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Another question: After putting "Daunt" in Kaladesh with Elegant Edgecrafters and Ghirapur Guide, you have put it in Amonkhet as well with Greater Sandwurm. Is that a mechanic we can expect to see more of in the future? Does it play well enough to evergreen potential?

We like it enough that we’re using it at a low level. I’m not sure of its future.

Hello Everyone, Jakal comin in with a recap of my Amonket Prerelease!

First off I hope yours was fun, and even if you weren’t able to make it this time, you can still grab some packs after launch and enjoy next week!

Anyway first thing I wanna shoutout is these new POP OUT COUNTERS. I know we were told about them previously, but after seeing them up close I’ve gotta say, they’re something special. A real lifesaver if you need extra tokens to keep track, and I hope we see this in future sets!

Speaking of which, I made some quick token for my deck! By this point you can probably guess which colors I went with. The hippo was for Mouth/to/Feed (more on that later). But what was the Zombie used for you ask?

that’s right dudes. I pulled Lilliana.


no joke, I gasped when I saw her in my last pack.

Now how did I do?

In 4 rounds, I won 2 outright, 1 tie, and 1 2-1. Which cards did the heavy lifting? Well beside the obvious (*cough* Lilli *cough*), the cartouches and trials really showed some power! I ran Trial of Ambition, as well as the green and black ‘touches. There’s nothing sweeter than playing your trial, then effectively getting an extra two or three copies of it.

That Mouth/to/Feed I mentioned earlier: super useful. The hippo applied excellent pressure on curve, then guaranteeing extra cards once the board’s stalled out.

Archfiend of Ifnir looks like an Intro-Pack rare, but hits like a truck! Once you start cycling, your opponent start wasting away. Even if you don’t draw Archfiend, Blighted Bat provides the flying power you need while you build your board. Greater Sandwurm works as a great pocket nuke (especially if you can revive him), while flashing in a fast-cat Pouncing Cheetah is super satisfying.

Finally Throne of the God-Pharaoh…ooooh THAT THRONE DUDE!!! Guaranteed extra damage your opponent can’t work around? Plus giving exerted creatures some use on their break-turn? Sign me UP! Needless to say I played pretty aggressively, and was rewarded.

All-in-all I had a great time. Even without the wins, I helped two people refine their decks, and made a new friend (he even goes to my parish!). I can’t wait to use those prize packs in a drafting pool. Who knows? Maybe I’ll even get back into competitive…

Let me know how your prerelease went in the comments, and until next time, peace out!

Glorious Boros decklist

So me and two other have invented this challenge-thing where we give each other a near-unplayable card and we each build a deck around it. 

My two friends got Bontu the Glorified and the other got Sandwurm Convergence.  I got Glorious End. I went 2-1 ( mull to 4 against esper control)

4x Thraben Inspector
4x Bomat Courier
4x Toolcraft Exemplar
4x Inventor’s apprentice  
4x Reckless Bushwacker
3x Honored crop-captain
2x Pia Nalaar
1x Hazoret the Feverent

3x Servo Exhibition
3x Declaration in stone
3x Glorious End
3x Outnumber
1x Trial of Solidarity

4x  Inspiring Vantage
3x Needle spire
1x Aether hub
8x Plains
5x Mountain

4x Glorybringer
3x Gideon, Ally of zendikar
2x Cartoushe of Zeal
2x Selfless spirit
2x Magma spray
1x Hazoret the feverent
1x Needlespire

Worthy Victory at FNM!

Tonight I went 3-0 in the Amonkhet launch day draft. 

What really steered me to victory was the judicious use of my Cartouches to re-buy my Trials. In one game, I returned both Trial of Strength and Trial of Zeal to my hand twice.

Here’s what I played:

9 Mountain
6 Forest
1 Evolving Wilds

1 Flameblade Adept
1 Battlefield Scavenger
1 Channeler Initiate
2 Exemplar of Strength
1 Nef-Crop Entangler
1 Thresher Lizard
1 Emberhorn Minotaur
2 Hyena Pack
1 Colossapede
1 Greater Sandwurm

2 Cartouche of Zeal
1 Brute Strength
1 Cut /// Ribbons
1 Fling
1 Cartouche of Strength
1 Insult /// Injury
1 Synchronized Strike
1 Trial of Strength
1 Trial of Zeal
1 Limits of Solidarity
1 Pursue Glory

Relevant Sideboard Cards:
1 Hapatra’s Mark
1 Stinging Shot


Izzet Amonkhet time? Why yes, yes it is! My initial thought was trying to win with Approach of the Second Sun, but then I got real and made an Izzet spells deck with, yes, only NINE creatures. It turned out that, despite all the graveyard recursion, there was in fact enough burn in my pool to snap, crackle, pop my way through all of my opponents as I went 3-0 into the final round and then split the last match, taking home 11 shiny boosters to build my own monument of triumph with.

The best part of this deck? Probably being able to cast Trial of Zeal up to 6 times per game thanks to a pair of cartouches. I think red burn might struggle against Embalm and graveyard recursion without that kind of synergy. Blowing past Sandwurm Convergence with a 30-damage turn thanks to Insult // Injury was also nice. Those aftermath cards are pretty nifty.

Not that anyone really cares, but Nissa finds 8 animal headed Gods in the carvings in “The Writing on the Wall” so my speculation that one of the missing gods has a human head seems incorrect.

Still think a Hawk-Aven God and a Minotaur-Headed God are two of the missing deities. Perhaps there will be a Sandwurm-Headed God to round out the Pantheon

I’m also convinced that Bontu’s lack of Gold Face is important.