sandy cosplay

  • According to information this image is Sandy Fox aka Sandrella Boop (That’s her princess name as dubbed by moi) just for those that don’t know. Sandy Fox hinted (uploaded the image) but did not state it was her she just stated - Betty Boop on Tour. But a source has told me that it is Sandy Fox as she started portraying the character in person from the age of 18 - her own words. Sandy no longer portrays the character in person but does the voice of Betty as shared with Cindy Robinson (Cindrella Boop) the two most recent vocal Queens of the animated screen. 


Last year I wanted to make Christmas Cards, but it was too late for me to do so. Before I took down my tree in January, I took a few photos, and these are what came out. I’m so happy with them. :) (You can see my Chucky doll in the photo.)

I have been holding on these photos for almost a year, because I wanted them to be secret.

Merry Christmas everyone!!!

Why am I re-posting these? Cus I’m bored..