P.P. Arnold, Spencer Davies, Dean of St paul’s Cathedral Reverend Martin Sullivan and a Go Go dancer Sandie Sargeant (left).
All proceeds will go towards Christian Aid, Oxfam and Shelter charities September 1968 (Photo by Daily Mirror)

The opposite signs as iconic movie couples

Aries x Libra: Han Solo and Princess Leia

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Taurus x Scorpio: Jane and John (Mr. and Mrs. Smith)

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Gemini x Sagittarius:  Johnny and Baby (Dirty Dancing)

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Cancer x Capricorn: Allie and Noa (The Notebook)

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Leo x Aquarius: Sandy and Danny (Grease)

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Virgo x Pisces: Jack and Rose (Titanic)

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The Mainstream Media has been caught faking news countless times, which had serious consequences worldwide:

1. CNN caught producing fake news during the Gulf War
2. CNN caught producing fake news during the Syrian conflict
3. CNN caught producing fake news during Sandy Hook and Boston Marathon “Bombing”
4. Former CNN journalist: “CNN is paid by foreign and domestic government agencies for specific content”
5. FOX News - and all other news agencies - are ‘corporate persons’ and can LEGALLY LIE their viewers
6. New York Times openly admits MSM stories are scripted by the White House
7. MSM censored/ignored a shocking admission of highest level Turkish false flag against Syria, which would have triggered a war between the two nations
8. 4 Examples of Mainstream Media Fabricating News to Push for War
9. BBC Journalist Comes Clean: 'Believe Nothing You Read Or Watch’