1991. The Magus

is the debut album by band Sadistik Exekution, the album was recorede back in 1986 and released in 1991.

The band was formed after bass player Dave Slave met vocalist Rok outside an Iron Maiden concert in Sydney in 1985. In Melbourne, they connected with former Slaughter Lord guitarist Sandy Vahdanni and drummer Sloth Monkey, who was Dave Slave’s distant cousin. With this formation, Sadistik Exekution recorded a demo and completed the album The Magus.

Interview with singer ROK “If that whole thing hurt your brain watching, then it is a good place to start for Australia finest and most chaotic group of war misers, Sadistik Execution who is a band which borders on death, black, insanity, and according to the members, total shit. Do not even try to gauge your interest in this band based on this one album as the band says its shit in interviews and the prominent guitarwork is from a member who left after the completion of the record. Approaching this band is like getting closer to a crazy old persons house with the excitement of knowing he could come out that door with a shotgun at any moment.

Sadistik Execution is many things but focused they are not. If we were looking objectively at this record, The Magus embodies Australia’s extreme metal scene as an avatar of chaos. Similar to the fury and speed of Blasphemy’s Fallen Angel of Doom but given much more beer and sent shrieking with laughter in the studio.”

A doodle I did of a FFIV crack-pairing: Sandy Magus x Golbez (aka Theodore Harvey).

(Because they are both twice as tall as everyone else on their planet, they’ve both spent a lot of time hanging around the Tower of Zot, and both have worked for a villain then moved to the side of good.)

Sandy’s look here is a mix of her FFIV look and her FFX look:

Amano’s artwork of the Magus sisters for FFIC (Sandy is on the right)

External image

Magus sisters summoned in FFX (Sandy is centre, behind Yuna)

Meanwhile, Golbez’s (sans-armour) look is from The After Years:

External image

(It’s one of his costumes in Dissidia 012)

Eh, enjoy?