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monsta x as the 7 boyfriends that you date in your lifetime

Hyungwon: The High School Boyfriend

You had the biggest crush on him since the beginning of freshman year. sophomore year came and you still haven’t worked up the courage to ask him out. I mean how can you since he’s Mr. Popular and captain of the soccer team who always has a huge following of fangirls after him. But one day you gave yourself a pep-talk and told yourself to stop being shy and that sophomore year was the year you get yourself a boyfriend. When biology class came, you went straight to Hyungwon’s desk, sat down next to him and asked, “Do you like Messi?” He squinted at you and his the corners of his mouth slowly turned up, “Are you hitting on me?” Your eyes grew big and you stammered, “Wh- uh what do you mean? I’m just asking a soccer question, since you’re a soccer player.” You tried to play it off, but he wasn’t buying it. Feeling your cheeks burning, you got up to leave, but Hyungwon’s long arm grabbed your elbow and sat you down. “Not so fast,” he grinned playfully. “Do it again.” You froze, “What?” He laughed, “That cute flirting technique that you just pulled on me. Do it again.”

Jooheon: The Childhood Friend Turned Boyfriend

“I have something to say,” Jooheon declared as he pushed you on the swings. It was the summer before college/university started and both Jooheon and you were at an empty playground spending the first days of summer together. You guys both went to different high schools, so natually you both didn’t have the time to hangout much due to different schedules and school work. You laughed, “You’ve always said what was on your mind. You don’t have to tell me that you are going to say something.” You were more focused on swinging higher. “Hey, push me higher, Jooheon!” He cleared his throat as you swung back towards him and he quuickly said, “I like you.” As soon as he confessed, he gave you a strong push, but due to his unexepcted words, you lost your grip on the ropes and flew out of the swings landing hard on the sandy floor. Annoyed, you yelled, “Are you sure you like me?! You almost killed me!” Jooheon ran to you, taking your hands and brushing the sand off of you. “I am so sorry! Are you hurt anywhere? Are you bleeding? Do you need to go to the hospital? Wait, let me call 911!” You smiled at how adorably protective and concerned Jooheon can get over the smallest accidents. You slowly realized his feelings for you, as yours for his. “That was such a romantic confession,” you laughed as he pulled you up. Jooheon scratched the back of his neck, “Can I get a do-over?” You crossed your arms, “Are you gonna push me off a cliff as your finale?” Jooheon shyly smiled and adjusted his snapback, “No… I wrote you a rap.” He looked down onto the floor and kicked the sand, “I composed it a while back, but you were dating that Hyungwon kid, so I didn’t have a chance.” 

Kihyun: The College/University Boyfriend

You quickly stumbled up the stairs as you make your way up to the second floor library. You were supposed to meet up with Kihyun to work on a physics project together 30 minutes ago, but you oversleep from pulling an all-nighter to finish up an English essay. You made quiet steps towards where Kihyun was sitting who was busily typing away loudly on his laptop. You slowly unpacked your things, careful not to disturb him. “Just unpack quickly so we can get started,” he said. You were startled by his abrupt words and accidently dropped your heavy physics textbook. “Sorry!” you whispered loudly, picking up your book and oh-so-carefully placing it on the table. He sighed, closed his eyes, and fixed his glasses, “I hope you will take this project seriously because I can’t get anything below an A in this class.”  Feeling denfensive you said, “Hey, I’m just as serious as you are in doing well in this class.” He ignored you and took a sip of his Americano, “I can’t believe I got stuck with you.” You glared at him, “Well if you didn’t came to class late at the same time I was, the professor wouldn’t have paired us together in the first place.” Kihyun’s eyes shifted back and forth. “Why were you even late anyways? You were always the first in class. You’re basically asking to be paired up with me.” Kihyun jutted back sounding flustered, “Well, why are you always late anyways?” You sighed, “It’s the second semester of university and I still don’t have my life together.” Kihyun sensed your stress as you massaged your temples. He hesitated for a moment but then asked, “Wanna go for karaoke?” You scrunched your eyebrows at him, “What? Karaoke? But we have a project to do.” Kihyun started packing so you started packing too. “Really? Right now? Hey, wait up” and you followed Kihyun out of the library doors. You and Kihyun sang at the karaoke for 2 hours straight. You collasped onto the couch and called out to Kihyun with your tired lungs to stop the music. “I can’t sing anymore. Let’s call it day.” Kihyun sat down next to you, “You feel better after all that singing and screaming?” You smiled, “Yes, thanks to you.” Kihyun patted you on the shoulder, “I’ll see you tomorrow again to work on the project.” 

