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Recently went to Ottawa, and man, what a lovely city (almost as lovely as this lil’ lady here).


 Now i know what grief feels like, now i know what anger feels like, i might even know what love feels like, i’m not a fan. I’m out.


Even in this life, Eren is just as stunning as Levi had remembered, especially now when he finally has the boy sprawled in his sheets. He wakes up just before dawn as usual, carefully tiptoeing around his apartment to avoid disturbing Eren’s sleep. They’d talked and made love all night, and even now Levi finds himself casting longing glances towards the bed and the couple of tufts of brown hair visible from under the covers. How nice it would be to just curl up in Eren’s arms and never let go of him, and once again Levi has to reminds himself that they have all the time in the world now that they’ve at last found each other.

His day begins with a cup of strong coffee and a piece of toast as he sits by the kitchen table, watching the first rays of the sun cast their light upon the city. His apartment has large windows with a view over the busy downtown area, and that’s where he likes to think he creates all his best work. There are unfinished pieces and some painting supplies scattered across the spacious studio apartment, and Eren has gasped in delight upon seeing them.

“That’s so cool, this place really looks like an artist’s home,” he’d chirped, though he’d been mildly confused by the lack of any couches or TVs or other conventional furniture. Levi had been nearly blinded by that beautiful, bright enthusiasm that he’d simply had to kiss Eren right there and then, swallowing up the pleased little sound he’d made at the back of his throat at the sudden show of affection. It had been over a thousand years since their last kiss, after all.

Since Eren had shown up on his gallery opening completely at random without no prior warning and Levi had subsequently whisked him off back to his place as soon as he could, he hadn’t had the chance to hide some of the more embarrassing pieces he’d been working on. Somehow those forest green eyes had made their way to more than one of his works as he’d tried to conjure up the rest of those features that had haunted him for his whole life. Eren’s eyes were all he could recall, so he’d painted them on a dozen different people in an effort to remember. Then, after one shared look across the room when he’d least expected it, he’d been flooded with memories.

The warm, yellow sunlight makes Eren’s skin glow as he nuzzles into his pillow, and without even thinking, Levi finds himself reaching for his sketchpad and oil pastels. He’s never witnessed a more beautiful scene in his life, so of course he’d want to capture it on paper. Now that he finally has Eren, really has him in the flesh, he wants to paint and draw him every which way so that he’ll never forget about his soft, wispy hair and the smooth skin that’s bathed in the golden light of the morning.

With each passing minute, more and more of the gentle light filters in through the windows, accentuating each curve and bend of Eren’s muscles as he lays there, shifting a little so that the duvet covering him slides a little lower. His chest and stomach are bare, now, his arms tucked under his head and those delicious full lips parting as he mumbles something in his sleep. He looks so innocent like this, a kind, lovely soul who’s been through so many hardships that, in this life, he deserves nothing but sweet words and comfort and happiness. A real angel, that’s what he is, and especially now when he’s peacefully resting in the brilliant morning light, Levi could easily believe him to be something ethereal, something out of this world.

Slowly, those forest green eyes blink open, and Levi’s heart stops for a moment as Eren smiles at him in recognition.

“Hey,” he speaks out, his voice hoarse from sleep, so full of affectionate warmth and pure blinding light that even the sun couldn’t rival it. “What time is it?”

“A little past six,” Levi whispers, because somehow this moment feels so divine that he can’t bring himself to speak any louder. “You can go back to sleep if you want, it’s fine.”

Eren’s brows knit together as he sees the sketchpad in Levi’s hand. “Are you drawing me?”

“No.” Levi swallows heavily. “Uh, maybe.”

He waits for disapproval, waits for Eren to scoff at him and tell him that he’s being creepy, but what he gets is only a lopsided smile. “Not sure if I’m that good of a model, though. I thought you were more into modern art, anyway.”

“You’re a perfect model,” Levi states, pleasant flutters running along his spine as he sees a slight blush rising to Eren’s cheeks. “Stay still for a few more minutes, I’m almost done.”

Eren settles back into the pillows, but not before insisting that Levi has to show it to him once he’s done, a condition he gladly agrees to. Though he feels a bit nervous with Eren’s intense gaze on him, his hand is steady as it moves over the paper, drawing softly defined plains of golden light over exposed skin. Eren’s the best and also the most tempting model he could ever have with his long graceful limbs and sleek muscles, his whole body a work of art in itself.

“So beautiful,” Levi speaks under his breath, and Eren probably hears it since he lets out a tiny laugh and buries his face into the pillow.

