sandy rosario

Sandy Rosario: An OTFB Special Investigation

Even as a baseball fan, if you hadn’t heard of Sandy Rosario until a few weeks ago, you weren’t alone. Over the last three seasons, comprising his total career in the Majors, Rosario has pitched 7.2 innings, allowed 22 hits and 13 ER, and he sports a 4/3 K/BB ratio. He’s a 27 year-old righty with a 3.26 WHIP and has bounced around to quite a few teams over the past few months. But here’s the thing about Sandy Rosario: he doesn’t exist.

OTFB launched a special investigation based on information provided by an anonymous source, and the results, reported here, are shocking. Calls to several Major League Baseball teams led our reporting team to multiple dead ends and no contact with Rosario.

It all started in October, when the Red Sox claimed Rosario off of waivers from the Marlins. Boston then traded him to the As in November, he was put onto waivers, and the Red Sox re-claimed him. The Red Sox proceeded to put Rosario back on waivers, and he was then claimed by the Cubs.

That’s where the story stands. Or does it?

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