sandy victims

It’s been 3 years since Sandy Hook and Americans STILL don’t get it. What exactly is the importance of you owning a gun? How, exactly, would a limitation on sales, stringent background checks and the banning of assault rifles infringe on your civil liberties? Why must you persistently insist that you need the freedom to buy and sell weapons which time and time and time again cause the deaths of innocent bystanders? Is your ability to buy, sell and own a gun truly worth the deaths of men, women and children?

The British aren’t going to rock-up on your shores forcing you to run to the aid of your nation with a rifle. Wake the FUCK up and realise those children in Sandy Hook, the victims in Charleston, in the Fort Hood shooting, in Tucson, in Aurora, in the Sikh Temple shooting, the Navy Yard shooting, the Planned Parenthood shooting - THEY SHOULD NOT HAVE DIED JUST SO YOU CAN REMAIN ‘FREE’. FREEDOM AND GUN OWNERSHIP ARE NOT ONE AND THE SAME THING.