I wish I could say this is the first time I’ve had a t-shirt design stolen, but it’s not. However, these people (whoever they are) are definitely the most prolific. They are EVERYWHERE, like cockroaches.

Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Ebay, Store Envy, Ali Express…I’ve found so many places selling this stolen version of my t-shirt design.

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anonymous asked:

I was wondering if you knew any good online shops that sell fairy kei and decora clothes? owo

yes yes! i bookmark a tooooon haha

this might be a looong list, and most (if not all) consist of all pastel-type kei themes!

*let me note first that EBAY is a really cheap and easy way to get fairy kei clothing and etc!
(hint: i just search the keywords; “kawaii”, “harajuku”, “lolita”, “japanese” and something i like usually comes up. it sounds horrible, but thats the best way i know how to get fairy kei stuff from ebay..!)

(kinda) ORDERED from least to most expensive:

bolded 5 websites that i reaaally like, but haven’t ordered from all of them! these are just suggestions, i didnt say it was gonna be cheap, friendo haha ;w;

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