okay top 25 most played albuns of 2017 updated for august
  1. lorde - melodrama
  2. daddy issues - deep dream
  3. kendrick lamar - DAMN.
  4. japanese breakfast - soft sounds from another planet
  5. julie byrne - not even happiness
  6. conor oberst - salutations
  7. hand habits - wildly idle (humble before the void)
  8. beach boys - 1967 - sunshine tomorrow
  9. haim - something to tell you
  10. frontier ruckus - enter the kingdom
  11. waxahatchee - out in the storm
  12. declan mckenna - what do you think about the car?
  13. ryan adams - prisoner
  14. (sandy) alex g - rocket
  15. sampha - process
  16. big thief - capacity
  17. nana grizol - ursa minor
  18. marika hackman - i’m not your man
  19. peter silberman - impermanence
  20. einar stray orchestra - dear bigotry
  21. drake - more life
  22. girlpool - powerplant
  23. black kids - rookie
  24. mountain goats - goths
  25. lana del rey - lust for life

(Sandy) Alex G - Change My Mind (Unreleased/The Skin Cells)

I learned a thing or two from you
Don’t let them in don’t push them through
There is a place inside my mind
It’s where I go to pass the time
The time

I am not pushing you away
I’m just living in yesterday
I wish you’d hold me like you would
Before you knew I was no good
No good

There is a problem with your blood
It’s clotting up it’s made of mud
I want to drain it out of you
And drink it down and be blood too
Blood too

There is a problem with your head
You can’t bring yourself out of bed
I want to lie there next to you
And make you laugh like I used to
Used to

I’m going back but it’s not through time
Don’t wake me up don’t change my mind
Change my mind
Change my mind

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Underwater Kisses

When Eren brings up the idea, Levi can’t believe his ears. Who the hell would even think of something so ridiculous??

Yet here he is in his tiny black swim trunks, watching Eren kick off his sandals. Just below his gorgeous abs sit the most hideous pair of neon yellow shorts. After a bit of a struggle, Eren finally manages to get the shoes off and give Levi a thumbs up.

Levi tip toes in slowly at first, but the push from behind rushes his descent until he’s chest deep in freezing cold water. He opens his mouth to complain to Eren, but before he gets a single word out he’s suddenly being dragged under.

At the last second Levi manages a deep gasp of air, preventing his death by water when Eren tugs him down into the freezing depths of the ocean.

Levi’s left completely blind, his eyes shut tight against the salty water. Holding his breath, Levi kicks slightly forward and angles his head in hopes of getting close to Eren.

Doing the same, Eren meets Levi halfway and presses his lips on his. It’s an odd sensation, the cold water taking away the typical soft warmth Eren’s lips carry. Still, there’s something exhilarating about it.

Shortly after they part, Levi kicks off the sandy bottom to rocket toward the air above. He breaks the surface with a gasp of air, his wet hair blocking his vision. Sputtering a bit, he struggles to brush it out of his eyes before Eren attacks him again.

With a tug on his hand and a failed attempt at regaining his vision, Levi succumbs to his underwater fate. If it’s underwater kisses Eren wants, it’s the best damn underwater kisses he gets. After all, he’s waited his whole life to experience the ocean.

(I don’t normally do canon stuff but I liked the concept of underwater kisses and Eren celebrating their freedom in the ocean with the person he cares most about)