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Last year I wanted to make Christmas Cards, but it was too late for me to do so. Before I took down my tree in January, I took a few photos, and these are what came out. I’m so happy with them. :) (You can see my Chucky doll in the photo.)

I have been holding on these photos for almost a year, because I wanted them to be secret.

Merry Christmas everyone!!!

eerielunarose  asked:

What in the world kind of fabric did you make your Sandy costume out of? It looks amazing! I don't even know how you did what you did that's awesome.

Hi! Sorry for the late reply, it looks like Tumblr decided to not tell me I had messages.

The fabric I used for Sandy is home decorator’s chenille. Where I got it, it was being clearanced out for about $12 a yard, but you can still get it from Amazon and upholstery stores. Here’s two amazon listings for something similar: One and Two. But don’t let those pictures fool you, the actual fabric’s colour is somewhere between the two (About the colour of this pillow). I used about four yards, mostly because I had to mindful of which direction I cut it. If you’re much taller than 5 feet, though, you might need more.

The fabric already has this GREAT texture to it, I just needed to tweek it a little. So I cut the pieces I needed (plus some extra cloth, for screw-ups) and dyed them in a big canning pot on the stove with Jaquard’s iDye Poly. That’s a great dye to use when you have to dye polyester, because most other dyes won’t work on that type of fiber. Since I only needed to tint the fabric a little more yellow, I made up a dye batch with only a quarter of the packet, and did tests on some scrap pieces for how long, and how much dye to put in.

The top picture here is line of test fabrics on top of a long strip of the original colour. I eventually went for something just in between the middle two swatches.

You can also see on that post the underlayer of fabric. Chenille is nice, but it’s too thin to hold the complicated sculpted shapes that Sandy’s outfit has in it. I basted a layer of that fleece to the inside before I did the final sculpting stitches. (I literally hand-sewed all but three seams on that entire costume.)

After Katsucon, I decided I wasn’t shiny enough, so I took a can of spray glitter (left over from the stuff I had already used on my wig) and sprayed the heck out of the suit. The result is soft, textured fabric that is very snug and warm (don’t wear to a summer con without a cold-vest), shiny from its own weave, and GLITTERY AS HELL.