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A-Z Tag!

I was tagged by my fave @sandy-sims! Thanks so much 😄

a / age: 22 (sometimes I feel old on tumblr lol) 
b / biggest fear: Failure. And also snakes. Oh my god, snakes. I’m petrified. 
c / current time: 8:07pm
d / drink you had last: Water (because I’m lame and it’s like all I drink)
e / everyday starts with: Pressing snooze at least once, getting ready in like 5 mins, checking tumblr, then leaving for a work!
f / favourite song: atm it’s Bleeding Heart by Regina Spektor
g / ghosts are real? Mmm no? I haven’t thought a lot on this topic
h / hometown: A town in southern Ontario, Canada 🍁
i / in love with: My sweet sweet girlfriend (of 3 years 😮)!
j / jealous of: Mmm this could get really deep and personal real quick because I’m kind of a very internally jealous person. Mainly people who don’t have depression and anxiety I guess. 
k / killed someone: Haha omg no
l / last time you cried: Yesterday. It was… a very bad day. 
n / number of siblings: Five! Holy moly 😛
o / one wish: maintain a decent amount of happiness throughout my life (if I only had one)
p / person you last called/texted: My mama!
q / questions you’re always asked: “Do you speak French?” I live in Montreal. And no, sadly, I do not speak French. 
s / song last sang: Older and Taller by Regina Spektor. I’m on a bit of a kick right now, can you tell?
u / underwear colour: Embarrassing gay sounding plaid underwear. Lol why?
v / vacation destination: Mmm I want to go back to Costa Rica so bad right now!
w / worst habit: Tearing my self down, procrastinating, over analyzing every. fucking. thing. 
x / xrays you have had: Oh god I can’t even think of one. Like do dental x rays count? lol
y / your favourite food: Oh my god dumplings maybe? (WHY! Why is there no dumpling emoji?!?) Also like seafood or…oh wait! Chocolate! I have such a big sweet tooth. 🍫
z / zodiac sign: Taurus/Gemini cusp!

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so my friend sandy makes these bags among many other things and she is awesome and super talented !

if any of you guys are looking for a cute little bag (either for yourself or as a gift) i couldn’t recommend these more!! they are so well-made and clever and amazing yep yep.

and you can never have too many arrested development-related items AMIRITE

check out sandy’s etsy here
dark blue bag [[new and fab]]
light blue bag [[the original and still fab]]


i got to see NU’EST live tonight!! aaahh, i feel kinda undeserving bc i hardly knew the band ow o;;

the show was amazing tho!! admission was free and i couldnt pass up the chance to see a kpop group live!! i went in completely blind, i had never heard their music before. i rly liked their songs tho and i plan to look them up in the next few days!!