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I was wondering if you knew any good online shops that sell fairy kei and decora clothes? owo

yes yes! i bookmark a tooooon haha

this might be a looong list, and most (if not all) consist of all pastel-type kei themes!

*let me note first that EBAY is a really cheap and easy way to get fairy kei clothing and etc!
(hint: i just search the keywords; “kawaii”, “harajuku”, “lolita”, “japanese” and something i like usually comes up. it sounds horrible, but thats the best way i know how to get fairy kei stuff from ebay..!)

(kinda) ORDERED from least to most expensive:

bolded 5 websites that i reaaally like, but haven’t ordered from all of them! these are just suggestions, i didnt say it was gonna be cheap, friendo haha ;w;

hope this helps!! follow me and katie’s fashion blog @teakatstyle !!! <333