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Pastel Fashion Masterpost

Based upon Pastel Bomb - Fashion Blog

Finally did it. Finally made a clothing & tutorial master post, including all of the references I use. Will be updated as more are discovered. 

Table of Contents: 

♥ Pastel Goth & Nu Goth ♥

  1. Major Shops - General
  2. Major Shops - Shoes
  3. Etsy Shops - General
  4. Etsy Shops - Accessories
  5. Storenvy Shops
  6. Big Cartel Shops

♥ Tutorials ♥

  1. Hair
  2. Make Up
  3. Nails
  4. DIY - Clothing, Accessories, Etc.

♥ Discount Codes ♥

♥ Shopping Blogs ♥

♥ The Master List: ♥☽

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I wish I could say this is the first time I’ve had a t-shirt design stolen, but it’s not. However, these people (whoever they are) are definitely the most prolific. They are EVERYWHERE, like cockroaches.

Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Ebay, Store Envy, Ali Express…I’ve found so many places selling this stolen version of my t-shirt design.

Please reblog and help spread the word if you can

Notice Me, Senpai

“You could use some tan.“ 

My entry for @faith-in-dean‘s May Writing Challenge (Franzi’s Writing Challenge?? I forget the official name, CRAP) I am very unsatisfied with this trash but it’s all my mind spit out. It was supposed to be cute and smutty and it came out the total opposite. I’m so sorry for this fail. -_- also the title because I am weeaboo trash too

Also based slightly off of this post: (

Pairing: Castiel x reader

Word count: 4400 (wtf seriously too much angst)

Warnings: angst, angst, ANGST, fluff :) no smut because I don’t know you guys my mind is smut blocked (please send help)

Tagging: @faith-in-dean @just-an-imagine-blog @netflixandcastiellll and my forever trash list: @thegleegeneration @enaishungry @splendidcas @wingedcheesecakeexpert @slowlywithfreedom @myarchangelgabriel @ariannalikescake @yourmajestyyyymimi @joanne-egberp @feelmyroarrrr @angelofchuck @magnicious @grace-for-sale @smollitalianunitato @mrswhozeewhatsis @castielspahdehrah @mckorni32843

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Wait wait wait WAIT! It’s not a real goodbye. Why? Because I got everything I wanted. I, Leslie Knope, am leaving my job in City Hall. BUT I’m starting a new job at the National Parks Service. BUT I’m staying in Pawnee. BUT I have to say goodbye to you all. BUT as I’ve said it’s not a real goodbye. Understand? I thought so! Well done…you all get gold stars! (Come by my new office to pick up your gold stars.)

But sadly this is my last newsletter. And, let’s be honest, once I’m gone I highly doubt these newsletters will continue. Who would continue them? Ron? Please. Larry? Impossible. Donna? Okay maybe Donna, but it’d just become a gossip column which I’m in favor of when I get to see how stars are just like us. (Sandy Bullock shops for groceries, too!)

Thank you all for being loyal readers and supporters of the Parks Department newsletter. Rest assured that good work will still be done by the wonderful and amazing people who work here. And if you miss them (and me), please stop by City Hall and let them (and me) know how they (and I) can help you.

And warmly,
And sincerely,
And I love you Pawnee,
And ever,
And ever,
Leslie Knope
Former Deputy Director of Parks and Recreation
Former City Councilwoman
Current National Parks Service Regional Director
Obsessed with Ben Wyatt
Fierce friend to Ron Swanson, Ann Perkins, Tom Haverford, April Ludgate, Andy Dwyer, Donna Meagle, and Chris Traeger
Tolerating Larry Gergich
Forever Pawneean

We found Leslie’s final newsletter from 2014!

anonymous asked:

What are your favorite storenvy shops?

Sigh a lot of the ones I used to follow are gone, but here are some (in no particular order): 


Tokyo Dolls / Harajuku Baby ….  Sandys Shop …. Love Junkee

Michelle Mignon …. Lunar Descent …. Melty Dream


Zombie Unicorn Jewelry …. Creepy Little Girl …. Dolly Milk

Creepy Yeha …. Glitter Bandits …. Eye Candy

Witchic Boutique …. Panda Shop …. La Boutique Demone

Black Milk Tea …. Nicole Elaine Closet …. Sweet Spirits

Holy Murasaki …. Kitten’s Playpen …. Angelic Party Shop

Pecha Poffin …. Cute Can Kill ….

Art & Decor:

Jennifer Healy …. Mel Stringer

5 Most Buzzed About Designers at NYFW 

You heard it here first!

New York Fashion Week is EVERYWHERE, taking over your feeds on Instagram and Twitter, flooding your inbox and showing up on the homepages of your favorite magazine websites. 

But which designers should you be keeping your eyes open for? Here’s Wantering’s top 5 most buzzed about designers at NYFW - trust us, you’re going to want their collections in your closet!

1. Alexander Wang

Britt High Heel Pump

Rockie In Pebbled Neptune With Rhodium

2. Wes Gordon

Draped Silk Godet Gown

WES GORDON fox fur trimmed hooded jacket

3. Misha Nonoo

Sheer Stripe Sweater

Novelty Midi With Stretch Organza Insert

4. Jeremy Scott

JEREMY SCOTT ‘Jeremy Scott Wings’ sunglasses

Shrek Face Embroidered Knit Sweater

5. Oscar de la Renta

Oscar de la Renta High-Low Dress with Laser-Cut Hem, Black/White

Sandy Heels

Shop all of New York Fashion Week’s designers in our special #NYFW feature.

SUBMISSION: I work in a shop in Sandy Spring, MD that has a corner with crystals and candles and incense and some other useful items. There’s also sage and bottles for storage. Most of it is under $10, except tarot cards which the highest I think is 30.

Gorgeous picture of Clemmie taken by Liz. She and her friend Gillian took the girls to the children’s museum and park while I went grocery shopping. Sandy sent me with a list: “blueberries, strawberries, blackberries, melon, kiwi, bananas and chicken”.