sandy the huntail

Name: Sandy Marina

Species: Huntail

Type: Water

Nature: Docile


  1. Ice Fang
  2. Aqua Tail
  3. Icy Wind
  4. Dive

Level: 83

Gender: ♂

His bite is much, much worse than his bark, but fortunately he’s much sweeter than he looks.

A good-natured Water-Type who lives in an underwater air-pocketed cavern. He has a great love for sewing and has dreams of becoming a designer, though his colour blindness hinders him greatly. In the meantime he does flower arrangements.

He claims his hair is cut stylishly at all times, but in all actuality he just can’t cut his hair correctly so he always ends up making the left side longer than the right by accident. Due to being adapted to living in very high-pressure, low-light deep sea trenches, his eyesight is completely abysmal. He completely depends on the glasses he wears for proper sight. Think Velma from Scooby Doo.

His teeth are more than a little intimidating, but his personality doesn’t match them at all.

That doesn’t mean he’s completely helpless, though. His most favoured tactic when assaulted is to freeze the opponent solid before fleeing, as he thinks it causes the least amount of confrontation.