those tiny little hands, hold up my world…those tiny little hands, those tiny little plans…are turning into towers crushed against the sun…There’s no doubt about us, time is running out around us, i can’t cry it’s just something in my eye…

Turin Brakes, Something in my eye <- GO LISTEN NAO

guh guh more Pitch and Sandy fluff…i can’t stop drawing these guys seriously what is wrong with me….i tried to make the lines clean, then ruined them with a weird brush.  mmmmmm that song i love it so hard…..i dunno why but i think of them when i hear it…


(( sorry if this a bit short. This is a oneshot, but if i get enough likes, i might continue it.
Warning: in this fanfic, both Sandy and Pitch(Kozzy) are kids. And AU version. So no being all “NOOOO” about it :p
Shall we?~ ))

Kozmotiz Pitchiner, known as Kozzy by all his classmates, was sitting on a bench during recess, watching the other kids play. The five he focused on the most was Nick, Ana, Jack, Aster, and Sandy.

Now, ever since he started Elementary school, Kozzy had known he was… Different. Whenever any of the other fifth grade boys talked about who they thought was the cutest girl, but all he couod think about when it came to attractiveness was boys. He hadnt said anything to anyone. And when middle school rolled around, and they started changing into gym clothes in locker rooms, Kozzy always had to change in the bathrooms. But this time, he was sure this was more than silly little crush.

Right now, sixth grade had mercy and let them have recess after lunch, and he just couldnt stop watching Sandy and his friends. The group called themselves the Guardians. They claimed they guarded their fellow peers from bullies. Bullies like Kozzy. Thats what made it even more painful for Kozzy. The last time he had pushed a kid into a locker, Sandy had taken it into his own hands to break Kozzy away, and guve him a dirty glare. Kozzy caved, every time the little boy did.

But right now it was recess again, and Kozzy was sitting on a bench under a tree in the shade, with a book. Sandy just so happened to look over at that moment. Now Sandy wasnt one to shun people. He was a people-pleaser. He always made sure everyone else was happy. And right then, Kozzy looked rather sad, reading his book. Sandy held up his hand to let his friends know that he’d be back. He jogged over to the solemn boy on the bench and sat beside him. Kozzy gave him a surprised look.

“Sandy? What is it?”

Now Sandy didnt like to talk. Nope. He only talked when it was really necassary. That made it all the worse for Kozzy, to know that.

“You looked so alone, so I came over.”


“Why are you alone all the time? Why dont you make an effort to hang out; make friends?”

“Because no one wants to hang out with me. Im a bully.”

“You dont have to be.”

“What would I be then?”

“Youd be my friend.”

That made Kozzy’s heart skip a beat. Sandy wanted to be friends with him.

“What would the other ‘Guardians’ think?”

“I could care less. Now do you want to be friends or not?”

Kozzy could see Sandy wasnt one to beat around the bush. He was serious, and it showed.


With that Sandy held up his pinky, his face more cheery now.

“Gotta make it offical! Promise me we’ll be friends, forever!”

Kozzy blushed a bit, hooking his pinky with Sandy’s, and for that moment, he knew that things would look up for him.

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The nurse made Sandy sit outside the door as she cleaned Kozzy up, and stitched his cheek up. She sighed heavily, as she cleaned a small cut above his forehead. “What are you getting yourself into Pitchiner?”

It was more of a statement than a question, as the nurse finished up, giving him a look of pity. She pushed the door open to let Sandy in, smiling down at him with an apologetic look. Sandy ignored her, dipping his head as he brushed by her and quickly walked to Kozzy’s bedside.

Sandy pulled a chair up, sitting close to the injured boy’s head. He saw that Kozzy’s brows were furrowed, and sweat beaded his forehead. Sandy could tell he was having a nightmare. He gave a look of pity as he got a cold rag and wiped his forehead, gently stroking Kozzy’s not-hurt cheek with his other hand. He mumbled an apology, as he did.
The nurse poke her head in, and told Sandy to let Kozzy be, let him rest. Sandy kissed Kozzy’s forehead when she turned away again, and left.

The rest if that school day dragged. The clock ticked painfully slow, and it seemed like everything was moving slower on purpose, just to mess with Sandy. But the day eventually ended, and Sandy was granted the opportunity to see Kozzy once again. And to take him home. After all, this was a school, not a hospital. Kozzy was awake by then, sitting up and holding his head.

