sandy hooves


Summer was a great time of the year.

Of course, when alone, the beach wasn’t exactly the spectacle of fun that Chopper remembered it as. Chopper’s friends were all gone. Not dead, but away from him for the foreseeable future, which some might argue as being just as numb-inducing. Just the smiling face of one of his buddies would make Chopper burst with energy, perhaps because they were so accepting of him. Anyone else would take a while to warm up to the boy.

Anyone could see that Chopper was an abnormality as he walked along the sandy beach, his hooves making a squeak with each step. He was an anthropomorphic reindeer. Most humans would fear approaching him, not because they found him to be scary, but because anything unknown could be dangerous. Chopper was not, but superstitious humans might assume him to be a demon, taking a more appealing form to catch them off guard.

As he walked along the beach with his scrawny legs, Chopper grumbled in the most irritable manner, still revealing a soft, child-like voice despite the annoyance the got across. His scrawny arms waved back and forth, not even attempting to brush the dirt from his maroon colored shorts. The fuzzy pink hat atop his head, a white X on its center, didn’t threaten to come off even with whatever breeze might have come his way, likely due to the antlers sticking out of it. Even if it did, the toddler-sized pirate had more important things to worry about, such as his constant loneliness.

Taking a chance, Chopper glanced around the beach, hoping to find someone slightly more approachable than the rest. As someone caught his eye, a rather beautiful young woman with a sort of aura that interested the boy, he grinned wide and ran forward to reach her. Chopper could have a companion at last!

Stopping in front of this young woman, Chopper began to lift his head up in order to make proper eye contact. His abnormal appearance may have scared her off or made her nervous, but even so, he smiled in order to be as approachable as he could. His blue nose, which most of his own kind hated him for, likely stood out to her before any other feature. Perhaps second to that was the brace wrapped around the boy’s left antler, which kept the antler attached after a brutal beating was handed to him by one of his own herd out of spite for his abnormal nose. Despite the permanent injury, his smile was warm toward this woman, comforting and welcoming even. Hesitating no longer, he reached his small hoof forward and placed it upon the girl’s knee, hoping that the soft prod would get her to lower her gaze. “Hey there! Got time for me?” He asked in an uplifting tone of voice, his eyes practically sparkling at the numerous plans he had for his potential friend.


The cast of Motherly has come together to enjoy the fireworks of New Years! A New Year, new adventures, what awaits them around the horizon? Only time will tell!

Guest Artist #9:

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