The next morning you woke up to the sound of your cellphone. You reached over to your nightstand and grabbed your phone. “Hello?” You jolted up hearing Kihyun’s voice, “You’re 1 hour late, then that means you should spend 1 more hour with me.” You were about to apoligize but you sense a bit of flirtation from him. You squinted, “Are you fliritng with me, Kihyun?”

I.M: The Musician Boyfriend

You swayed slowly to the beat at your school’s music festival. “Quit being emo,” your friend said louldy over the EDM music. “I brought you here to help you get over your breakup with Kihyun. But why are you so sad anyways? You broke up with him.” You breathed in and breathed out, “Every breakup is hard, whether who breaks up with who.” The music stopped and a slim figured boy walked confidenly onto the stage. A slow beat started and he dropped his first verse, “I am what I am, man.” You looked up the stage at him, “Wow, a lyrical genius.” You listened intenly at his rap verses, in awe with his flow and rhythm. You caught his attention and he made eye contact as he began another verse:

“May I steal you heart, may I protect that heart

If I fall several times and get hurt, will you accept my surrender?

Sir, yes sir, I’m saluting to your lips

I swear on your name I’m not playing around, I put my life on the line

I’ll protect you.”

His lips were mesmerizing as those words slipped out of his tongue without a stumble. Your eyes followed his gaze, only to be broken when he was done with his stage. The music festival soon ended and students slowly dispersed. You lost your friend during the middle of if and you found yourself spinning around to look for her. As you were scanning your area, a head popped into your view, making you jump back. “I’m so sorry! Did I startle you? I didn’t mean too,” the figure apologized. It was the rapper from earlier. “Oh no, it’s okay! I’m fine,” you reassured him. You were about to turn away from him until he stopped you from your tracks, “Hey, I just wanted to thank you for coming to my stage.” You blinked, suprised at his words, “Oh, yeah no problem, I really enjoyed it! You’re really talented.” His face lit up, “ That means a lot, thank you.” He paused for a moment and pressed his lips together, “Hey, if your not busy…do you want to listen to my mixtapes back at my place?” You stood there thinking in silence, getting a sense that he wants to ask you out. The silence was suddenly broken by the growls of your empty stomach. He grinned, “Or we can eat ramen back at my place?” Yup, he’s into you. 😉

Wonho: The One That Broke Your Heart

“Are you good at making ramen?” was his pickup line. You laughed at the memory of how Wonho hit on you at the supermarket. “I can’t believe I fell for that,” you said to yourself. “Fell for what?,” a voice came from your bathroom. “ArE yOU goOd aT mAKiNg raMen? you said in a deep voice, trying your best to imitate Wonho’s voice and tone. “I didn’t say it like that!” he came out of the showers and ruffled his wet hair. “Are you good at making ramen?” he said seductively, flashing you his signature flirty smirk. “It was like that,” he winked. “GROSS” you rolled your eyes. He came up to where you were laying down on the bed, ‘Gross?! Gross?! You didn’t think I was gross when you gave me your number!” He ruffled his wet hair at your face, spraying droplets of water onto your face. “Hey!” Your hands instinctively covered your face, but Wonho grab your wrists, pulled them apart and kissed your forehead. You giggled and perked out your lips. He kissed both of you cheecks before landing a soft peck on your lips. He jumped into bed with you and laid his head on your lap. You played with his soft brown hair  until he fell asleep. Taking your right index finger, you slowly traced the outline of Wonho’s smooth nose bridge and then down to his cherry red lips. His soft breathing and the sound of his beating heart was your lullaby. “I love you,” you whispered.  

