Jekyll Island Georgia by Sandy Auriene Sullivan
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Weekend inspiration from favorite California destinations

Situated along the rugged Mendocino County coastline just north of the town of Point Arena, the Point Arena-Stornetta public lands are a unique and spectacular area that includes coastal bluffs, the estuary of the Garcia River, sandy beaches and dunes. Photo of Point Arena Lighthouse by Bob Wick, BLM.

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Annabeth lies spread out on the shore, yellow against white against gold, shining brighter than the sun itself, all long lines dipping into soft curves covered by smooth skin. Percy runs his hands over the cage of her ribs, lets his fingers settle into the spaces between them, holds her together. Her pulse beats in her neck and blue veins bloom along the inside of her wrists, rivers with sandy shores. 

When he kisses her she tastes like ice-cream and sunscreen, simultaneously sweet and musky, the freedoms of summer personified.

When he challenges her to a race, Annabeth runs into the ocean at lightning speed, shrieking as the water hits her ankles and the salt melts into her bones. Percy watches her muscles move, flexing as she jumps over the water rolling endlessly to and fro. The waves break against her legs, foam shattering from crisp lines into efflorescent clouds.

Salt settles into her pores and she shines against the sunset. Annabeth turns her head, golden curls fanning out around her shoulders, and she flashes him a smile that makes his heart stop.

Percy chases after her, dips her below the waves, and steals her breath in a kiss that never has to end.


Kamo River by Sandy
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