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Behind the Scenes of The Unicorn and the Wasp (Part Four)

Excerpts from Jason Arnopp’s article in DWM 396:

DWM: Flashback time: what’s your favorite Doctor Who memory?

David Tennant: Hmmm, gonna say… the trailers for Terror of the Zygons. Because I was just old enough, for the first time, to kind of know what that meant. I could only have been five or something, but I knew that the trailers meant this show that I was becoming very passionate about, was coming back on TV. I couldn’t tell you what was in the actual trailers, but I think there were a few point-of-view slots thought the eyes of the deer’s head on the wall.

DWM: Flashback time: what’s your favorite Doctor Who memory?

Sandy McDonald (David’s Dad): I suppose The Christmas Invasion.  As David has said many times in Doctor Who Magazine, he’s been a Doctor Who fan from the moment he was old enough to watch and take part: even before he went to primary school. As he grew up, of course he wanted to be an actor and he fulfilled that. But the Doctor Who thing was always there: he’s had all the books and the early tapes, and still has a massive collection of that. So when Christopher Eccleston chose to move on and David got the opportunity, it seemed like a dream come true. When the Christmas episode came on, we were all together as a family and there he was, as Doctor Who. That was a very special time, which David even filmed for his video-diary on Series Two.

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A Picnic and a Present

Part two of the mini prom thing with @asksandyshores and I! Written by Amish under the cut! Part one right here!

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Wip - Decor Kitchen Stuff

Standing/sitting (however you see it) burlap sack with eggs/potatoes. Now to do a wire egg basket. Little more complicated and will probably have to be high in polys depending on how I do construct it. But I think I can pull it off. I’ll do that tomorrow. Gotta go do some house stuff and go pick the Munchkin up from school. Cheep! 

@neon-ryan i don’t personally ship them since pearl is a high school student, but i think it would be so cute if she had a little crush on sandy and was her most dedicated insta-follower / alt. title ‘in which pearl is me’. i hope its ok!!!