sandy is my favorite


“Adrift in Memories over Paris” by Sandi Snow of Lutz, Florida.

This is my personal favorite from the Florida Competition (aside from mine, of course). I love all of Sandi’s work, and this one has such ease and charm to it.

The background fabric is actually a print of a French map, and I love how she achieved the tucks in the balloon’s ribbon. Her border is absolutely perfect.

Photo taken at World Quilt Show Florida, 2017.

4 years together
We fell into each other quickly
So. Much. Laughter.
We moved 500 miles away from everyone, to the coast
Sandy nights full of bliss
He proposed as my favorite planet was exactly above us shining bright.
But things changed
He was homesick
He hated the heat and missed the mountains
He missed his family
People grow and you just…you just never know if it’ll be in the same direction
We loved each other but love isn’t enough
We wanted different things
We wanted different paths
Our fighting from the struggle to save our relationship led to him briefly texting another girl….

I left.

We couldn’t keep prolonging the inevitable.
We parted amicably
Both wishing so much it had worked out

This was the last message I ever received from him

I still wish him the best

((Music: Danny Elfman - Kidnap the Sandy Claws))

Finally drew my favorite character ^w^ I mean, how often do you see a walking bathtub. ;)

(Done with mechanical pencils and Gimp)
- Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas