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9:13AM: The Coffee Club ☕

Sandy has a job interview later today! She was having a pretty bad morning until @dreamteamsims arrived to save the day! 

I actually do have a job interview tomorrow, although unlike Sandy, it’s for a position at a Golf Resort. I’m pretty nervous, but excited too! If I get the job I’ll be there in time to work The Masters!


This Naruto rewatch has been particularly enriching \\\٩(๑•̀ㅂ•́)و////

Rad Things In The SpongeBob Musical: Act One

long list but i want to share my feels
link to rad things in act two


  • spongebob characters are real guys and the actors are them
  • i can’t hear a difference in the voices- it’s sooo on point???
  • no mascot costumes - all disneybound kind of outfits. I want Sandy’s shirt. i want spongebob’s sweater vest.
  • random pop and lock dance in the first song
  • the production values on point??? cartoon sound effects down to their footsteps??? great lighting??? it’s more technicolor than the wizard of oz
  • “helllooooo ladderrrrrrr”
  • “in the wORLD RENOWNED…
  • BFF song is so cute and pure
  • bfffffffftttttt
  • patrick’s surprisingly cute country twang in his voice like !!!
  • “we’re best friends and this is the friend dance we’re best friends and this is the friend dance we’re best friends and this is the friends and this is the friend dance WE’RE BEST FRIENDS AND
  • spongebob’s actor got some pipes dude
  • “the end is coming” is such a surprisingly haunting tune like duuuude
  • “until bikini bottom’s gone, let’s all keep calm and carry oooonnnn AHHHHHHHH
  • “nooooo controooooooollllllllll” david bowie yes please
  • sponge man doing a slow split while belting his heart out yEAH YOU DESERVE THAT APPLAUSE HONEY
  • like this song is them reacting to the fact a volcano is going to blow up and destroy bikini bottom like 
  • “what’s the problem here?”
  • “haven’t ya bEeN WATCHIN’?!!?
  • spongebob supporting sandy even if he has no idea what she’s talking about is so cute and i’m????
  • plankton is just a guy in a green snazzy suit holding a small plankton doll and he has a cool rap and some pretty smooth mooves
  • spongebob raps: is this a HaMiLtOn ReFeReNcE???
  • “oh leet’s gooo and be gonnnee”
  • spongebob wants to save the town while everyone is convinced to leave
  • squidward’s little hand shaking thing in the song like what are you doing hon
  • “i don’t even haaveee sleeves. oohhhhh OOHHHHHHH
  • such smooth moves
  • spongebob is a three dimensional character??? like he rejects everyone’s interpretation of him??? there’s more to spongebob than constant optimism??? and it’s implied that it bothers him that people can’t see past that???? yes?????
  • “sandy’s brains…. plus patrick’s brawn…. plus myyyy….. well i’m not sure what my thing is, but that won’t stop me. when the going get’s tough THIS SPONGE GETS GOING”
  •  “no i’m not a simPLE SPOOOONNNGEEEEEEE
  • the comedy is on point- this can be a real episode man
  • the money song isn’t so rad but pearl’s voice is great???
  • plankton and karen are rekindling their relationship and it’s adorable
  • volcano eruptions include giant rube goldberg machines and giant ball
  • hero is my middle name is such a cute rockin’ song
  • spongebob and sandy are so cute like oh my word
  • three part harmonies are mUY JAM
  • jelly fish fields
  • squidward’s sass (and his 4 legs costume is so cool???)
  • patrick having a rad gospel song
  • one of them actors has to be pentecostal i recognize an apostolic jam when i see one
  • the volcano rocks falling are just dodgeballs, but it still looks devastating
  • the whole cast singing about their possible last day on earth like???
  • i can’t believe a musical about spongebob has legit serious moments and it’s so interesting seeing these characters deal with the possible “end of the world” while still being in character??? Like, Spongebob and Sandy are doing the best they can to save the town. Mr. Krabs is exploiting the end to sell more Krabby Pattys. Squid wants one more chance to perform on stage before the end. Plankton is trying to use this situation to his advantage.
  • it’s the best dark fic
  • dark reprise is legit haunting
  • “enjoy your last intermission…. ever”