i draw the cute twin with untie sandy and with mum aiiro °W° amber and lucida are so cute   te-he but my favorite is amber she look like a cute little punk °W° awwwwwwee 

and she make me think of a little shick (that why i make a little wip from  five night at freddy you kow the let’s eat on the thing of chic °W°) 

all the character here belong to @troublesister hope you like it °W°

While the bass is sounding, while the drums are pounding
Beatings of my broken heart will rise the first place of the charts,
My heart arranges, oh, those magic changes    

A happy Valentine’s Day to you all!

I’ve missed my babies. I’ve been waiting to do the Grease/Zutara mashup since I saw Grease Live and I loved this scene to bits. 

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