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Columbine, Virginia Tech, Utoya and Sandy Hook victims ;c


I was too young to remember CHS and VT, but I remember Utoya and sandy Hook :( youngest Utoya victims were 14, same as me that tim in 2011 :(

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they weren't fucking victims in the shooting regardless of if they kilt theirselves or not. tell lil mama fighting with rebsgodess to shut they ass up

exactly. I mean yeah they were obviously victims of bullying and columbines toxic environment, but how does that equal being victims of themselves going to school with guns and shooting people? do y'all think Adam lanza was a Sandy hook victim too???

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Things you hate about: Mainstream media

Oh-ho-ho mon ami you have no idea

Things I Hate About Mainstream Media

-making money off of tragedies with no regard for the wellbeing of victims (see: sandy hook and columbine school shootings, killings of black people by the police, and pretty much any murder)

-the general lack of representation (or accurate representation) of minorities in the media

-pretty much any kind of justifying racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, and so on

-the whole sjw vs anti-sjw thing, and how people act like there’s no in between

-propaganda aka “fake news” (pretty much all news sources are biased towards one side or the other)

-acting like all anarchists, communists, or anyone other than capitalists, are violent or just generally “bad”

-gay people being seen as too explicit for children

-hating on millennials and teenagers, acting like they’re self-obsessed, stupid, easily offended for no reason, or are what’s wrong with the world (they’re not. a lot of them are actually incredibly smart, open-minded, talented, and just generally awesome)

-forgetting about tragedies and crimes way too soon, especially if they are crimes committed against minorities 

-~everything is sexual~

-i know i said it already but: political propaganda. it’s incredibly harmful, especially when it isn’t explicitly mentioned that it’s propaganda for something, like some kind of political party, movement, or cause

-the bad actions of a member of a minority represents the entire minority all of the sudden (see: islamophobia, gay people are all very explicit and sexual, black people are all violent, and other bullshit)

-likely a lot more but that’s all i have the energy to even think about right now

Send me something and I’ll tell you some things I hate about it

I Have Spent Over A Year Lurking In The Columbine Tag And Related Fandoms-Here's What I Saw

1: Insults aimed at a fifteen-year-old child who took her own life.

2: Jokes made at the expense of Craig Scott.

3: A pair of girls visiting the site of the Sandy Hook shooting, in the middle of the night, without proper authorisation, and taking selfies there.

4: More jokes, made about the victims of Sandy Hook.

5: Endless protestations that Eric and Dylan were victims too.

6: Harassment of Dave Cullen on Twitter, whose only crime was to write a book which didn’t paint the shooters in a forgiving or positive light.

#7: Making light of an incident in which Brooks Brown, a former friend of the killers, propositioned an underage girl on this very website.

8: Memes made about the Colorado theatre shooting, e.g. THE PEOPLE IN COLORADO PAID FOR A FULL MOVIE, BUT THEY ONLY GOT A FEW CLIPS.

9: Rampant cyberbullying, allegedly perpetuated by a woman married with children, directed at a schoolgirl.

10: A toxic general online environment, where suicide is, at best, treated as a viable option.

11: A fanfiction wherein Eric Harris molests a ten-year-old James Holmes. (It also had a sequel.)

11b: A fanfiction wherein Eric Harris rapes his grandfather.

11c: A fanfiction in which Harris and Klebold, aged thirteen apiece, participate in distinctly adult foreplay.

11d: A fanfiction in which Eric Harris is raped by an army sergeant.

11e: An online fanvid, made with Sim avatars, in which Dave Cullen is stated to be sleeping with the seventeen-year-old Dylan Klebold.

11f: A fanfiction (which was later find-replaced to remove any Columbine connotations and can be bought on Amazon) which depicts an abusive relationship between Harris and Klebold and tries to pass it off as true love.

12: A woman seen on a community video, holding up her hand to the camera to show the loveheart doodled there and saying, “I’m forty-six….and I love you!” It’s unclear whether she’s addressing Harris (eighteen) or Klebold (seventeen).

13: A real-life incident in which a fully-fledged Columbiner named James Gamble, who took his own life to avoid going through with a Columbine-inspired attack in Nova Scotia.

14: A few Tumblr blogs, which appear to be run by middle-aged women, extolling unhealthy sexual thoughts and feeling towards Harris (eighteen) and Klebold (seventeen).

There will be more. There will always be more. This community is by far the worst that I have ever seen on the surface web. If you need links, please message me and I’ll tell you which blogs to visit.

Avielle Richman, one of the 27 victims of the Sandy Hook Shooting that occured on December 14th, 2012.

First, her teacher was shot to death, then the children, including Avielle, began running and screaming in the classroom. The gunman proceeded to shoot Avielle and 4 of her young classmates. None of them survived.


16 year old junior Maren Sanchez was stabbed to death by a 16 year old male named Chris Plaskon on Friday morning, 4/25/14, at Jonathan Law High School in Milford, CT. She was supposed to attend her junior prom the same evening. There are no words which can describe such heartfelt loss and tragedy. Another young victim of senseless violence taken much too soon. There are still many raw feelings in the world, the US, and Connecticut in light of the recent school massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, CT. Many concerned thoughts, prayers, and condolences are with her family and friends. Their anguish must still be hard to bear..

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How could you not support gun control when the parents of the victims of sandy hook still mourn for their children every single day. Could you look the survivors of the movie theater shooting in the eyes and say that you oppose gun control? Honestly, if you feel this way about guns, why stop there? Might as well let anybody have nuclear weapons, right? No one wants to take away your right to own a gun, the goal is to make sure they're in the right hands.

Another gun control advocate standing on the graves of the Sandy Hook victims to bully their way to more meaningless legislation. 

Tell me, which LAW would have stopped that horrible mass shooting so that the gun was in the “right hands” ? 

Gun control has proven to be ineffective. 

It’s been 3 years since Sandy Hook and Americans STILL don’t get it. What exactly is the importance of you owning a gun? How, exactly, would a limitation on sales, stringent background checks and the banning of assault rifles infringe on your civil liberties? Why must you persistently insist that you need the freedom to buy and sell weapons which time and time and time again cause the deaths of innocent bystanders? Is your ability to buy, sell and own a gun truly worth the deaths of men, women and children?

The British aren’t going to rock-up on your shores forcing you to run to the aid of your nation with a rifle. Wake the FUCK up and realise those children in Sandy Hook, the victims in Charleston, in the Fort Hood shooting, in Tucson, in Aurora, in the Sikh Temple shooting, the Navy Yard shooting, the Planned Parenthood shooting - THEY SHOULD NOT HAVE DIED JUST SO YOU CAN REMAIN ‘FREE’. FREEDOM AND GUN OWNERSHIP ARE NOT ONE AND THE SAME THING.