sandy x pitch


“I am no fool. I know your mind is twisted with pain and your soul black from the madness. I know enough about your fate to realize you will never come back… Even so, there is something stirring inside of me.

Every grain of sand holds a dream, maybe mine is there too? I suppose it would make sense. This dream of mine, a childish stardust of imagination digging into my ear. A dream of forgiving, cleansing, of coming to one’s senses. This dream of mine. It will never be true. Yet, I will keep dreaming. Because without dreams, there is no hope. Not for me.

I am sorry. My dreams are but sand, running through your helpless mind. I cannot help you. For that, I am sorry.”

HAHA I just read the fourth Guardians novel and my hand slipped OTL


Sandy, to me, seems basically ancient and has the wise mind of a man who has seen and experienced a lot. He looks tiny and may act childish but in the end he will always be the most mature of the two. He gets all his needs from the dreams he create, he drinks from a dream cup made of golden sand and seem to be a very spiritual being who doesn’t need to eat or get sexual satisfaction in the way others do. (Even though he is still warm and loving and probably would enjoy kissing, cuddling and maybe even a nibble).

However, he knows very well that this is not the case for the Boogeyman. Even though Sandy would not need any sexual attention himself, he finds it satisfying and very enjoyable to give Pitch what he needs. Of course, this only happens if Sandy wants to, Pitch may be powerful but he will have a very hard time to get his will across if Sandy does not approve. The conclusion of this is that Sandy will always be the one in charge and Pitch will have to obey. This does of course not mean Sandy is mean to him or anything. If Pitch does not enjoy himself, then what is the point? The tools for satisfaction may be what you wish; hands, sand, those badass whips, etc.

This headcanon does not include an explanation for how they come to desire one another nor who has the idea to begin with. What I want to express with this is solemnly the fact that for me, Sandy is a calm and collected bamf with no sexual desires directed to his own being. Pitch is his guilty pleasure and just as a bonus; I imagine that after the act, Pitch just lies there trying to get himself together while Sandy sits/lies there, calmly waiting for him so that they can kiss good-bye properly. Though if Sandy has the time, he might even cuddle up and fall asleep next to his nemesis.

I’m sorry but I had to share this with you guys, this thought has been on my mind the entire day!