ZE:A's Secret Santa gift for:Sandyy18

Minwoo woke up in a cold sweat on christmas eve,reaching over to his phone he checked the time. 8:45am it read. He glanced at the date and realized it was early christmas eve. He gasped sharply,only to have his conscious hit him. “I DIDN’T BUY ANYONE GIFTS YET!” He scrambled upon the mess of his blankets,getting up quickly to change out of his pjs. He stared in the mirror at his tousled hair,quickly grabbing a hat before running out of the door. Minwoo spent hours in the mall by himself. He made sure that every single special person in his life would receive a gift from him. A watch for Junyoung…a Chopper plush for Taehun…Make-Up for Kwanghee. By the time he was finished with his shopping,he double checked every single gift and who it was for,mumbling to himself the count of every gift. He sat in the middle of his room with rolls of wrapping paper and gift bags for everyone,carefully wrapping almost every gift nicely. After he lined up the finely wrapped gifts for a final count,he felt off. He kept recounting the presents over and over…only to notice there was just one missing. One present for a very special person. Minwoo glanced down at his own watch only to see that it was merely 6:00pm. He groaned in distress because he knew that almost every store happened to be closed by now because of christmas eve. Suddenly,he had a lightbulb. He walked down the hallway to where Taehun’s room was. He picked up a box next to the nightstand which contained sewing materials. Minwoo had always seen taehun sew things by hand but he never asked Taehun on how to sew things. Minwoo sat under the light in his room working on his project for hours,poking his fingers multiple times with the needle,sewing lines very crooked,adjusting the amount of fluff going into the project. Hours later…You walk into the dimly lit room to spot minwoo asleep at the desk,snoring softly and drooling a little. You gaze at his bandaged fingers,curious as to what happened. You pick up a small plush pillow with a pink bow in the center with pink bordering around the pillow. You smile and hug the pillow until you feel a pair of arms embrace you. 

“Merry Christmas,Sandy.”

Indeed Merry Christmas Sandy! Apologies that I don’t have anything “cool” like an edit or a gifset ;; I tried my best in writing you a christmas drabble! I hope you enjoyed it. I was your ZE:A secret santa~ :) 


ZE:A Releases First Dark-Themed Teasers

ZE:A is going for a darker theme for its comeback.

On June 22, Star Empire released the first batch of teaser images ahead of ZE:A’s comeback.

The teaser images for Im Si Wan, Kwang Hee and Dong Jun hint at a darker transformation as the members are seen wearing gothic-like fashion and smoky makeup against an acrylic painted night backdrop complete with a full moon.

The name of ZE:A’s title song was revealed to be Aftermath while the name of the second album will be Spectacula. Both the title song and the full album will be made available beginning on July 4.

ZE:A is currently touring Korea as part of its ‘Fighting Project’ and will next stop at Daejeon on June 22 before moving on to Bucheon and finally Seoul on July 3 to hold a large-scale comeback showcase in Yeoido.

Photo credit: Star Empire

MV to Movie: Hands Up - 2PM

Adventure: The boys of 2PM, car broke down on their way back from their concert and no one can come get them until morning. They realized that between the 6 of them they don’t have much money, so the boys wondered around the city hungry and tired. When they came across an ad that said “free food and drinks…” without thinking they decided to spend the night there, at a night club; and yeah you guessed it~ party time!


ZE:A Love Coach (Japanese Version)

LOL Love minwoo’s cracking voice.

(cr: parkhyerin@youtube + derpshik@tumblr)

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[삼성] 갤럭시 Slll Stadium 아이돌 대결 영상 ‘Smart alert'편 (New)
Poor Minwoo :(

MV to Movie: All Day Long - ZE:A

Drama/Action | 2 high school best friends (Dongjun and Junyoung) splits into 2 rival groups, where both leaders falls in love with a girl, whom is the mob boss’s girlfriend. Both leaders refuses to break up with the girl, so the mob’s boss sent out his gang to attack both Dongjun and Junyoung’s members. Dongjun finds out about the attack and faces the mob alone and is almost killed until the rest of ZE:A appears with more back-up, and they defeats the mob, and they’re back to being friends.



OMG!! haha hyungshik’s reaction “ahh what do i do? oh i’ll just try and copy siwan hyung- hah hah” XD how adorable haha, but besides hyungshik’s sillyness, kevin’s, heechul’s, and siwan’s beatbox was amazing! (cr: kyuyoung20@Youtube)

MV to Movie: Mr. Simple - Super Junior

Drama/Mystery; 10 guys who lived a “simple life,” doing their own activities. Every single one of them, always getting into a trouble and thinking that their life is simple, until one day, a girl comes to their life. What made these simple men to change to live a proper life?

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EXO M - 120716 Going All Out [ ENG SUB ]
Love at the end when EXO M do the punishment instead of the defense team :)