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“The stars dust gold leafing on his skin. And we are looking at each other, just looking, and I swear there are whole lifetimes lived in those small, shared moments.” — The Gentleman’s Guide to Vice and Virtue by Mackenzi Lee

Weekend inspiration from favorite California destinations

Situated along the rugged Mendocino County coastline just north of the town of Point Arena, the Point Arena-Stornetta public lands are a unique and spectacular area that includes coastal bluffs, the estuary of the Garcia River, sandy beaches and dunes. Photo of Point Arena Lighthouse by Bob Wick, BLM.

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Sandie Shaw at the Paris airport on the occasion of a television show ‘La Grande Farandole’.. Photo by Jean-Claude Deutsch (Paris Match), April 13, 1967

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Day 28 • Colourful Cover

A rainbow of colourful covers.