Those were the string of words that you said to him a lot, but yet to have hear him say it back to you. “It’s not that I don’t care about you. It’s not that I don’t think you are the most important and most precious person in my life,” Wonho sighed. There was a slience before his lips parted “I won’t be able to say those words until I know I can back it up with a life long commitment. Until I know I can promise you that I’m all in only for you.” But you never did get to hear those same words echo back to you. 

Minhyuk: The One That Showed You How To Love Again 

“What is love?” you asked Minhyuk.

“Girl, I can’t explain what I feel. Oh baby, baby, ba-” he began to sing until you hit him slightly on the chest. “Ow!” 

“I’m serious, Minhyuk,” you scrunched your eyebrows together. You stared into the blue sky. Both you and Minhyuk were laying on grass under a giant shady tree watching clouds flow by. “"How do you love again when you been hurt?”

“Well, it’s not about being able to love again. Just because your heart gets broken, it doesn’t mean you can’t love again. It’s not about ability, it’s about willingness.” Minhyuk tucked his hands under his head and crossed his left ankle over is right. “You have to have that will to open up your heart and let that emotion develop. Obviously, that won’t happen when you choose to protect your heart, you know, so it can heal, and that’s okay. Healing is good. It takes time to heal and you can take as much time as you want. There’s no rush.” He turned his head towards you, seeing that your eyes had closed. "But I don’t know. I’m not a love guru.”

“How do you know you have the willingness to love again?” you asked sleepily. Something about Minhyuk’s gentle, reassuring voice made you comfortable and at ease. 

“Surprise” was all he responded with. You were confused, “Surprise?”

“Yes, surprise,” he kissed you on the lips, jumped up, and ran away.

Shownu: Your Soulmate

“Baaaaabe!” you yelled as you walked into the living where Shownu was on the couch, playing games on his phone. “Hmmmmm?” he mumbled. You stood right behind his back and hugged his broad shoulders, giving him a tight back hug,“Your favorite person in the whole wide world is hungry.” He put his phone away, “Who’s this favorite person you speak of?” he teased and flashed his eye smile at you. You responded with bringing your arms into a soft chokehold on his neck, “Me! Your girlfriend of 3 years!” He laughed, “Favorite is a very strong word. It’s hard for me to pick favorites,” and he flipped you upside down, laying you onto his lap. “But I do love this person whom I’m about to kiss right now,” and he planted a heavy kiss on your lips. You grinned and sat yourself up on his lap , “I’m hungry. I need more than just kisses.” Shownu cupped your face with his big hands, “You sound hangry. What do you want to eat?” Without an offbeat, you both said, “Chipotle.”

After stuffing both yoursleves with burritos, your giant bear-like boyfriend got up and stretched, “Kyahhhhh, I’m so full.” You patted his exposed tummy, “My boyfriend has a food baby. You look 4 months in, babe,” you smiled up at him. He rubbed his stomache, “Do you know how hard it’s been carrying our baby?” he joked along with you. “You’re working hard, babe,” you patted his butt, “Let’s go for ice-cream as your reward.” Shownu came up to you and gave you a hug, resting his chin on your head, “You know my cravings so well. I don’t know what I’ve done to deserve you.” 

“Mmm,” you thought, “You’re understanding, even though at times we have different views and opinons. You’re supportive, backing me up 100% in everything I choose to do. You’re a good listening, always letting me be vulnerable to you to let out all my emotions. You’re awkward, cute, silly, caring, funny–” 

“I sound like a dream come true,” Shownu nodded in agreement. “Who is the luckiest girl that gets to marry me?” You waved a ring-less hand in front of this face, “Obviously, not me.” He chuckled, “Let’s go,” he took your hand and pulled you toward to doors. Suddenly you felt cold metal slip up into your ring finger. You look up at Shownu seeing the corners of his mouth stretched out from ear to ear, forming wrinkles in his eyes.