jeff couldn’t kill you. You were perfect, corrupted but still sane. The perfect killer.