When Sandy came in, Kozzy was awake, rubbing his head softly. He smiled a bit at Sandy, and chuckled when his little sister came in.

Seraphina rushed over to Kozzy’s bedside, just as Sandy had earlier. Sandy stood at the end of Kozzy’s bed, watching Seraphina wipe away dry blood. Sandy and her helped Kozzy up, Kozzy wobbling a bit. Sandy let out a small huff, obviously not strong enough for this job. But he had Seraphina helping, so the weight wasn’t as bad for the little man.

Seraphina, with the help from Sandy, got Kozzy home and in bed. Sandy asked to stay for a while, in which Seraphina allowed.

Blacksand 5


Kozmotis sat in his dorm room, pinching the bridge of his nose. The loud pounding of music from a couple rooms down shook the building, and that included his room. He already had a headache, that ridiculous music wasn’t helping. He sighed, looking to his computer screen. He propped his feet up on his desk, closing out of his word document. It’s not like he got anything done anyway. He glanced out his window and saw the five he knew only as the ‘Guardians.’ The group from grade school. He scoffed, his head resting in his hand. He remembered them all. Jackson, Nick, Anna, Aster, and Sanderson.

Sanderson ManSnoozie. He remembered him most of all. How they used to date in high school. How they used to be glued to each other.

How the Fearlings tore them apart.

Kozmotis had finally given in after they… They ruined everything. Sitting in his room dwelling over it made tears form in his eyes, and his chest start to hurt. He got up and sat on his bed, opening the drawer of his side-table. He pulled out the locket his sister gave him. He popped it open, softly brushing his thumb over the picture of Seraphina. He smiled at it, tucking it back in the drawer after whispering, “I’ll be home soon.” He laid back in bed, letting out yet another sigh, and running a hand through his hair.

Kozmotis stood and walked back outside, past the Guardians. They all gave him a sneer, except for Sanderson. He kept his head down, as the others started talking again, seeing no threat at the moment. As Kozmotis started walking again, a couple of kids from The Fearlings gave him a smirk, one he knew all to well. He blushed a bit, and started shaking slightly as he walked faster, walking straight to the library.
= = = = =
Sandy watched Kozmotis pass by, a sting gripping his heart. What had the Fearlings done that tore Kozzy from him? Or, as everyone knew him now, Pitch Black, due to his dark appearance.

The cold winter breeze startled him from his thoughts, as he excused himself from the group. The Guardians all waved goodbye, turning back to each other.

Sandy hadn’t talked since that day, years ago. He was silent, taking Pitch’s turning as his fault. He watched Pitch go, and decided to follow the tall man. He chuckled to himself, remembering those days when they’d skip class together and go to the counselour’s office.
= = = = =
Kozmotis sat on the swings, not swinging, but just sitting, resting his head in his hands. He stayed that way for a while, until he felt someone pulling his hands off his face.

Kozmotis looked up, and found himself staring into Sandy’s eyes. He bit his lip, guilt and disgust for himself boiling in the pit of his stomach. Sandy gave him a look of pity, wrapping his arms around the lean man. Kozzy tensed up, squeezing his eyes shut, half expecting Sandy to pull back and hit him.

Sandy didn’t however. He simply sat beside Kozzy and looked to his old boyfriend. “What happened Kozzy?”

“No one calls me that anymore.” Kozzy replied bluntly.

“I do. Now tell me what happened!” Sandy looked over to Kozzy, with a frown.

“I-I can’t…” Kozzy admitted, tears already forming in his eyes.

“Why not?”


“Tell me why!!”

“I JUST– Can’t…” Kozzy said, tears starting to stream down his face.

“Kozzy, what…” Sandy walked over, and sat in Kozzy’s lap, facing him. He used his thumb to wipe away a few tears. “It’s okay… You don’t have to tell me.”

Kozzy shook his head, holding Sandy’s hands in his own. “No, I-I should…”

After a long silence, Kozzy finally spoke again, “They… K-Ki-Killed her… S-s-she’s g-gone.” Kozzy’s shoulders trembled as he started to sob. Sandy’s eyes widened at Kozzy’s sudden outburst, and hugged him as a defense.


“Y-Yes.” Kozzy didn’t even give Sandy a chance to finish his sentence.

Seraphina was dead.