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I need to move lmao 🏠

Some of you guys will remember those crazy newlyweds I had as neighbours? Who kept kicking each other out the house and then calling the cops on each other almost every night?? Well they’ve been no bother for weeks now but today, I came home and some some lady had parked her huge white, private reg Range Rover in my space. So I confronted her about it and asked her, very nicely, how long she was going to be because you know it’s MY space. And she said that all the spaces at her house were full so she was entitled to park wherever she wanted. And I was getting very annoyed because on our street every house has a garage and two parking spaces each and then there’s communal parking for overflow at the end so I said she should really park there. But she said she couldn’t park there because last week a car had been hit whilst parked in the overflow area and she didn’t want her car getting damaged. So I asked her if she expected me to park there because SHE’D parked in my space? And she said, and I quote, “I don’t give a f*cking sh*t where you park” and just shut the door. And now I’ve come home all mad and ready to blog about it xD But the thing is?? I live in a sweet little English village with less than 1000 people ?? How on earth have I been stuck with such crazy and obnoxious neighbours???? ugh


This is the moment I’ve been waiting for…

This is A Final message to Sandy and her sister

Regardless if things “passed” This video was made for reasons that will be said in the video. Watch it and then…



Thank you. 

Special thanks to my buddy @thenamesjunkie01 for making this video a reality and posting it. I’m glad I could help. <3

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I dont like to post much about these things (i feel like i should) but im so fucking sick and tired of this country not doing shit after terrorists commit such violent crimes such as what happened in Las Vegas. People shouldn’t be afraid to have a good time nor should they be blaming other races/religions/etc for what happened. Stop being ignorant and start being informed. And I don’t understand why it cant get through congress’s heads that after Sandy Hook that we need gun control. Why was it that children and teachers get killed, minorities get killed, concert goers get killed, fathers, mothers, relatives, and other loved ones get murdered for absolutely nothing and nothing about these “gun laws” gets changed to make it a better place. Not only them, but our # 45 needs to attempt to do something to change things for the better of the people. So yeah, im really fucking done with this country and i just want the people who are supposed to help protect us to do it.

-An upset teen

you know what, as much as i love ashton, i gotta admit that i’m pretty fucking tired of him repeatedly knocking his own fans simply because majority of them are young females. not only is it incredibly misogynistic of him to undermine female opinions, it’s also incredibly stupid if he wants to keep to his beloved career afloat. he’s alienting the most influential demography because he’s under the impression that we only care about cute boys and silly things, instead of the things he deems “important” (which is incredibly shitty of him tbh but also super misguided). i hate that he reduces his entire fanbase to “chicks” because not only does he actually have fans besides females, but the term itself also holds an incredibly negative connotation. basically according to ashton, music isn’t “real music” until it’s been acknowledged by a predominantly male audience and that’s just plain sexist. i realize that his comments are probably not intended to be harmful, as he’s a white cis male who probably doesn’t know any better, but that’s a shit excuse because people have spoke up and tried to educate him before, yet he keeps saying the same shit. honestly i love him to death and i would die to defend him, but his attitude towards all of this is just not okay.



“My role in this story is over now. But I have faith that my actions will be the cornerstone of the hope of the world. And if that indeed happens… praise me. Tell everyone of my feats. Raise statues to me. Worship me. Call me… Super High School Level Hope.” - dedicated to Sandy


Spending my lovely Valentine’s day catching up on Soryu’s stories and stuffing myself with macarons. Today is the most appropriate day to play the Valentine’s sub story, 魅惑のチョコに酔わされて. I included the translations in the captions. I wanted new CGs but they reused Soryu’s epilogue image, oh well, hes hot either way. (๑>ᴗ<๑)

Anyways~ Happy Valentine’s Day Everyone *:・(*´ω`p♡q゛

キャアアア!!私のダーリン、蒼龍さんだ~ 彼がすごく甘い。(〃艸〃)

It always bothers me when people rant about Sandy changing for Danny in Grease, but totally ignore the fact that he also tried his best to change for her.

The T-Birds were all about rebelling against pretty much everything, and being too cool for school. To not only go in for sport, but to be involved in it to the point of getting a letterman jacket was basically the equivalent of Sandy getting her black-leather-badass on. Only with a lot more work than getting  makeover.

Danny went in the opposite direction from Sandy. He wanted to be what he thought she would like, so he became an athlete for her. And more than that, he went out in public to let her see it, risking the insults and mockery of his peers.