He’d asked for only a few more minutes, sure, but as Eren changes position and causes the duvet to fall even lower and expose the ample curve of his ass, Levi has to take a very slow, purposeful breath. It’s early, and they have time, he reminds himself. Even so, he thinks he’ll have to examine Eren’s body a little more closely. For artistic reasons, of course. As he sets down his sketchpad and crawls back into bed with Eren, he’s so incredibly warm and content, probably beaming like the damn sun that’s rising over the horizon outside.

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What's Arby's like.. I've never been there (I don't even think there is a single Arby's anywhere in England rip)

oh my god
okay so it’s like a sandwich place
they don’t have burgers like McDonald’s like they have a lot more variation.
I don’t really now how to describe it, but like my favorite thing to get there is the roast beef sandwich, it’s like the meat it kinda salty, saltier than any other roast beef I’ve ever had. The sides you can get are like curly fries, kinda like hash browns things, mozzarella sticks, etc.
it’s hard to describe Arby’s?
it’s like not as world-wide as like McDonalds apparently, and has very little commercials
but like it’s a sandwich place, there is one by my school and I love it, you can just get various kinda sandwiches except for a cheeseburger you can’t get those there to my knowledge
their slogan is “Arby’s, we have the meats”
imm rambling now
but like, I like Arby’s, other people do too because they are still in business and I certainly cannot keep an entire bios mess running with the sheer force of my money and love for their roast beef

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unpopular opinion: mayo and almost anything involving it is BAD and NAUGHTY and needs to be banned

i kinda agree but i like it on a club sandwich so i kinda disagree

send in unpopular opinions and ill agree/disagree

So I just want to address the way Fitzimmons were acting towards one another in the lab. And by address I mean totally fanboy over.

First off is how RELAXED they seemed. Fitz especially. It was so refreshing to see them smiling and talking casually (sort of I mean Simmons did kind of ruin by plotting to kill Ward but whatever).


Thirdly I would like to direct your attention to THE SANDWICH. OK when Fitz brings it up Simmons is kinda awkward and I’m just going to assume its because she totally put all of her love into that damn sandwich and shes kinda embarrassed and feels like a little kid that just gave a valentines card to her first boyfriend. And Fitz said the same thing he said about the first sandwich: “it was delicious”. Except this time he actually got to EAT IT.


Chicken-Pesto Stacks

Serves 4

ACTIVE TIME: 35 minutes
TOTAL TIME: 35 minutes

3 Tbsps. store-bought pesto
3 Tbsps. water
1 large sweet onion, cut crosswise into 4 slices (don’t separate the onion’s rings, keep the cross sections intact)
2 medium yellow peppers, cored and cut lengthwise into quarters
4 medium boneless, skinless chicken-breast halves
Kosher salt and pepper
2 tspns olive oil
4 slices fresh mozzarella
1 tomato, cut into 4 slices

Preheat broiler. In small bowl, mix pesto with water. Grease a small baking sheet with cooking spray or olive oil. Arrange onion “steaks” on pan; brush onions with 2 tablespoons pesto mixture. Place pan in oven 6 inches away from heat source; broil onion 5 minutes. Arrange peppers on pan with onion; broil 12 to 15 minutes longer or until vegetables are tender, turning vegetables over halfway through cooking. Meanwhile, with meat mallet, pound chicken (placed between 2 sheets plastic wrap) to an even ½-inch thickness. (The goal here is not to “flatten” the chicken, but rather to make it an even thickness throughout so that it cooks evenly.) Season with ¼ teaspoon each salt and freshly ground black pepper. In a 12-inch skillet, heat 2 teaspoons oil on medium until hot. (If you get the pan nice and hot, it will help prevent the chicken from sticking.) Add chicken and cook 6 to 8 minutes or until browned on both sides, turning over once. Top chicken in pan with mozzarella slices; cover and cook 2 to 3 minutes or until cheese melts and chicken is no longer pink.

Go-To Recipe: Easy Chicken Pesto Stacks



The best part of tonight was hands down the fact that I was showing AoS to a friend for the first time and we’d managed to make it up to The Hub before the new episode aired.

I didn’t want him to watch Afterlife with no context, but I thought it would be funny to see his reaction to how different the show is now. So we watched it right after The Hub.



Him: That’s kinda cool that the sandwich came back again. It must be like a running joke or something.
Me: *trying to contain my fangirling* They’ve literally never mentioned it on the show since that episode. But they’ve been having tons of communication issues and this is amazing and so much progress for them and I can’t.
Him: Oh? That’s cool.
Me: N O  Y O U  D O N ’ T  U N D E R S T A N D .